Watering Hole: May 12, 2015 – I still miss you

Nonewhere is experiencing “technical difficulties” so he asked me to post something so that bloggers have a place to discuss the issues of the day.

I’m going to regress to Sunday’s special day, Mother’s Day.  My mother had a beautiful singing voice and she sang a variety of different songs throughout the day.  She gave me my love of music.  Here’s one of the songs she would sing.

This is your Open Thread for the day.  It’s your turn to Speak Up or Sing if you like  🙂


36 thoughts on “Watering Hole: May 12, 2015 – I still miss you

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  2. Rename the T.P.P. “Obamatrade”

    President Obama has been going around the country stumping for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement, putting in more effort for this than any other cause of his presidency. More Republicans than Democrats currently support the treaty, which presents a messaging opportunity for those of us who believe it is a fatally flawed deal: start calling it “Obamatrade” with a message tailored to conservatives:

    “If you liked Obamacare, you’ll love Obamatrade:
    this secretive pact will send millions of American jobs overseas and surrender American sovereignty to the rulings of Unelected Judges.”

    I would like to add, if you really want to rile them up: ‘We have to pass it to know what’s in it.’

  3. Joel Silberman: ‘People ask me why I took such an instant dislike to Carly Fiorina. I tell them it’s to save time.’

    • I just cannot get myself to feel the least bit sorry for this fool.
      Something about reaping and sowing goes here.

    • Remember: EVERYTHING in this world that is wrong or doesn’t work is Obama’s fault. Also, everything that still works or hasn’t yet died is that way simply because Obama hasn’t gotten his hands on it yet. If you don’t believe it, ask anyone with an IQ below 75 — including (but not limited to) all at Fox news, all teabaggers, all Republican presidential wannabees, also Mitch McConnell, and Sarah Palin.

    • I knew this would happen. Every rugged individualist with 100K in an IRA and no heath issues was so certain they would be able to just pay their own medical bills.

      • He didn’t place any blame on his inane state government who chose NOT to assist by taking the Feds up on coverage for those in need.

    • That’s good news, I hope the trend continues to the point where all religions retreat to their closets, tents, or churches. Everyone is and should forever remain free to believe in anything theological that suits them — so long as they leave the rest of us alone and to our own designs. Religion should be personal, and NEVER on public display.

    • I wonder when congressional wingnuts will introduce legislation to disallow oil company magnates from buying things like fresh seafood, junk food, dried beans, canned tuna — kinda like Wisconsin and Kansas and Missouri are working the food stamp problem. For the record, I would add both Limos and private jets to their prohibited list.

    • Corporate welfare queens – those sponging bastards should get jobs!

    • I object to my government’s ‘free speech’ being directed to corporations

  4. TPA just FAILED in the Senate, with the Nay votes passing 41 and still counting!

    • +1000 – maybe that SC maroon should have given it a try and maybe given up the fags too.

  5. I will never support the use of nuclear energy. Not unless they can make it 100% safe all the time, not just up until it isn’t safe any more. Nuclear power plants have two states of operation: Temporarily safe for anyone around them, or totally deadly to anyone around them.

    • There are three things that make nuclear power unsafe.

      1. People.
      2. Profits.
      3. Profit driven people.

      There are much safer reactor designs than the common pressurized water reactors we are all too familiar with. If a water-cooled reactor has a big enough malfunction then it loses all cooling and the core melts down. They are inherently “fail deadly” but are relatively cheap even if they do melt down.

      Other designs, like a molten core reactor, are truly fail safe. If they have a failure then the molten metal “freezes”, the chain reaction stops, and the whole damned mess could be chopped into pieces and contained more safely than the waste from a typical water-cooled reactor.

      The problem is cost. If a molten core reactor has a relatively minor failure it can destroy the entire reactor and no profit-driven entity will take the risk. Some of the financial risk can be reduced by using smaller reactors but, alas, that increases the number of people involved and all too many of them are driven by profit. Even then; it would take a socialized program to take that financial risk.

      In theory; I would support development of safer commercial nuclear power but I’ll be damned if I can figure out a way to cut politicians, lawyers, and bean counters out of the decision making loop. Allowing anyone but those solely devoted to safe building and operation of nuclear power plants to make any operational decisions is just not worth the risk and even the best scientists and engineers make mistakes. That risk might be manageable but the thought of someone like Louie Gohmert or Jimmy Inhofe having a seat at the table making decisions about something like that makes my blood freeze.

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