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  1. I could use a bike like that for distances farther than I’d like to get on a regular bike.

  2. Rob Portman: Proof that Teapublicans only Care about themselves, and their three “F”s

    Those “F”s being: Families, Friends and Financiers.

    Teapublicans only care about their own little groupings. They regard the rest of us with indifference at best, or malevolent disdain at worst. GOPee Senator Rob Portman exemplifies this characteristic: he only started supporting gay rights after he found out his son was gay.

    Before that, Portman hated him some gays, oh yes, he did. And Portman still hates the poor, women who have sex, and pretty much everyone else except for himself and his 1%, Teapublican Friends, Family and Financiers. It was only when the issue harmed one of his own Family members that he “saw the light”.

    It’s not just Portman, of course: (see article)

    • “When did you first discover you were a sociopath, Senator Portman?”

      • That’s a Q that should be asked of every Republican alive today, as well of all those who aren’t quite there yet but are on their way to the mental deficiency required to become a GOoPer.

      • I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been saying for months that Putin is your classic fascist, one who “thinks” very much in the fashion of Adolf Hitler. I’m not sure which class of “sub-humans” he hates the most, but I’m sure we’ll find out before too long. I find it curious that our teabaggers seem to really like him (as opposed to their own president, of course) but am puzzled that they think he’s cool in spite of his obvious lack of religious motivation. It’s that latter point that defines the main difference between him and Hitler, who in his early years used “Christianity” and “god” frequently in his speech to the masses.

        I do wonder what his plans for world conquest might be, after his “lebensraum” moves against Ukraine and whichever other former Soviet entities he decides to reclaim.

    • Huckster once said, ‘if we can’t change the bible to match the Constitution, (putting aside the fact that the Founders could have used that as a source, had they intended) then we should change the Constitution to match the bible.’ I wonder what part of the bible mentions even having a Supreme Court, much less having unelected jurists ‘elect’ the leader of the country?

      • But since “The bible is an antique volume, written by faded men” why would anyone tout the non-fact that it has “authority” that impacts us, and WTF would I ever pay attention to such blithering nonsense in any case?

        pHuckabee is nuts, crazed by his hollow and nonsensical beliefs. But we know that.

      • And the “predictions” made in the old testament might not have come true if the old testament wasn’t rewritten after the fact!

    • Sigh… It’s really hard to decide if The Huckster is stupid and crazy enough to believe that crap or if he’s just a very, very, smooth liar who has targeted the stupidest and craziest members of the body politic.

      • ‘Targeting the stupid’ is clearly the modus operandi of the vast bulk of evangelical preachers and ‘leaders’ of all those vapid and vacant followers. And pHuckabee is clearly “stupid and crazy enough to” know how to work the problem.

      • He’s another snake oil salesman – he’s the sociopathic descendant of Joseph Smith.

    • Yes, the year William Rehnquist voted to twice and didn’t have the good grace to stay alive long enough to see how he fooked the world over.

  3. Jim Bob Duggar, Josh’s dad, ran for the Senate in 2002 and called for incest to be a capital crime.


    • Get it right! God is punishing Texas for NOT seceding already!

  4. “New DEA Chief Retreats On War Against Weed, Says DEA Will No Longer Focus On Marijuana

    I have a funny feeling the Republicans are not going to let him be DEA Chief for very much longer.


    Washington D.C. – With states all across the country lowering their penalties in marijuana cases, the incoming DEA chief says that the agency will no longer focus on marijuana. Chuck Rosenberg, a former administrator at the FBI, claimed that instead of attacking marijuana users and sellers, that he wants to “improve the DEA’s procedures on classifying, declassifying and reclassifying drugs,” as the new chief of the DEA.

    Rosenberg “has proven himself as an exceptional leader, a skilled problem-solver, and a consummate public servant of unshakable integrity,” Att. Gen. Loretta Lynch said in a statement.

    Long time DEA chief Michele Leonhart ‘resigned’ last month in the midst of various scandals, including accusations of DEA agents being involved in drugs and prostitution. Leonhart’s views on marijuana were extremely out of touch with popular opinion, as she continually insisted that it was a dangerous drug with no medical value whatsoever, standing by the DEA’s Schedule 1 classification.

    With Leonhart now being replaced by a new DEA chief that is entirely retreating in the war on marijuana, another small step is taken towards the end of prohibition.

    Unfortunately, the DEA still needs to bring their revenue in somehow, so they will be turning their marijuana enforcement apparatus onto users of other drugs, namely heroin, cocaine and psychedelic drugs.

    While this may be great news for individual users of marijuana, this still does not correct the horror of the drug war, nor does it address the unintended consequences that spring up as a result. With the prohibition of other drugs still enforced, organized crime will continue to flourish, and the violence that it brings will continue to spill over into the streets. Additionally, people who are struggling with addiction will be victimized by police instead of receiving the treatment that they need.

  5. It seems like all the fundy freaks are eager to defend child molesters. I’m sure you are all familiar with “Banana Man” Ray Comfort and I don’t ever want to know what kind of sick crap he was up to “before Christ” but you may be less familiar with Eric Hovind. He’s the son of “Dr. Dino” Kent Hovind (Who is not a doctor.) and is maintaining Dad’s ministry while Dad serves a 11 year sentence for various tax crimes. Among their more hilarious ideas is an assertion that the Great Flood was caused by a “ice meteor” that somehow turned into rain instead of vaporizing a large part of the earth and that the Grand Canyon was carved out “in about a week” as the Flood subsided. Sigh… Grifters gotta grift but the way they stick together is even more disgusting.


    • Is it truly possible for people to be that dense?

      How can anyone think this is how it happened?

      the Grand Canyon was carved out “in about a week” as the Flood subsided.

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