Sunday Roast: Gravity Glue…again

“The Man” in Boulder was trying to mess with Michael Grab aka Gravity Glue guy, because stupid reasons, but the prosecuting attorney told those cops to piss off, which I like in a prosecutor.

If you go to Grab’s video list on YouTube, you’ll find all kinds of awesome balancing going on.

Is it just me, or does anyone else’s hands get super cold watching him convincing those stones to do what he wants them to do?  Brrrrr….

This is our daily open thread — Enjoy it while you can, cuz 2016 is coming…


32 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Gravity Glue…again

  1. The patience and concentration are tremendous, giving the wonderful sculptures!
    This is one amazing man:

  2. Boulder is probably the most liberal bastion in Colorado, perhaps also a confirmation of the thesis that creativity flourishes in liberal environments. Other corners of Colorado are, however, bastions of teabagger “think”, also areas where, if a balanced rock sculpture happened to be spotted, the reaction wouldn’t be to pause and admire and wonder. It would more likely be to grab gun, shoot the thing, and laugh as it fell back into the water allthewhile mumbling curses of ‘fucking libruls.’

  3. Secretary of State John Kerry has broken his femur, in a bicycle accident, as reported by Steve Kornacki. IIRC, Lewis Black said a femur is a bone in your ass.

  4. On UP, the guy from the Heritage Foundation was telling the panel what a great candidate Martin O’Malley will be. Is anyone else running into the right’s desperate attempt to promote anyone but Hillary for the Democratic nomination? They know they’re cooked if she can’t be dislodged as the Dem front runner.

  5. Nobody is talking about if the person receiving the payments from Dennis Hastert reported that money on his income taxes.

  6. Did Chuck Todd ask Bernie about the essay on sexual stereotypes written in 1972? You know he did!

  7. Bob Schieffer is interviewing Jeb Bush, who is letting his inner neocon run free today. He wants to renew the entire Patriot Act, as is and put ‘advisers’ into Iraq, etc. Also, he says he hasn’t decided whether he will run for President but he wants to. Undocumented immigrants can stay, but can’t be citizens.

  8. On FtN: John Brennan claims a counter-factual is true. ‘The Patriot Act has helped the US thwart terror attacks.’

  9. Microscopic Sonic Screwdriver Invented

    A team of engineers has created tiny acoustic vortices and used them to grip and spin microscopic particles suspended in water.

    The research by academics from the University of Bristol’s Department of Mechanical Engineering and Northwestern Polytechnical University in China, is published in Physical Review Letters.

    The researchers have shown that acoustic vortices act like tornados of sound, causing microparticles to rotate and drawing them to the vortex core. Like a tornado, what happens to the particles depends strongly on their size.

    I don’t want a microscopic one, I want one about the size of a palm-sized Maglite.

  10. Walt Whitman was born today in 1819, Happy One! – James Earl Jones Reads from Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself”

    Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself,” Reimagined in Beautiful Illustrations by Artist Allen Crawford

  11. via LGF:

    Busted! National Review Crops and “Dirties” Photo From Austin Walmart, Claims It Shows “Venezuela”
    Alleged pic of empty shelves in Venezuela is actually from a Wal-Mart most likely in the U.S

    • Michelle Malkin is the author of the National Review article that acconpanies the phony photo. Figures.

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