Sunday Roast: A different sort of Creep

Vintage Postmodern Jukebox Cover Radiohead’s Creep.  I think it’s actually rather awesome, but I like looking at things a bit…sideways.

This is our daily open thread — Go on, post your music, your snark, your outright rudeness.  You know you want to…


32 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: A different sort of Creep

    • Cats must shorten their lifespans in order to prevent cat overpopulation, thus causing old ladies to adopt too many of them? Nah. We spay and neuter too many for that.

      Why cats randomly sprint out of the room for no apparent reason at all.

      Short answer: kitty logic.

      Longer answer: Any indistinguishable noise, heard only by the cat, might be an opportunity for food or fun, therefore, it must be immediately identified and dealt with before it escapes.

      • By golly, House, you do have cat logic!
        Mel will stare, at apparently, nothing on the ceiling for ten minutes!

        • Not ‘nothing’. Closer inspection will usually reveal a small insect not visible to typical human eyes.

    • I found a live stream of the fight and watched it. It cost me nothing and yet still wasn’t worth watching. No wonder boxing is dying out. This was “the most anticipated fight in decades” and very little happened.

  1. Richard Dawkins is the ultimate gift wrapper.
    Handing people their asses neatly wrapped with a polite, logical bow on top.
    One ass at a time.

  2. Paul Ryan on FtN: “First we need to pass something called Trade Promotion Authority, which empowers Congress to make sure we get the best trade agreement possible…”

    This is precisely why I’ll never support any Republican. That is a blatant, bald-faced lie. TPA eliminates the ability of Congress to improve the trade deal when they get it.

    • A conservative is a sex partner who insists they get to keep screwing you after you want to quit.

  3. via C&L

    The Good Old Days When Conservatives Understood Riots And Looting

    In his infamous press conference where he claimed Iraqis would view Americans as “liberators”, Donald Rumsfeld dismissed concerns over looting in Baghdad as the painful birth of freedom. Remember this when you hear all the pearl-clutching on the cable networks about those bad looters.

    The task we’ve got ahead of us now is an awkward one … It’s untidy. And freedom’s untidy. And free people are free to make mistakes and commit crimes and do bad things. They’re also free to live their lives and do wonderful things. And that’s what’s going to happen here,” Rumsfeld said.

    • Another famous quote comes to mind.
      ‘To save the town, it became necessary to destroy it’

    • Wonder if that is their way of saying it will be off the schedule?
      I rather enjoy watching the show. The laughs and seriousness are in good balance!

      • It’s still on the weekdays at 6pm my time and next Sunday night, according to my cable guide.

    • When the original was aired, I was working swing at an SNF (Skilled Nursing Facility). No t.v. in rooms. Only in the Common Room. We attempted to catch bits and pieces, passing by.
      It is nice to be watching the entire episode!
      Thanks for the reminder!

      • I was on day shift and got to see it. Not long after that, I went on night shift again, but I remember seeing it then.

  4. The Klown Kar has another occupant: Ben Carson has officially declared to run for president.

    Where have you gone Herman Cain, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you….

    • “I’m willing to be part of the equation and therefore, I’m announcing my candidacy for President of the United States of America.” — Sounds like Ben is content to sit in the back of a trailer being towed by the Klown Kar.

      Carson previously called being president a “horrible, stressful situation.”

    • General Discussion post title at Democratic Underground:

      BEN is RUNNING! Quick, cue that sad Michael Jackson song about the fuckin’ rat. By Miles Archer

  5. Two Shot Dead After They Open Fire At Mohammed Cartoon Event in Texas

    Two men who opened fire outside a contest for Prophet Mohammed cartoons in a Dallas suburb were shot dead by police Sunday night, authorities said.
    The event was sponsored by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, which is considered an anti-Muslim group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups.
    The Sunday night event invited cartoonists to send in cartoons of Prophet Mohammad. The group said it received more than 350 submissions. The winner stood to win $10,000.

    Why didn’t these hatriots just set fire to a pile of Korans as a grand finale?

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