The Watering Hole; Thursday May 28 2015; Bernie

Bernie Sanders, in his first campaign speech, spoke volumes concerning details of the course this country MUST take to enable its return to those long-past days of prosperity, and in the process he said absolutely nothing with which I do not unanimously and enthusiastically agree. He is absolutely the 180 degree-opposite of the entire of the Republican clown car occupants, both announced and not yet announced, and I suspect his IQ is greater than the aggregate sum of . . . well, you know.

I do find it odd that this prime candidate for President — standing tall in these, my “old timer” years — is every bit as inspiring to me as the POTUS on my date of birth, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, became in my growing-up retro view. Curious too that both Roosevelt and Sanders popped up at times of parallel turmoil. Roosevelt overcame it and changed America in the most positive way imaginable, and now Sanders is proposing to do the same.

Here’s his speech. If you’ve not seen it, I strongly suggest you find the time to do so. It’s a minute or two short of 40 minutes in length, but suffice to say that he lays out more substance in those few minutes than all Republican candidates since FDR — combined — have managed.

A further Sanders tidbit is this interesting lunchtime discussion he had with CNBC’s John Harwood in which Bernie lays out some of his income tax revision propositions. And finally this Daily Kos post entitled Bernie Sanders blows Wolf Blitzer’s mind with a simple idea (guess it doesn’t take much) in which Sanders explains how to eliminate college tuition with a small tax on Wall Street money transference.

As the Kos article concludes, “By the way, who says he [Sanders] can’t win??” Not I.



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  1. The news about Josh Duggar inappropriate sexual contact of his sisters has Dan Savage seeking a definition for Duggar ala Santorum.

    duggar: inappropriate sexual contact with a sibling

    This led to these words which maybe our resident song writer, Wayne, could use:

    If ever you’ve been buggered by a sister or a brother, when sleeping all alone

    I think they might work with the Wizard of Oz’s Lion’s If I Only Had A Heart.

    • I like that. I might be able to use it. I had in mind a little Warren Zevon

      You better stay away from him
      He touched your daughters, Jim
      Ha, I’d like to be his jailer

      But your idea could work, too.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

    • Yesterday’s Badmoodman suggested a new word “Duggary”
      Rhymes with buggery.
      How cool can that be?
      I’m sure it’ll make its way to the urban dictionary just like santorum did.

  2. Rand Paul: “ISIS exists…because of hawks” in the GOP

    Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul had some harsh words Wednesday for Republicans who have blamed the rise of Islamic extremism in Iraq and Syria on American disengagement with the Middle East.

    In an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Paul was asked about the criticism he’s received from GOP hawks like South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham and Arizona Sen. John McCain, who have argued that America’s failure to arm moderate rebel groups in the Syrian civil war created space for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) to grow.

    “I would say it’s exactly the opposite,” Paul said. “ISIS exists and grew stronger because of the hawks in our party who gave arms indiscriminately, and most of those arms were snatched up by ISIS. These hawks also wanted to bomb [Syrian dictator Bashar] Assad, which would have made ISIS’s job even easier.”

    Well, the hawks are wrong, and Rand Paul is somewhat wrong also. ISIS exists because minority Sunnis in Iraq were never going to get a fair shake from the Shia now running Iraq, because payback is a bitch. Even when the Shia control a majority Sunni area, the minute ISIS shows up, the Shia withdraw, because they don’t care what ISIS does to the locals. Sunni’s in the Iraqi military are more loyal to ISIS than their country, and will not engage ISIS willingly on behalf of Bagdad.

    In Syria, ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian affiliate of al-Qaeda, opposes Assad. None of these are worth our help. Only the Kurds in the northeast corner of Syria can be trusted, but Turkey opposes the US helping them too much because eventually the Kurds want to break away from Turkey. The bulk of Syria is lost for the forseeable future.

    • What baffles me most of all is how it seems so few Americans of any ilk realize or dare to admit that at the heart of all LOCAL Mideast conflict is the schism within Islam (which I don’t pretend to understand) marked by Sunni on one side and Shia on the other. It seems politicians never refer to it, and it’s seldom mentioned by the media in proper context.

      The reality is that ISIS began when Hussein was ousted by Bush and his fellow idiots and the Shia were given control of Iraq over the Sunni, over Hussein’s apparently more secular Ba’athist party. Again, I don’t pretend to understand the inner workings of religious conflicts anywhere much less in Iraq and Syria, only recognize that it’s the essential root of the whole mess, ISIS included.

      Here’s an interesting link on the matter, on the origin of ISIS:

      The hidden hand behind the Islamic State militants? Saddam Hussein’s.

    • Holy shite frugal! you’ve just blown the whole JH15 operation. the flooding was a government controlled weather front, and JH15 was going to go in under the guise of FEMA and Army and Marine regulars posing as the Red Cross and Texas National Guardsmen.

      • How many Walmarts did the storm put out of business? I have it on goo authority that FEMA needed a lot more vacant ones to turn into concentration camps, based on their re-assessment of the number of idiots in Tejas.

  3. Holy Fucking Shit

    (BTW, when I first typed the word “Fucking” above, I accidentally, as I often do, transposed the final n and g. When I checked for suggestions, it only came up with “Trucking.” But when I fixed my typo, it didn’t see “Fucking” as a misspelled word, which means it’s in Google’s dictionary. So why wasn’t it a suggested alternate spelling?)

    • The weather is in gawd’s hands, climate change has nothing to do with the deadly heat///

      • When I lived in Phoenix a few years ago the summertime temps would every now and then exceed 120F. About the only consequence I can recall was that the airport would close down all landings and takeoffs till the temp dropped below 120. Apparently commercial aircraft aren’t “certified” for runway stuff when the temp exceeds that number. There were no other serious consequences, however. No roads melted, there were no more deaths recorded than usual afaik. But then Phoenix is a kinda weird place, temp wise. In the winter when daytime highs are in the sixties people bundle up like they’re in Minneapolis in January. It’s also too damn cold to go swimming when the air temp is less than 100.

    • I have no use for McDonald’s and I hate clowns.
      I wish the cow would have won.

    • It’s times like this that makes me want to shove an ice pick into my ears.
      Thanks Wonkette…I think?

  4. Boulder has no real crime the cops can occupy their time with?

    “For the past 7 years i have been creating this art in and around Boulder, Colorado, USA. nearly every day!” he wrote. “[J]ust this weekend, one police officer has decided that balancing rocks in Boulder, Colorado is now illegal, obscurely referencing two city codes [5-4-8 and 5-4-2] about ‘destruction of public property’ in relation to rocks.”

    • Boulder is a college town, and since marijuana possession and use has been made legal there’s no reason for there to be crime. Something like that. 😉

    • So he got stoned, big deal. You’d think the cops from Little Rock should be handling things like this.

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