The Watering Hole; Wednesday, June 15, 2015. HUMP DAY!



10,000 B.C. – 2015 A.D.

Satire died last night in its sleep. Overworked to the point of exhaustion, Satire expired quietly in the night. A forensic autopsy indicated Satire was overcome by recent events, as Republican after Republican outdid each other – to the point where no longer could a satirical extreme be found. Pundits tried, to no avail. No one could out-extreme the extremists on the extreme fringe of what has now become the mainstream of Republican politics. Satire no longer had the advantage of being outrageous, yet somewhat believable, as more and more outrageous claims and positions were taken each day by candidates who took themselves seriously, even while the sane world looked on with incredulity.

Satire will be sorely missed. Satire is survived by its relatives: irony, puns and limericks.

Services will be held at 11 and Happy Hour.


26 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Wednesday, June 15, 2015. HUMP DAY!

  1. Like a scene from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”
    The weasels laughed themselves to death.

    You know it’s bad when St Ronnie himself would be deemed a liberal heretic by the likes of Ted Cruz and his posse of posers.

  2. Sources: Train Reportedly Speeding; Engineer Mum

    Investigators of Tuesday’s deadly Amtrak derailment say they are focusing on reports that the train was traveling more than twice the 50-mile-an-hour speed limit when it entered a sharp curve in Frankford.

    An automatic train control system designed to prevent speeding was not in place where Amtrak Train 188 crashed, killing seven people and injuring more than 200.


    The train reportedly was traveling over 100 m.p.h. when it entered the curve, according to people close to the investigation.

    The train’s “black box,” which includes a speed recorder, has been recovered by investigators.

    Let’s see. Willful negligence by Amtrak employee results in big lawsuits from the injured and families of the deceased. Had Amtrak been privatized, the corporation operating the service would have had inadequate insurance and virtually no assets, due to leasing the trains from another corporation, to avoid leaving anything to slap a lien on in a bankruptcy.

  3. Stewart Rhodes Defends ‘Hang McCain’ Comment, Says Senator Is Like Adolf Hitler

    Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes told a Phoenix television station yesterday that he called for the hanging of Arizona Sen. John McCain last week because McCain “is every bit as nuts as Adolf Hitler was.”

    Rhodes made the comment while sitting next to Andy Biggs, the president of the Arizona Senate, who has said that he didn’t speak up because criticizing Rhodes would have violated his “free-speech rights.”

    • That moron “president of the Arizona Senate” clearly does not understand how the Constitution works, especially the 1st Amendment. The only thing the 1st Amendment would have prevented President Moron from doing is charge Rhodes with a civil or criminal charge and prosecute him. What President Moron absolutely had the right to do was turn to him and say, “What are you, a goddamn idiot? Or just a fucking asshole?”

      • Yep. “Free speech” is a two way street. That’s not a concept that anyone familiar with the morons in the Arizona legislature should ever expect to hear from any one of said morons, however.

    • Cliff Kincaid: Pope Francis Will Usher In ‘Anti-Christian Tyranny’

      “Conservative Catholics and many others are terrified of what is to come,” Kincaid wrote. “Some fear that the Roman Catholic Church has joined the campaign for a global socialist state that could turn into an anti-Christian tyranny.”

      He also spoke to climate change denier Timothy Ball, who alleged that Pope Benedict XVI was forced out of his position because he was “starting to deal with the problems of pedophilia and corruption in the money in the church,” providing an opening for Francis to start “bringing in these socialist ideas” that “you’ve heard from Obama.”

      • Heaven forbid the Kathelikc Church start addressing it’s pedophilic clergy issue or income inequality starting with itself!
        End of Times sign # 666.

  4. From time to time I stop in my landlord’s office to shoot the breeze. I’ve told him about the research and writing I’m doing about Henry Flagler which has resulted in him sharing details about his own life and his involvement in dealing with the KKK when MLK came to St. Augustine. After he told me about his teenage experiments with radio in the 1930’s which led to an assignment to the Signal Corps. after being drafted in 1942 when he was 19, I suggested that he was a local Steve Jobs of that era. He had no idea who Steve Jobs was!

    However, I’m pretty sure his biography will someday be a worthwhile endeavor, and evidently he does too. He has be showing me memorabilia he has collected over the years which has included pictures of him with prominent Republican politicians, newspaper articles and invitations to various events including some at the White House. After a brief visit today I left with a ticket he was sen,t by the local Republican Executive Committee, to an event tomorrow night where I can hear Rick Perry speak!

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