The Watering Hole, Saturday, May 2nd, 2015: “Just Say No To FRC” Part Deux

Last Saturday I wrote about how Faithful America, a group of more Christ-like Christians, were protesting against CBS’s Bob Schieffer having Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council on Face The Nation to discuss the gay marriage case currently being argued before the Supreme Court. On that Sunday’s show, Bob Schieffer told Tony Perkins about Faithful America’s request that the interview be cancelled, due to the fact that the FRC (NAMBLA) doesn’t represent the majority of Christians. Faithful America’s petition to CBS had mentioned that the FRC was considered to be a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. That mention of SPLC apparently was the dog whistle for the other crackpot faux-religious groups to attack, demanding that “CBS and Bob Schieffer” apologize on the air to the FRC. According to their complaint, and confirmed by various googled sources, the FBI had taken the SPLC off of their “hate crimes resources” list due to an incident where an “SPLC supporter” attempted to shoot people at an FRC office. Here’s the Conservative Action Project’s letter to David Rhodes, President of CBS News – unfortunately it’s a PDF, but I’ll just quote a little bit of it:

“The interview was more than sloppy journalism. It was an assault against Judeo-Christian people of faith.
The work that FRC and its President Tony Perkins do to promote healthy families and traditional values is irreplaceable in our culture. To suggest, as Schieffer did, that FRC doesn’t represent Christians flies in the face of reality. The millions of Americans that we, the undersigned, collectively represent are proof of that.”

~ and ~

“It is now clearer than ever before that the liberal media–including CBS–along with the radical left, aided by the Obama administration, will stop at nothing to use their power and the power of government to silence, shame, punish and fine Americans who embrace traditional marriage and other politically incorrect truths. This is an unacceptable trend in a free society with a “free press.”

Well, just wait a minute here, you, “the undersigned.” There’s a big difference between representing millions of Christians and representing “millions of Americans.” Especially when you read the list of “the undersigned.” Right near the top of the signatories is Frank Gaffney. Almost “’nuff said” right there, for those of us who are aware of Gaffney’s looney-tunes Islamaphobia. But take a brief look at the names and their groups, and you’ll recognize a few right off the batshit, er, I mean ‘bat’:

Ed Meese (The Hon. Edwin Meese III to us peons)
Brent Bozell
Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin
Tim Wildmon of the AFA (NAMBLA)
Herman Cain (“9-9-9”)
Gary Bauer
Joseph Farah (okay, I didn’t recognize the name, but he’s from World Net Daily.)
David Bossie, President, Citizens United

Since some names and organizations didn’t ring any bells, I took a look at one organization that had more than one name associated with it: Institute on Religion and Democracy. Apparently Right Wing Watch and another right-wing-tracking group, Right Web, know them even if I didn’t.

From the IRD’s home page:

“The Institute on Religion and Democracy is a faith-based alliance of Christians who monitor, comment, and report on issues affecting the Church. We seek to reform the Church’s role in public life, protect religious freedom, and support democracy at home and abroad.”

Maybe my dad’s big old family bible had had a page ripped out – you know, the page where Jesus instructed the Apostles to “support democracy at home and abroad.” Or, since it really was a big-ass door-stop bible, maybe I skipped that page? I always thought that Jesus wanted his followers to do good works, help the downtrodden, and give hope to the hopeless. I seem to remember some big speech that Jesus gave about “Blessed are the peacemakers, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” – and no, NOT the CHEESEmakers, the PEACEmakers. (Thank you SO much, John Cleese, Eric Idle, Graham Chapman, Michael Palin, Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam.)

I’ll leave you to peruse some of the IRD articles and the group’s blog (I recommend “An Open Letter to Pope Francis on Climate Change”) Their blog has the icky-weird name of “Juicy Ecumenism” – hmmm, I’ll bet we could make a “Santorum” out of that.

I wonder if Bob Schieffer will have something to say on tomorrow’s Face The Nation. Maybe a correction or elaboration on the SPLC’s status would be in order, but an apology? Just say ‘NO’, Bob.

This is our daily Open Thread – enjoy yourselves!

26 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Saturday, May 2nd, 2015: “Just Say No To FRC” Part Deux

  1. β€œThe Institute on Religion and Democracy is a faith-based alliance of Christians who monitor, comment, and report . . .”

    OK Christians, here’s one for you to ‘monitor, comment, and report’ upon —

    I want to see some evidence — irrefutable, repeatable, scientific EVIDENCE — that (a) any god of any kind has ever existed or still exists, and (b) irrefutable, repeatable, and scientific EVIDENCE the the bible was NOT written by ancient men.

    Show me that and we can talk. But until you offer IRREFUTABLE, REPEATABLE, SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE as requested, shut your collective yap. Believe anything you care to believe, but STOP your freakin’ preaching and judgments in/on the public square!

    I await your comment(s), sort of, but mostly I await some EVIDENCE!! Even a single shred would be nice. 😯

  2. I’m seeing a lot of bitching by the RWNJs about the young Maryland prosecutor. NOBODY is mentioning that the CORONER ruled the death a HOMICIDE. What prosecutor trying to do their job ignores a coroner’s report like that?

    The argument that the prosecutor is ‘biased’ in favor of the victim is stupid on its face. Society DEMANDS that prosecutors act on behalf of the victim.

  3. For anyone who is going to watch the Kentucky Derby later today, we have a locally-bred colt entered among the field of 20 two-year-olds. His name is “Upstart”, and he’ll be starting from Gate 19. He’s from a farm in nearby Bedford, NY, one of the many wealthy areas in Westchester County. One can see part of the farm from I-684, I’ve passed it hundreds of times and never knew that they raised racehorses there.

    • I sometimes catch it, if the Nascar race gets over in time. This is Talladega weekend, and the Xfinity race is about to start. That series used to be called the Busch series when they were the sponsor. So much easier to say back then.

      Gordon just blew the doors off the field in single car qualifying for tomorrow’s Cup race. Danica only qualified 25th, but at least she’s still in her primary car, unlike Daytona.

      I’m not going to mention that summer game being played every day, in case I might jinx something. I’m keeping my eye on it though.

      • Yes, our Mets had a few bad games in a row, but last night’s win was nice.

        Our friend Mark from our office went to the Rangers playoff game today, looks like he lucked out. He was supposed to go to the wedding of two of our other friends from work, who finally tied the knot today after what the bride laughingly called “a 14-year engagement.”

  4. I loved this bit: “The work that FRC and its President Tony Perkins do to promote healthy families and traditional values is irreplaceable in our culture.”

    “Promote healthy families”? Yeah, I know that their definition of “healthy families” means ‘husband/subservient wife/passel of kids, no gays need apply.’

    But real-life “healthy families” should be defined as ‘families who have enough money to live comfortably, get a good education for their kids, and have good healthcare.’ Less stress in one’s life over whether one can afford what SHOULD be the basic necessities of life means better health and happier families. THAT’s what “promoting healthy families” should be all about.

    • How is it possible, I always wonder, that so many FRCers can’t (don’t? want to?) understand the real-life definition of “healthy families”? Like my nontheist father would often say back in the fifties when he’d run across that type of phony: “I’m probably a better Christian than they are and I’m not even a Christian.” And he was spot-on correct.

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