The Watering Hole; Thursday June 4 2015; The Constitution v. “Burning” Wingnut Dementia

Morality, thou deadly bane,
Thy tens o’ thousands thou hast slain
Vain is his hope, whase stay an’ trust is
In moral mercy, truth, and justice!
(Robert Burns)

Here are some links to recent wingnut dementia concerning, at their root, the “moral” issues of gay marriage and transgenderism. The article titles pretty much summarize the content.

Roy Moore: Gay Marriage Will ‘Literally Cause The Destruction Of Our Country’

Tom DeLay: Americans Must ‘Rise Up’ Against SCOTUS If It Rules For Marriage Equality

Mike Huckabee: Gay Marriage Will Criminalize Christianity by Elevating ‘A Lifestyle To The Status Of A Civil Right’

Jindal: Left Trying To ‘Outlaw Firmly Held Religious Beliefs That They Do Not Agree With’

Conservative Pundit: ‘The Nation May Not Survive’ Caitlyn Jenner’s Gender Transition

Alex Jones: Caitlyn Jenner Distracting Us From Obama Civil War

Nothing in any of those links likely catches anyone by surprise, given that the ‘speakers’ are, in no specific order, two 2016 Republican presidential candidates, one (Republican) state Supreme Court justice, one (Republican) former House Majority Whip (since convicted for campaign finance money laundering, conviction later overturned by a Texas appellate court), and a pair of wingnut pundits. One might presume at least a couple of those folks to be familiar with Constitutional details appropriate to their arguments (since each and all cite it regularly, albeit usually erroneously), but no, apparently not so. Or maybe it’s just me that doesn’t understand Constitutional reality? I’m not a legal eagle by any stretch, but I like to think I still have the ability to read and comprehend.

Example: here’s Section 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment (ratified on July 9, 1868):

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Note the lack of specificity in re the words All persons or in the attendant phrase born or naturalized in the United States; there’s no reference to male, female, race, ethnicity, sexual preference, hair color, age, DNA sequence, even to convicted felon(s) — ONLY to All persons. Seems to me it probably refers to everyone who fits the “citizen” category. Period [with the exception, of course, of plants, the higher animals, etc., none of whom are “persons” anyway — at least not in the legal sense — even when born . . . in the United States]. So what’s the rub? Am I not on the mark in wondering just how it is that the question of marriage/sexual preference equality ever found its way to a legitimate hearing by the Supreme Court?

Baffling. It may be true that some believe LGBT rights trample on religious freedom, on religious rights, but how is even THAT a meaningful complaint? The First Amendment allows “no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” and implied in that brief clause (and also in the Constitution’s main body, Article VI) is the parallel thesis that a given religion has no right to impose itself on anyone else, either, particularly the unwilling. One hopes/presumes it’s also true that the notion of directed or focused hatred may NOT be logically deemed a religious ‘right’ or parcel to ‘religious freedom’ no matter the howls of protest to the contrary.

And further, the conservative thesis that just because gay marriage, exempli gratia, happens to be legal and valid in one or more states does NOT mean other states must recognize same falls on hard times when considered in the light of Article IV of the Constitution’s main body:

Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State.

Seems to me that there’s really no legal issue worth looking at in re LGBT rights and same-sex marriage. The Constitution’s authors never included in its text the words marriage, gender, sex, homosexual, heterosexual, transgender . . . or any other ‘modifier’ currently in vogue (or this day in Vanity Fair, for that matter) to more precisely define the words All persons as in Amendment XIV.

In any case and as noted in the links above, if the SCOTUS should (again) rule in favor of Amendment XIV it won’t take long for the Biblical end times to begin and for Amurkkka to disintegrate and dump herself into the pit of the damned — even as the pure of heart (mostly Republicans) will be gathered up and taken to a blissful eternity. Right? Right.

Maybe what they’re really trying to say was better said by Robert Burns, who put it this way in his poem titled “Holy Willie’s Prayer”:

O Thou, who in the heavens does dwell,
Who, as it pleases best Thysel’,
Sends ane to heaven an’ ten to hell,
A’ for Thy glory,
And no for ony gude or ill
They’ve done afore Thee! . . .

When frae my mither’s womb I fell,
Thou might hae plunged me in hell,
To gnash my gums, to weep and wail,
In burnin lakes,
Where damned devils roar and yell,
Chain’d to their stakes.

Yet I am here a chosen sample,
To show thy grace is great and ample;
I’m here a pillar o’ Thy temple,
Strong as a rock,
A guide, a buckler, and example,
To a’ Thy flock.

O Lord, Thou kens what zeal I bear,
When drinkers drink, an’ swearers swear,
An’ singin there, an’ dancin here,
Wi’ great and sma’;
For I am keepit by Thy fear
Free frae them a’.

But yet, O Lord! confess I must,
At times I’m fash’d wi’ fleshly lust:
An’ sometimes, too, in wardly trust,
Vile self gets in:
But Thou remembers we are dust,
Defil’d wi’ sin.

O Lord! yestreen, Thou kens, wi’ Meg-
Thy pardon I sincerely beg,
O! may’t ne’er be a livin plague
To my dishonour,
An’ I’ll ne’er lift a lawless leg
Again upon her.

Lord, bless Thy chosen in this place,
For here Thou hast a chosen race:
But God confound their stubborn face,
An’ blast their name,
Wha bring Thy elders to disgrace
An’ public shame.

But, Lord, remember me an’ mine
Wi’ mercies temp’ral an’ divine,
That I for grace an’ gear may shine,
Excell’d by nane,
And a’ the glory shall be thine,
Amen, Amen!

Ah yes, if ONLY someone in the Clown Car could speak wi’ Scottish Brogue! 😉 Yeah, I know. Nevermind.

In any case, Burns did indeed somehow manage to even more completely define the occupants of the Republican Clown Car — along with their conservative ‘brothers’ and pundits everywhere when, in 1793, he wrote this brief but eloquent description of “Commissary Goldie’s Brains”:

“Lord, to account who dares thee call,
Or e’er dispute thy pleasure?
Else why, within so thick a wall,
Enclose so poor a treasure?”

The “Burning” questions are obvious: Robert Burns wrote all of that more than 200 years ago; how did he know? Is Republican-style dementia eternal, perchance?


PS: This just in — Michael Savage: Caitlyn Jenner ‘Mentally Ill,’ Blames Her For ISIS


48 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Thursday June 4 2015; The Constitution v. “Burning” Wingnut Dementia

  1. One in:

    Rick Perry launches comeback White House bid

    One out:

    per TPM:

    Say Goodbye To The Most Outrageous GOP Candidate Of 2016

    The Gist: Dennis Michael Lynch—filmmaker, anti-immigrant activist, and Fox News regular—has dropped out of the 2016 race, though few people were aware of his candidacy to begin with.

  2. Dear Jeff, the problem with most racists, is their utter and total lack of self-awareness
    Minn. man says company wrong to fire him over Obama lynching threat: ‘My only regret is being called racist’
    Now, with regard to your epic fail on understanding the political and economic theory and history of communism, well, that points to just plain stupid on your part.
    h/t Raw Story

  3. Caitlyn Jenner is destroying America?

    My observation is this – the best all-round athlete of all at the Montreal Olympics was a woman

  4. Headline: “Sepp Blatter says he’s working on reform of scandal-ridden FIFA”

    That’s the joke.

    • By ‘reform’ he means, how can he pocket the same money he was prior to his bribery being exposed, without getting caught again…Didn’t he already say he was resigning?

  5. Conservative Pundit: Millions Will Flee America, Demand Secession Over Gay Marriage

    WorldNetDaily founder and editor Joseph Farah issued an emergency plea to governors today asking them to consider seceding from the union if the Supreme Court strikes down state bans on same-sex marriage.

    “We need a Promised Land. We need an Exodus strategy,” Farah wrote. “Are there any governors or legislatures out there among the 50 states willing to secede to offer a refuge for the God-fearing?”

    If not, Farah says that foreign nations that prohibit same-sex marriage should prepare for “a pilgrimage by millions of Americans” fleeing marriage equality.

    What is it about gay marriage that causes wingnut Christers to completely and totally freak out? Baffling.

    But if millions of those nuts will promise to flee for good, I hope the SCOTUS hurries toward the right decision.

    • nations that prohibit same-sex marriage should prepare for “a pilgrimage by millions of Americans” fleeing marriage equality…Try Saudi Arabia, or perhaps Afquagistan. Please.

    • I always wonder about that “Gos had forgiven” crap. To the best of my knowledge no one has actually heard from God in, at the very least, 2,000 years and I’m dead certain that none of those making the claim are old enough to have been around to receive the new first hand.

      • No one has ever heard from the sky king except in their imaginations. Not possible to “hear” from a non-existent entity, after all, no matter how uptown and strident “it” is imagined to be.

      • Hate to argue the point here sports fans – but he’s on the Tweeter…. and I hear from him every day because I ‘follow him’ – if you get confused, ask Rick “2 out of 3 ain’t bad” Perry.

        • Oh should read post better – tips to Waynester…. I also follow Jesus and Mohammad….. I am seriously disturbed by the fact that Satan follows me… :-0

  6. I watched a bit of former Guv. Goodhair Oops Perry (R-indicted) announcement and I could have sworn it was part of an SNL skit.

  7. Massive US Government Data breach! Hackers from China have breached security at the Office Of Personnel Management. Democrats immediately condemn the Republican failure to fund upgrading from Windows 95!

    • Who will be the first rightwhiner to mock Joe for crying and blame Beau’s death on gay marriage? My money is on Coultergeist. Or, has it already begun?

    • I bet Ted Cruz has a snarky, “amusing” comment he can make. Again.

    • I don’t have much time for Joe as a politician, I mean plagiarizing Neil Kinnock? WTF?

      But he seems like a passionate, loving man… and no one should outlive their children.

      • My understanding of that “plagiarizing” incident was that he quoted Kinnock in a campaign speech but forgot to attribute it to him as he did the other 11 or 12 times he quoted him. That’s from something I remember reading years after the fact.

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