The Watering Hole, Monday, June 1, 2015: Another Conservative Myth Busted

Will Conservatives never learn? I suppose that’s like asking, “Does the Pope shit in the woods?”, which, given the Holy See Hippie we have now, I wouldn’t put it past him to go on a few “Nature walks” now and then. But when it comes to tax policy, the answer is Yes, they never learn. Case in point: Kansas, a/k/a “KS”, a/k/a “Koch State” (H/T Jane), a/k/a “Land of Tornadoes, Cute Little Flying Monkeys, and Blood Thirsty Munchkins.” Yes, that Kansas. Way back in 2012, the brilliant minds of the Conservative Republican-controlled State Legislature decided to heed the demands of David Koch and cut taxes drastically. (Don’t waste my time and yours by asking me to prove they did this at the behest of the Koch Brothers. If you honestly think the Kochs had no influence on the tax policy of the state in which Koch Industries is headquartered, you’re too naive to be reading political blogs and should go back to bed, curled up in a fetal position, rocking back and forth while sucking your thumb. Or just read 1980 Libertarian Party Vice Presidential nominee David Koch’s official platform.) But now, three years later, the job growth never happened, and KS finds itself with a $400 million budget shortfall. They realize they’ve cut as many public services as they can get away with cutting (I’m sure they’ve gone too far, but that’s an argument for another day), and now they have to consider doing something anathema to them: raising taxes. They justified their tax cuts to the public by claiming that tax cuts would spur economic growth, and businesses would come rushing to the state to take advantage of the low taxes and bring jobs to KS. They always say that. And it’s never true. Not once.

“We hoped they would just be a magic lantern and everybody would react to it,” [Senator Les Donovan] said. “But, eh, it’s hard to get a company to uproot their business when they’re established and move to another place just because of this difference in tax policy.”

That’s the problem with Conservative philosophy. It tends to be rooted in what people want to believe is true, and not on what actually is true. They believe greed is good, that it’s okay not just to want more for yourself than what your neighbor has, but to want more than you could ever possibly need in your lifetime. But Greed is not good, Conservative People. Selfishness in not a Virtue. We are all Human Beings on this planet, and none of us is any more special than any other. That includes you. We survive because we know that we need each other to do so. Nobody in this country “made it” alone. You may have created a business from scratch, and it may have grown into a nice income producer for you and your family. But your success is not entirely of your own doing.

Your business likely sells one of two things, goods or services. Either way, you want to get something in exchange for those goods or services, and if you don’t want to work on the barter system, then you need something to exchange on which you both agree on the value. Money. And to make sure that the money you’re using is legitimate, you agree to only accept money made by the Government (the ones who decide what its value is, under the Constitution.) Now, right there you’ve proven that taxes are necessary. Someone has to pay for the things the Government does on your behalf. One of the things the government does is build and maintain the roads you use to bring your goods to your customers or yourselves to perform services. Someone has to protect those roads from highway bandits, so we hire police, who also make sure our other laws are enforced. I could go on with more examples, but the point is that everybody benefits from the things we all pay taxes to have done. And that includes that little business you created. Your business benefits from the things our government does, so why shouldn’t your business pay taxes? Your business is not a person like you, it’s an artificial entity created on paper to act as if it were a person in legal proceedings, which includes the sale of goods and services to your customers. They aren’t paying you for your goods and services, they’re paying your business. There is no such thing in Nature as a business or corporation, so they can’t possibly have “natural rights.” They can only have what rights the government that sanctioned their creation gave them. And if any Conservative tries to argue that our Founders wanted Corporations to be able to act free of the interference of Government, they are flat out lying to you. They barely tolerated their existence, being all too familiar with what was done to them in the name of Corporations. such as the East India Company. So, no, they would never go along with the idea that corporations shouldn’t be taxed and shouldn’t be regulated.

So the Conservative Republicans (you might think that redundant if only because there are no more Liberal Republicans, but I think it’s important to differentiate between the party and its ideology; there are Conservatives in the Democratic Party, and they’re every bit as dangerous as Conservative Republicans) have had it their way and tried to grow their economy through austerity and found, much to no one’s surprise who knew what they were talking about, that it didn’t work. That’s because Conservatives have no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to taxes, in this case, or anything, in all the other cases. And that’s because their entire philosophy is rooted in the false notion that we’re all alike, and we would all behave the same way (their way) in any situation, and that looking out for yourself is more important than looking out for your fellow human being because nobody needs anybody else to survive. So why on Earth would you want to put any of them in charge of the government that’s supposed to be looking out for you? Someone, please explain that to me.

This is our daily open thread. Have at it.

37 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, June 1, 2015: Another Conservative Myth Busted

  1. Great post Wayne. I’ve always figured conservatives are the equivalent of pasture bulls. They have no capability of rational thought, but are great at pawing the ground, snorting, and butting heads, all driven by the genetic mandate to screw each and every “cow” out there before the other bulls can get to them. And to the limited mind, screwing everything else is the SOLE purpose of life, ergo conservatives have limited minds.

    The bottom line is that conservatives are, via their shallow and simplistic collective mentality, the best proof-of-evolution evidence that’s out there anywhere.

  2. I wondered why my trash hasn’t been picked up. It’s Jefferson Davis Day here in Talibama! It’s a State and City holiday that I’ve never gotten off in all the forty-plus years I’ve worked, and is apparently not well enough known so that all my neighbors put out their trash today as well.

  3. Earlier this morning I made a comment on the C&L post entitled Justice Department Gears Up For Gun Regulations; NRA Gears Up For War

    It was a brief comment:

    Rule number one: gun owners are natural born cowards, genetic deviants who are controlled by irrational fears. Until the means of permanently repairing the human genome are found, we’ll each and all be surrounded by deviants who enjoy putting their cowardice on full display via gun or guns. Meanwhile, thousands of innocents will die, all because cowards presume the “right” to possess and carry deadly force. Interesting that humans are the only species which has sunk to such ridiculously subterranean levels of mental insufficiency.

    The responsess to my comment are fascinating. Not as brutal as they’d be on a wingnut website, but still, for a “liberal” site such as C&L some of them weren’t bad. 😀

    • Good job, frugal.

      I don’t want to get involved with arguing guns, but may I suggest a refutation to this little historically inaccurate gem:

      How many guns were in existence before the US existed in 1776? Answer: Enough to push the English out.

      Actually, they were the British, not simply the English. But that’s irrelevant. My point is that, No we did not have enough guns to push the English out, we needed help from France to do that. Yes, France. We would not be free Americans if it weren’t for the French. That is a fact.

      I leave it up to you if you feel like bringing that up. It’s your argument, after all. 🙂

  4. This is always fun. Bill0 rants and raves at someone who points out his lies and then we get to watch the clips of him contradicting himself and saying exactly what e just loudly proclaimed he had never said. I still can’t figure out how the brainwashing prevents his worshipers from noticing when he makes a 180 degree turn.

    BTW. The clip is not entirely safe for work.

  5. The reichwing dream to shrink gummint to the size it can drown in the bathtub was always rooted in wishful lala land.
    When actual services people rely on to live get slashed to the bone, the snarling unwashed masses seem to make life uneasy for the plutocrats who did the slashing…

  6. Michele Bachmann, who apparently never got around to reading the Constitution while serving as a US Rep., is upset we can’t force recent immigrants to “assimilate” by adopting “America’s predominant religion,” Christianity.
    DERP Bonus: She’s speaking at a forum with Ann Coulter and Phyllis Schlafly,

    • As a future prospective citizen, I would think it is an easy answer to quote the constitution that there be no “test of religion” to hold office – the office in this case being that of “citizen”

      I am wondering what the INS makes of me when I refuse to say the sky wizard stuff in the pledge, for the same reason.

    • As expected, the NRA chimed in, with a spokesman stating that the new gun laws stigmatize people with emotional problems and might have the effect of keeping them from seeking help if they might lose their guns.

      As if the NRA truly care about those with mental illness.

  7. Something to read if you’re caught up.

    How Bobby Jindal Broke the Louisiana Economy

    These are not happy times in Baton Rouge, where government officials are desperately trying to plug a $1.6 billion budget shortfall. But even by that standard, Wednesday, April 22, was particularly fraught.


    Just down the road, Louisiana State University President and Chancellor F. King Alexander said that the state’s flagship university, which could lose 80 percent of state funding after years of already deep cuts, was developing a worst-case scenario plan for financial exigency—basically, the academic equivalent of bankruptcy.


    In the midst of it all came a message from Republican Governor Bobby Jindal, whose policies and priorities have contributed mightily to the state’s fiscal mess.

    “Help wish my friends Willie, Phil and Si a happy birthday,” said the tweet, which was accompanied by a photo of Willie Robertson, whose family is featured on the popular homegrown reality TV show Duck Dynasty. It then directed readers to the website for the American Future Project, a 527 advocacy group that Jindal has set up in advance of his anticipated presidential run.

    ‘Never mind how I run the state, buy a duck call from these fine folk!’

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