The Watering Hole, May 4th, 2015: How The Right is Getting Baltimore Wrong

I don’t expect American Conservatives to have any empathy toward the people of Baltimore who have been victims of a system hell-bent and determined to keep them oppressed. That would require the ability to put themselves in the place of the people of Baltimore and imagine what it would be like to experience the things they experience all the time. And they are simply incapable of doing that. But that hasn’t stopped them from offering their own views on why things are the way they are in Baltimore. And to further distract you from the underlying causes of the civil unrest (the police killing unarmed black people), they want to talk about how attractive the Baltimore State Attorney is.

Conservatives seem to have no problem being openly sexist. Recall Rich Lowry’s sexual fantasies about Sarah Palin and her winking. And now Tucker Carlson’s virtual toilet paper, The Daily Caller, has continued the tradition of conservative sexism with a post praising State Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s physique calling her, among other things, a “smokeshow.” (They have a link to the original. I’d rather not give him a click from here.) Really, Tucker? This is your idea of serious journalism? Given your publicly known policy about news stories which contradict Fox News Channel, can we presume that this is how they feel about Mrs. Mosby? After all, we know you won’t let the story run if it contradicts your real employer. So if they don’t also think she’s a “smokeshow,” you wouldn’t be running a “story” saying she is.

Once you blow through that smokescreen (I see what I did there), there’s the Republicans to tell you why the people of Baltimore are rioting. Suffice to say it has nothing to do with why the people of Baltimore are rioting. First there was Speaker John Boehner telling NBC’s Chuck Todd that Liberal policies were to blame, and Chuck Todd accepting it as fact. Boehner then went on to tell Chuckles that Obamacare was really, really bad, and he proved it by telling some lies, which Chucky swallowed faster than a Wisconsin Republican on Koch. When NBC is ready to repeat its excellence in true political journalism, Chuck Todd will be starting a new job at Fox News Channel.

Speaking of Wisconsin Republicans who “fill up” on Koch, Rep Paul Ryan was on Face The CBS-Viewing Nation to put forth the ridiculous idea that the problems in Baltimore are because money hasn’t been spent wisely, so it should be cut even more. Ryan can’t seem to understand that Ayn Rand was, to put it kindly, a very disturbed woman. Her theories on Objectivism were only suitable for academic thought experiment, not for application on a national scale. It’s already failing in Wisconsin, where Scott Walker is watching his presidential aspirations go down Grover Norquist’s bathtub drain. Libertarianism does not work for governing a nation of more than one person. There is no benefit to society for cutting the taxes on rich people, no matter how many times 1980 Libertarian Party Vice Presidential Nominee David Koch tells his Republican stooges to say it. It’s very simple to understand. The economy only works when money flows through it. The dollar you give your deli owner for your coffee goes to paying his vendors for the deli supplies he needs to operate. Those people use that money, in part, to pay their employees who spend that money at other businesses, and so on and so on. The money works best when it is moving, not standing still (or doing little moving) in some rich person’s bank account or trust fund for their grandchildren. When you reduce a middle class person’s taxes a little bit, they’ll spend that extra twenty bucks a week. When you cut a rich person’s taxes twenty thousand dollars per week, they’re not going to spend it all over the place at his local businesses. That money is not going to circulate nearly as much, so it is not going to help the economy as much as it would if the tax cut was for the middle class person. But you also need for the government to have money, especially during a recession. The government-spent money is injected into a local economy and boosts it, just as your deli owner got when you bought your coffee. Only now there are a bunch of construction workers stopping in for their sandwiches and coffees, and now the deli owner has to hire someone to keep up with the extra business. But that doesn’t happen on a Conservative Libertarian budget.

Republican Conservatives do not want to face the fact that cops in Baltimore are abusing their authority and unjustifiably killing people, and so they’ll do anything they can to stop you from making them see it.


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  1. 45 years after Kent State shootings, a survivor looks back
    Amherst’s Thomas Grace shares in his upcoming book his experience being shot during Vietnam protest in 1970 and riding in ambulance with a student who died

  2. I went to sleep with my TV on CNN, because MSNBC was in prison, and I wanted to see about the shooting in Texas at the Muhammad cartoonist convention. I just got up and Pam Geller is being interviewed.

  3. Two random nutcase theses on WHY the unrest in Baltimore, both of which say far more about the mental incapacity of the speaker(s) than anything of substance:

    Kimberley Strassel Blames Baltimore’s Troubles On Teachers Unions

    Fox News Bullies Call For Cuts To Anti-Poverty Measures To Fix

    And then there’s Bernie Sanders explaining why he has my vote, even as he subliminally hands Republicans all the tools they need to (1) prove how stupid they are AND (2) come up with talking points that amply demonstrate their allegiance to greed only:

    Bernie Sanders Demonstrates How Democratic Socialism Works!

    What I’m really hoping is that since my forebears came mostly from Scandinavia, Steve King will soon see me as one of his “anchor babies” and pay for my deportation to Sweden where I can live happily ever-after. Sotospeak

    • It was getting late last night, and I didn’t have time to investigate all the lies and distortions coming from the right about Baltimore. Your links show the right wants to blame everybody but themselves and their own policies, prejudices and police for the troubles in Baltimore.

  4. Ben “Prison Makes You Gay” Carson was expected to officially announce his doomed presidential bid today, but may not because his mother has Alzheimer’s. Or something.

    • No! Say it isn’t so! GOOPickers knowingly falsifying stuff? Just to gain some shred of political advantage? Sob.

  5. Speaking of nuts —

    Rick Wiles Furious With ‘Uncircumcised Philistine’ Obama For Making A Joke About Michele Bachmann

    “Trunews” host Rick Wiles is joining other right-wing pundits in taking offense at President Obama’s joke at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner about ex-Rep. Michele Bachmann’s contention that his policies are bringing the world closer to World War III, the End Times and the Rapture.

    On the Friday edition of his show, Wiles attacked the “uncircumcised philistine in the White House” along with the “adoring, obedient, subservient, lapdog news reporters” who attended the dinner. (In 1 Samuel, David refers to Goliath as the “uncircumcised philistine” who seeks to “defy the armies of the living God”).

    • Oh my, how would they know the circumcision status of the POTUS? Unless, of course they have hidden cameras in the white house restrooms…or…?

      • If they could find the guy, maybe they could all collect on this:

        Obama’s Gay Affair

        Obama’s Gay Affair Will Soon Be Exposed!

        Right-wing pundits from Todd Starnes to Jerome Corsi seem convinced that President Obama is gay, with one conspiracy theory alleging that Obama wears an Islamic wedding ring showing his commitment to his secret Muslim husband.

        Fortunately, super-reporter Chuck C. Johnson is on the case, floating the idea on Twitter on Wednesday of offering a monetary reward to any men who will come forward with details on their trysts with Obama . . .

      • John Oliver found out from Edward Snowden that everyone’s dick pics are over at the NSA already.

    • “Initial reports, including from a Fox News Channel crew on the scene, said a man had been shot, but police then said a gun dropped by a man running from police went off, and that no one was hit by a bullet. Earlier, Baltimore Police tweeted the man was shot “multiple times,” but police later said no one had been shot. The first report may have referred to a separate incident.
      Police said the man’s gun had fired when it fell during the chase. The witness, however, said she saw no weapon. ”

      Clearly, the perp’s gun, having fallen to the ground as he illegally attempted to evade police capture, and knowing what a shitball the perp was, shot the perp multiple times.

    • The RWNJs at Discussionist criticized MSNBC for being slow to cover the ‘shooting’. Seems they were waiting for facts instead of trying to beat CNN to the story, like Fox tried to do.

  6. Via RawStory, regarding Geller’s Texas hatefest/crayon “art show”:

  7. (Gov. there’s a monster under your bed better sleep with the lights on)

    Gov. Greg Abbott: My actions were “simple and non-inflammatory”

    Texas Gov. Defends Ordering State Guard To Monitor Possible Military Takeover

    • Spoken like a true paranoiac. He simply wanted his State Guard to be on the lookout for federales. “Badges, we don’ need no stinkin’ BADGES!”

    • This just in —

      Government Using Jade Helm To Vet Military & Politicians For Future Takeover

      Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes told a Montana “patriot movement” radio program last week that the government is using the Jade Helm 15 military training exercise — a routine exercise that has become the center of an elaborate far-right conspiracy theory — to test who in the military and elected office will resist a future implementation of martial law.

      “I think Jade Helm is in part conditioning and vetting of the military to see who will and will not go along,” Rhodes told the “ Liberty Brothers” radio program, adding that the training exercise would quickly change from preparation for deployment overseas to experimenting in going after right-wing groups.

      Black helicopters too, prolly. But at least we all know now that Abbott will NOT “go along.”

    • Please don’t jeopardize your health over Cruz. He is the Palin of this political season. (no thought process).

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