The Watering Hole, Wednesday, June 3, 2015: The GOP secret gay agenda.

We’ve seen time after time Republicans who speak the loudest against gays – it turns out – ARE gay. And it’s easy to connect the dots to see that, in spite of all their railing against gays, they’re really promoting a gay and lesbian lifestyle through simple economics.

First, they make it too expensive to get an abortion. They force girls to drive hundreds of miles to the only clinic in the State that provides abortions, and they make her make at least two trips to have this medical procedure, assuming that the State-mandated lies that a doctor has to tell her patient doesn’t dissuade the girl first.

And they’re doing everything they can to make sure abortions aren’t covered under ObamaCare or any other insurance program. Their goal: to prevent poor girls from having abortions. Their secret agenda: to prevent girls from having sex.

Next, they raise the cost of birth control. They want to take birth control off health care plans, where there is a zero co-pay, and sell it over the counter at a cost of $600 a year or more.

This is all part of a secret plan to push a gay and lesbian lifestyle on our children. By making it impossible to prevent pregnancies, kids will have to turn to the only kind of sex guaranteed to not result in pregnancy: gay and lesbian sex.



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  1. I’ve long thought that legislation written to legalize gay marriage is a no-brainer in the sense that why should anyone care who marries who, what with marriage being little more than a set of legalities redefined to apply to said married couple, and different from those same legalities applied to individuals even when (un-married) cohabitation defines the relationship. Gay couples who are not allowed to marry would, therefore, find themselves on the outside looking in where marriage “legal privilege” is concerned. That should never be the case.

    OTOH, if gay marriage was MANDATED by law to define ALL marriages (no heterosexual marriage allowed!), then I’d be the first to protest the “pushing of a gay and lesbian lifestyle” on Amurkkka. 😉

  2. Methinks they protesteth excessively, the gay & lesbian any/every/thing.

    • If you watch those episodes on DVD, they describe every episode as their favorite. Also, the dog is different each time though they’re in the same cabin.

    • Yes, the Pope that has a masters degree in Chemistry. Frankie seems to have whipped Rick into quite a lather.

      • Yah butt the Pope’s chemistry M.S. is from some place in Argentina, therefore amounting to basically nothing at all because . . . well, you know. They don’t even talk English down there.

  3. Will the GOP pay for my daughter’s burqua and female circumcision too? Or will their be a co-pay?

        • My former BiL thought they were good. “Those damn Japs” etc. Then I introduced him to a farmer friend in AZ, an AJA who had been with his family interned in an internment camp as a young boy. After an hour’s worth of chit chat, BiL admitted the camps were a dumb idea.

          Too bad such was never the case in ’41 and ’42.

  4. Does everyone have plenty of popcorn for the Duggar’s appearance with Mega-hen tonight? I can’t wait to hear her ask: “so, what’s it like being persecuted for your religious beliefs” and “just how awful is it to be harassed and victimized by the librul media”?

  5. Looks like there’s a good chance the SCROTUS will screw over ten million Americans as they rule that the HCA subsidies are unKonstudouchinal. Mixed feelings in that the most vulnerable will be dumped on, but if there were even a glimmer of home that single payer could be back in the discussion about rational and sane health care systems, it may mitigate some of the pain.

      • oops, how’d that happen? The video was meant to be on its own post, not a reply .

    • Great answer!

      Wondering how the country feels about a ‘bachelor’ candidate (Graham)?

    • Celebrate, yes. But they won’t vote for JC. Hell, Conservative Christians would be lining up to crucify Him if He showed up today.

  6. Duggers tell Fox’s Megyn Kelly: It was ‘nothing like rape,’ it was ‘just inappropriate touching’

    Keep deluding yourselves.

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