The Watering Hole; Friday May 8 2015; First Day In The Life Of . . .

Around these parts at the foot of Colorado’s Front Range, the first week in May is the typical time of year when Canadian Goose (Branta canadensis) chicks first show up on the scene. I’m not sure exactly which day they actually hatch, but this year the very first little guys out of the nest appeared on the afternoon of May 2, and though there were only three in the company of their parental mating pair, they were each and all very busily exploring their new world, learning the ropes, etc.

Following is a series of ten photos which I assume pretty much portrays various moments of the goslings’ first full day of real life outside the egg and beyond the nest. No need for captions, the images themselves pretty much tell the familial tale.

Goose family 1084Goose family cr 1085Goose and goslings 1092Gosling 10983 sibling goslins 1126-crGosling pair 1133Gosling 1136Goslings 1143Chow time 1112Sack time 1118Party’s over, but tomorrow’s another day! Yay!                                   (all photos by frugal)


56 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday May 8 2015; First Day In The Life Of . . .

  1. Deepest sympathy to Great Britain in re the electoral horror of yesterday. Requiescat In Pace.

    If it weren’t for Alberta, I might think that fascism has become a global movement. What is it that drives ordinary people toward right wing slavery? Is it the movement’s invariable hate/fear message? Humans remind me of bison herds running en masse over the cliff simply because irrational fear is apparently contagious in herd animals.

        • Well, you’d know better than I. Blair hangover syndrome is somewhat equated with Bushitco despair syndrome.

          • Its interesting because the hangover stems from both Bliar and from Labour being in charge when the meltdown happens in 2008. Labour’s economic policies are toxic, which is the exact opposite of the US.

    • Fru, I am not sure that is what has happened – there are some interesting subtexts to the results. There is still a hangover from the days of Tony B-liar that is hitting the Labour Party, and as here, the Labour Party has discredited itself by not dealing with the concerns of ordinary Britons.

      I will have to do some reading, but I cannot believe that the swing to a Tory government in power is entirely due to the promised plebiscite on EU membership and some more hot air about immigration reform (stopping Johnny Foreigner from coming in claiming ‘asylum’ and getting given a house and a dole cheque and free health care).

      The Tories have gained at mostly the expense of the Liberals who it appears committed suicide when they joined the Tory coalition last time around. And in Scotland, the Scots voted for the party that they perceive looks after their interests more than Labour (but that does not necessarily means they wish it to break up the Union).

      As for the switch to fascism, I don’t see that – today’s Tories are more like the moderate wing of the GOP, the Tea Party equivalent – the UKIP, didn’t get very far at all despite their promises – so I see that as a good thing.

      But make no mistake, the City of London won again – whoever has the dosh, calls the shots.

      • UKIP – actually increased their vote share to 12% – not nearly as high as the Le Pen neo-Nazis and on average lower than most NW Euro countries – but the Euro right wing is indeed gaining ground.

        The EU vote will be next year according to Cameron’s promises.

      • OK, sounds encouraging. I guess I assume these days that “conservative” is always synonymous with Tea Party and Fascist. Sometimes it’s a relief to hear there might be other more rational options.

        • Almost no one in the Tory party sees getting rid of NHS for example or investing the pensions in the stock market, they admit climate change is a problem…. lots of other things that mark them out as moderate. The politics of the US are centered *way* to the right of European politics.

    • And an ex-GF of mine, despite an endorsement from Richard Dawkins…. didn’t win – she was in a single-issue party of supporting the National Health System.

    • Glad it’s only a business advisor to the PM. Got it upside down, down under?
      Wait till your biggest tourist attraction, that Great Barrier Reef thingy dies. Then you’ll have to hire more Paul Hogans to escort tourists through the outback. G’day!

    • I’d have to agree with him – teach them than we evolved in different directions into different species from a common ancestor creature instead.

    • When I took Biology at a Florida college in 1986 the professor told the class on the first day, “I know there are things taught in this course that goes against certain religious beliefs of some of you. Since the State of Florida requires science credits to graduate and since you elected to enroll in this course you will be required to participate in laboratory experiments and receive passing grades on exams.”

      It was interesting that the publishers of the brand new textbook send out several supplements during the first semester and, for the first time in the professor’s career, a new edition was published before the 2nd semester. Having to purchase a new book was made worse since the outdated old text had little resale value.

      As I recall, beside breeding fruit flies and dissecting fetal pigs, we were learning about DNA, RNA and HIV with new technology, seemingly appearing everyday, helping to uncover new knowledge.

  2. British Election – some good reads:

    Political annihilation – in Scotland and in England

    Opinion polls were miles off

    The Scottish vote is a sign of an extremely dangerous situation which has developed for the UK and for the EU – there is a comparison here to the role of the Irish National party in the UK parliament about 150 years ago. They were a one-issue party – home rule and had little impact beyond that. I wonder if Vladimir Putin is in his best tartan kilt this morning.

    The Germans are concerned

    • Frank Luntz’s opinion is probably also the AFP’s (American Fascist Party’s) position:

      Frank Luntz Claims A Win For G.O.P. Policies In The U.K.

      He gave three reasons the Conservative win was important to America:

      1. The pollsters, and thank god I now do communications, got it dead wrong prior to the election, Conservatives (Tories) were dead even with Ed Milliband’s Labor Party

      2. They expected a hung Parliament, they did not know who would lead, but David Cameron will be declared the undisputed leader of the Conservative Party.

      3. And finally, this is very important for U.S. foreign policy. This will continue the support for what the U.S. is doing with regards to ISIS and support for Israel. A very important win for right of center people in Europe and America.

      Luntz put down the campaign of the Labor Party by comparing it to David Axelrod and President Obama’s efforts to make class warfare an election issue. The British, according to Luntz, are too hardened and cynical to fall for the illusion that class warfare exists. Those silly Labor Party supporters just don’t know that it’s far better for corporations to pay lower taxes while social services are savagely slashed.

      • Not even close. Dickhead. That election was nothing to do with lower taxes for companies, or Israel – what a twat.

        • Luntz not only speaks the party line, he also writes it. I suspect presidential candidates will soon be pointing to Britain as a great example of conservatism in action, because . . . etc. etc. And all the stupid shits that watch Fox noise will nod yes and say JAVOHL MEIN HERR! Or maybe they’ll get close with, I dunno, Javerr Mein Hohl? The latter might be a better fit, actually.

  3. This just in:

    Rick Wiles: Kentucky Derby Proves Obama Is Demonic Precursor To The Antichrist

    Obama is bringing America down and is a forerunner of the Antichrist. As proof, [Wiles] cited the results of the Kentucky Derby: “He has a spirit of Antichrist operating in him, he is America’s pharaoh. Interestingly, the horse American Pharaoh won the horse race Saturday, another little sign to America, there’s been many of them over the years since Obama’s been in.”

    “This man — he has stoked the coals, the fires of war, it seems like the whole world is on fire,” Wiles added. “Even House Speaker John Boehner said it a month or two ago, he said ‘the world is on fire.’ Yes, Speaker Boehner, it is on fire and the man who is stoking the fires is in the White House. This is a man with a demonic spirit operating in him.”

    I think I finally get it. EVERYTHING is a sign that Obama is the Antichrist! How did I ever miss something so obvious?? 😯

    • This is the same idiot who said God was going to send a giant fireball through space to destroy us because of gay marriage (I think.) Science means nothing to these people. There are no flaming fire balls in space because there’s no oxygen for the fire. And now, just because someone named his horse something with the word “Pharaoh” in it, it’s proof that Obama is the Antichrist? Why isn’t the owner of the horse or the jockey that rode him to victory the Antichrist? WTF does Obama have to do with it?

    • If Boner’s on fire, he should stop smoking in his Congressional office. Stinks the place up in more ways than one.

  4. New study concludes the Beatles were an insignificant part of the musical revolution of the ’60s. Bullshiat study comes to bullshiat conclusion.

    The Beatles where the first major pop band that was ‘self contained’ writing performing and producing their music as a group (including Martin). They eventually made their own record label.

      You weren’t here, obviously, during the early 60’s. I was living in the San Fernando Valley, just starting High School.
      They took this place and shook its musical sense like a rag doll.
      Does the fact that I bought myself a John Lennon 3/4 neck Rickenbacker guitar when I got back from Nam and finally had enough money to buy one testify to anything for ya?

  5. Darrell Issa, the richest man in Congress, said America has made “our poor somewhat the envy of the world.”

  6. Holy crap! Wouldn’t you love to see FAUX”News” play this for their loyal worshipers? I think the result would be more than a 99 day wonder.

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