Music Night, April 24, 2015

It can be a lot of fun surfing through YouTube, starting out with one intention and following the breadcrumbs to something very different. At any rate, I ran across this video of one of my all-time favorite guitarists, John Cipollina, best known for his work with Quicksilver Messenger. This is from a band he formed with the terrific blues-rock belter Nick Gravenites (think Butterfield, Electric Flag). This cut is almost all Cipollina which is, I think, a rarity. From 1980.

32 thoughts on “Music Night, April 24, 2015

    • Yup, only other country to get suckered into Vietnam – Australia. Ann Coulter thought everyone did – bimbo.

      Anyhow possibly the last Vietnam song.

      • Ok sports fans….. have to ship out…. going to the Olympics tomorrow and have to try for an early ferry.

        I leave you with my fave Aussies….

        • And one of those Mor(m)ons was 5% of the electorate away from the presidency. Mormonism is a serious attempt to take over the world. Scientology is just a jest…. but then in the 1840s so was Mor(m)onism.

          • Yeah. It’s complicated. Here’s how I look at it.

            Joe Smith was convicted of being a con man by a jury of his peers. L. Ron Hubbard admitted he was a con man before anyone bought his con. I am forced to conclude that the followers of Hubbard are a bit more insane than the followers of Joe Smith.

            I don’t think that the people who voted for Mittens are any more, or less, insane than the people who voted for Dubbya but, when discussing insane people, it’s all just a matter of degree.

            • Scientology is frightening. Mega money. When they sue people for dissing the idiocy that is the ‘religion’ they win…their money never seems to end.

  1. Got hit up with a bunch of c**k rock that just makes you want to belt it out – even when you are stuck in Friday traffic on I-5….. check out this one…. see the dweeb from the Buggles head banging in the front row.

    • wish I still had hair like this …. maybe if I kept it long I’d still have it? never see an old bald c**k rocker?

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