The Watering Hole, Tuesday June 2, 2015 – Environmental News and Food Politics

Why Heat is Accelerating the California Drought

Hot news.


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    • I think maybe it’s time to admit the obvious: Amurkkka is on the edge — the knife edge — of becoming a failed experiment. Seems to be parcel to the human condition to fail, especially when the nutcases approach or exceed majority. A quick look at the Congress and the GOP clown car is close to enough to complete the equation. Over and out, as they say. Glad I’m an old fart.

  1. This is so appropriate!

    Hundreds Order Bernie Sanders Look-alike Teddy Bear

    Joining the ranks of stuffed bears honoring presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Barack Obama, a Bernie Sanders bear was released last week by the Vermont Teddy Bear company, in an announcement they called a “campaign” that went out on the same day the Vermont senator declared his run for POTUS.

    As of Sunday, “several hundred” orders had been placed for the Bernie Sanders bear, according Jason Baer, vice president of sales and marketing for Vermont Teddy Bear.

    “We will probably wait until the actual party nominees to make the other candidates,” said Baer. “We could not resist jumping in earlier with Bernie, as it’s not very often a candidate from Vermont runs!”

  2. So I came across a tweet that mentioned that Paula Deen;s claim that she backed and campaigned for Obama was false, according to Politifact Georgia.

    So I go to a Google search for: politifact georgia deen backed obama

    It came back with:

    Showing results for: politifact georgia deen baked obama

    No. No, thank you. I’d rather have the results I searched for, thank you.

    • There has been lots of fun/puns with this resignation!

      [I have the feeling Blatter thought he’d keep his position]

  3. Bernie’s going to be on Rachel Maddow tonight, in case anybody’s interested.

    • You are expected to live in fear, not a reality-based world, petelngh!

      Are you still flying the RC planes?

      And how are the fish and cat doing?

      • Yep. I’m still flying, crashing, fixing, and flying the planes. Banzai Kitty is doing well and hardly ever wakes me up at dawn to play. I’m kinda bored with the fish just now.

    • Cruz says, “Our right to keep and bear arms is a Constitutional right to protect your children, your family, your home, our lives, and to serve as the ultimate check against government tyranny.”

      Wrong on every count. The second amendment was written to mollify slave owners, to guarantee that the state militia could still be used to put down slave rebellions, to protect slavery in spite of the assignment of state militias to federal gov’t authority by the 1787 Constitution.

      Cruz is a despicable idiot.

      • I would even settle for the slightly less despicable reasons like defending ourselves from the British and all those Native Americans who objected to us taking their, well, everything. I’m pretty sure that any one of the Founding Fathers would happily thrash any teabagger who suggested that the 2nd Amendment was crafted to protect the citizens from the government they had just established.

        • In the words of Patrick Henry, who wrote:

          “If the country be invaded, a state may go to war, but cannot suppress insurrections. If there should happen an insurrection of slaves, the country cannot be said to be invaded. They cannot, therefore, suppress it without the interposition of Congress . . . . Congress, and Congress only, can call forth the militia.”


          “In this situation, I see a great deal of the property of the people of Virginia in jeopardy, and their peace and tranquility gone.”

          All because of Article I, section 8, clauses 15 and 16.

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