The Watering Hole; May 1 2015; “Can the Dumb — Define the Divine?”

Premise number one: the world of humans is insane. See links below.
Premise number two: the place to find sanity is in the world ‘out there.’ See pix below.


Pat Robertson: God Will Punish America For Persecuting Anti-Gay Activists

Yah sure ya betcha.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGOP Rep. Bill Flores Links Baltimore Riots To Gay Marriage

OK. Right. Makes perfect sense.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASteve King: ‘What Happens To The Demographics Of America’ If Birthright Citizenship Continues?

Prolly will turn the whole world upside down, right? Right.

Hollydot reflections 276Obama Is ‘Pulling The Strings’ In Baltimore So He Can Seize Control Of The Nation’s Police Forces

Oh no, not again. Another one?

Bugs on Buffalo Gourd Blossom 331Anti-Gay Activists Urge ‘Resistance’ Before Marriage Equality Destroys ‘Just About Everything’

Nothing new there. Some stuff makes it, some doesn’t.

0320-572Capitol Prayer Service: God Will Punish America For Legalizing Gay Marriage

Oh . . . BITE ME!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASheriff Mack: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is ‘A Very Senile And Evil Person’ Who Will ‘Destroy Marriage’

In the words of Emily Dickinson, “when the Wind is within —
Can the Dumb — define the Divine?”

Pasture Bull 258

Gay Marriage Is The Work Of ‘The Devil Himself

Scary scary. That does it, I’m gittin’ outta here.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABernie Sanders: People Didn’t Die To Create A Democratic System Of War Between Billionaires

And Pax vobiscum.

Cottontail in snow 958OPEN THREAD

Dedicated to the modern GOP vision for America, which is:

Wupatki main[All photos by frugal]

56 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; May 1 2015; “Can the Dumb — Define the Divine?”

  1. The Daily Show says goodbye to Sam Bee with a great retrospective of her work

    One of the best parts.

    Stewart then showed a retrospective of Bee’s work including her run-ins with anti-abortion Republicans, young tobacco workers toiling for 12 hours a day, and conservative radio host and pastor Matt Slick, who told her during an interview that heterosexuals were under danger of being attacked by gay mobs.

    “It’s like you can’t even go on the radio anymore and condemn a whole subset of people to hell without getting some blowback,” she said.

    “When you put it that way, it does sound rather arrogant and myopic, narrow-minded and bigoted” Slick conceded.

    “Good,” Bee replied. “Then I’ve done my job.”

    • I liked her work, sometimes she missed, but there were times when her interviews just made me pee my pants. 🙂

  2. Maryland State Attorney Marilyn Mosby has determined Freddie Gray’s death was a homicide, and there was no probable cause for his arrest.

  3. David Wildstein is about to plead guilty in the Fort Lee bridge lane closing scandal. Tomorrow’s UP with Steve Kornacki should be good.

    • Love those old-timey charges. “Depraved heart murder” would be behaving toward another person in a way that runs a high risk of causing that person’s death, and simply not giving a shit.

      I’m sure legalese would clear that up a bit.

  4. “The Baltimore police officers union sent a letter to Mosby Friday asking for a special independent prosecutor to be appointed for the investigation. The union argued none of the officers suspended in the investigation is responsible for Gray’s death.”

    This is the sort of stain by unions that will be their death knell.

  5. The Other Prisoner In Freddie Gray’s Police Van Speaks Out

    He tells WJZ he’s angry about an internal police report published in The Washington Post.

    “And they trying to make it seem like I told them that, I made it like Freddie Gray did that to hisself (sic),” Allen said. “Why the [expletive] would he do that to hisself (sic)?”

    Allen was in the van because he allegedly stole a cigarette from a store on North Avenue.He was never charged. Instead he was brought straight to the station.

    “I talked to homicide. I told homicide the same story.” Allen said.

    A story he says is being distorted and now he fears being killed.

    “I had two options today right, either come and talk to y’all and get my credibility straight with ya’ll and not get killed by these [expletive] or not tell a true story,” Allen added. “The only reason I’m doing this is because they put my name in a bad state.”

  6. I’ve seen Baltimore police referred to as “thugs.” Thug is an offensive term. The appropriate name is now Police-American.

  7. This is one, loaded, HuffPo headline:

    “Child Reportedly Found Loaded Gun Left In Boehner’s Capitol Hill Bathroom”

  8. Email to me this morning from Ms. Badmoodman. She teaches first grade:

    So as a class we were creating a story based on a series of pictures I drew – working up to an independent narrative based on pictures in a book.

    The first image had a stick figure boy, a window with curtains, an open basket, flip-flops and a beach ball.

    The first volunteer came up with the sentence: The boy was getting ready to go to the beach.
    (We made it more definite by naming him Sam.)

    So I talked about how there were other clues to the first picture that would go well in another sentence and would
    give more details to the story.

    Next volunteer raised their hand and said: The boy was getting ready to go to the beach.

    I explained that this was already on the board but we had named him Sam and that we needed to look at the picture for other details. (and I made sure to point at items in the picture.

    Next volunteer raised their hand and said: Sam was getting ready to go to the beach.

    Repeat of my directions and I gave an example of my own NOT from the picture.

    Next volunteer raised their hand and said: The boy was getting ready to go to the beach.

    Picture me, hand on my forehead – deep breath – starting over.

    Lengthy explanation rereading the sentence we have and telling them that there are flip-flops and a beach ball and a basket in the picture that we could use in a sentence to tell us a little more detail.

    Next volunteer raised their hand and said: The boy was getting ready to go to the beach.

    Me: No, that is already stated, so let’s use the other things from the picture.

    Next volunteer raised their hand and said: The boy was getting ready to go to the beach.

    Boys and Girls, please stop giving me the same sentence that’s on the board.

    Next volunteer raised their hand and said: The boy was getting ready to go to the beach.

    AND . . . thus go most of my lessons, sad to say . . . and why I come home so tired many days.
    All hail Common Core and its inability to teach them some common sense and how to follow directions.

  9. Muscular Dystrophy Association Ends 60-Year Labor Day Tradition

    The Muscular Dystrophy Association is ending its annual Labor Day telethon, which was a TV tradition for decades in Central Texas and around the world.


    Lewis and Dean Martin hosted the first telethon in 1956.

    It was moved to Labor Day in 1966.

    In 2010, Lewis’ last year as host, the telethon ran more 21 and a half hours.

    In 2014, the show was two-hours long.

  10. Being buried by Baltimore, but important nonetheless:

    Bridgegate: Bill Baroni, Bridget Kelly indicted on 9 counts

    Two key figures in the Bridgegate scandal — Bill Baroni and Bridget Anne Kelly — were each indicted on nine counts of conspiracy and fraud, according to court documents unsealed Friday.

    Baroni, the former deputy executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and Kelly, a former deputy chief of staff of Gov. Chris Christie, allegedly conspired to close the local access lanes of the George Washington Bridge in 2013.

    The most serious charges in the indictment carry a maximum penalty of up to 20 years in prison, the U.S. Attorney’s office said.

  11. I’ve been wondering when this was gonna happen.

    GOP House Leaders Create ‘Action Group’ To Seize And Sell America’s Public Lands

    A group of Republican congressmen this week took an aggressive step in a campaign to seize and sell off America’s national forests and other public lands.

    In launching what they are calling the “Federal Land Action Group,” Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) and Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT) plan to develop a legislative framework for giving states control of America’s public lands. Calling the federal government a “lousy landlord for western states,” Rep. Stewart said “we simply think the states can do it better.”

    What a bunch of useless bastards. I’m about ready to abolish the states, if for no other reason than to get rid of that obsolete tenth amendment crapola, along with the attitude that a bunch of zippers in, say, Utah knows better how to treat public lands than do the National Park Service and the NFS.

  12. I have a question for the Californians here. How is a state exchange supposed to go broke? This is the subsidized premium portion of the ACA, right? The Medicaid portion is separate?

    Red Ink Could Kill Covered California

    After two previous extensions, the open enrollment period for Covered California ends April 30. That deadline just might prove to be the tipping point for the state’s two-year-old health insurance exchange.

    That’s because this is the year Covered California is supposed to become completely self-sustaining.

    Indeed, there’s no more money coming from Washington after the state exhausts the $1.1 billion it received from the federal government to get the Obamacare exchange up and running. And state law prohibits Sacramento from spending any money to keep the exchange afloat.

    That presents an existential crisis for Covered California, which is facing a nearly $80 million budget deficit for its 2015-16 fiscal year. Although the exchange is setting aside $200 million to cover its near-term deficit, Covered California Executive Director Peter Lee acknowledged in December that there are questions about the “long-term sustainability of the organization.”

  13. I had a conversation with Peckerhead Pete today. He’s no longer making weekly mouse deliveries, the mouse business has fallen off to where the breeder invested in a boat and 75 crab traps. Pete has applied for a saltwater products licence to sell live crabs along with fresh produce! He has a stand set up on a main drag through the area, less than a block away from me. I just bought an onion!

    Pete was at his stand all afternoon and had not heard about the decision to prosecute the 6 police officers in Baltimore. After trying to explained the situation, with constant interruptions from Pete with his opinions about how the “thugs” deserve to be treated like the animals they are. Somewhere during this exercise in futility Pete made the offhand comment that “somebody” had asked Pete who’s side I was on and now he knows what to tell them.

    I didn’t hesitate to to reply, “Well, I guess I’m not getting invited to the next clan meeting!” 🙂

    • “Who’s side I was on” ….

      “Anyone who says ‘you are either with us or against us is either a moral imbecile, or a fascist”

    • Since Pete can barely read and he only gets 2 or 3 TV stations with a HDTV antenna his main source of information is the people he talks to in his travels. Thus was I surprised at his statement that “rioters should have their food stamps and welfare cut off” since I only recently read about some politician proposing that.
      “A lot of good that would do,” I told him. “In fact it would probably maked things worse.”
      Pete responded with drivel about how they needed to be taught a lesson which resulted in me telling him point blank, “That’s because you’re a racist and a bigot!”

      Interestingly my paternal grandparents lived close to the area in the news in the 1910’s and 20’s. My father, born in 1913, probably wandered the same streets when he was a boy. By 1930 my grandfather had moved to a single dwelling home in the northern section of the city. That move was due to his rising status in management at the B&O railroad and way before the great white flight to the suburbs in the early 50’s.

      • So — what corner of rural Colorado does Pete hail from? Based on your description I’m thinking I could nail it to somewhere within a thousand yards (maybe less) of right here.

  14. $500,000 bail for a car window by an 18 year old.

    The Baltimore Six, $250,000 to $325,000 bail each for the death of an innocent person.

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