Sunday Roast: Happy Mother’s Day

Mom on a pony

Awwww, it’s my Mom… on a tiny pony.  She looks to be about three years old, which dates this photo to the WWII years.

I’ve always wondered about this photo — why was such a photo taken, when her parents weren’t country people?  They lived in the big city of Cleveland, Ohio!  Then I remember that, of my maternal grandmother’s many pregnancies, my Mom was her only living child.  So when the opportunity arose to put her only baby girl on the back of a pony for a photo-op, you know that was totally happening.

I never met my maternal grandparents — my grandmother having died of breast cancer when my Mom was 13, and my grandfather having died suddenly when Mom was in her last year of high school — but I like to think they were nice people.  She didn’t talk about them much.  They gave her a good foundation, and she made the best of it.  Isn’t that what parents are supposed to do?  Especially on a shortened time frame…

Miss you bunches, Mom.

This is our daily open thread — Call your Mom!  Or spend time with happy memories.

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  1. I’m taking my Mom out to breakfast in a few minutes. My sister and her daughter will join us. Then I take Mom back home, dump her in her chair, and I’m done for the day. 🙂

    And welcome to The Zoo, new visitors, Mr. Militant Negro and Idealistic Rebel.

  2. On Face the Nation, Huckabee is sounding sane about Social Security and helping veterans.

    • And later the panel is cutting Huckabee up, for ethical problems when he was governor of Arkansas. ‘He did things that would make the Clintons blush’, was one comment. Nobody mentioned Bernie Sanders, who followed Huckabee, even though both candidates’ have a populist message.

          • I am perplexed by people that cannot accept that evolution is happening right in front of them every day.
            It’s not always survival of the fittest.
            Location has bearing on the subject.
            Environmental isolation such as the Galapagos.
            Climatic isolation is another example.
            Or, in the case of humans, excessive alcohol consumption in the wrong bar.

            • I think many people confuse “fittest” with “strongest” and that’s not accurate. “fittest” means simply “most fit for that environment.” If strength gives no advantage, then it won’t guarantee survival.

      • Only about 2″ here at 6000 ft, but I’m guessing a foot or two on yon mountains.

        Warming up fast here though. 37 already, and it’s not even 10:30 yet.

        • I’m celebrating mothers day with my queens and their girls.
          91 degrees and the bees are making honey.
          Everything is blooming like mad so I’m going to be pulling frames soon for the sweetest treat nature has to offer.

  3. What a great picture! Happy Mother’s day to the other Zoo moms.

    • That’s a good article…. these are going to be a rocky few years for UK and for EU.

    • Some other good ones attached to that page – the losses in WW2 by the USSR, the view of WW2 from Russians today, the Dark Side of Churchill…

  4. Your Sunday LOLcats – Top Of The Flops Edition

    I chose this particular pic, because it’s almost exactly what I have going on at my house now. A couple of weeks ago, Lili came to live with me. She’s my stepson’s cat, but I’m keeping her for an indeterminate amount of time, while he resides at my ex-wife’s house. I was supposed to have another girl cat, Arya, but she didn’t adjust to being separated from her brother Ghost, so she’s at my ex’s. Lili and Gisela aren’t getting along so far. Lili looks just like the gray tabby with white boots.

  5. My quantity of credit card junk mail has been gradually decreasing.
    I circle the name and write “deceased” or “incarcerated” above my name and then put it back in the return envelope.
    In the past I filled the envelope with dog hair or sand but they still kept sending me credit card applications.

      • “I say okay”.
        The dog hair looked like a wad of pubic hair and the sand was probably just so annoying they kept sending the junk mail out of spite.
        Deceased or incarcerated doesn’t give them much latitude because either way, you’re not going to pay.

    • None of the newspapers reporting his death mention whether or not he was wearing a helmet.

      Kinda spoils the story without that essential piece of information. Presuming he was wearing a helmet, since he was unsuccessful in changing the law, his death provides no proof for either side.

    • thank goodness he managed to die in the accident, so he won’t be a drain on the taxpayers while drooling in a cup strapped to his chin.

      • I met a motorcycle accident victim who ended up deaf and blind. It took over 10 years for him to learn to communicate by signing and reading another person’s signs with his hands. He was 22 when the accident occurred and was lucky that his speech wasn’t affected.

    • This individual, he said, is a “retired senior intelligence official who was knowledgeable about the initial intelligence about bin Laden’s presence in Abottabad.”

      Who has complete credibility with the RWNJs for one reason only. He/she called Obama a liar.

  6. Columbo is tormenting Joyce Van Patten tonight. She killed her brother because he wanted to close her art museum, which was losing money.

    • Always look forward to Sunday night for Columbo.
      Joyce played evil like she was born for it!

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