Breaking Gnus: US Army Goes On Strike!

Tweeter calls in another Zoo Exclusive

Tweeter calls in another Zoo Exclusive

This just in: US foot soldiers in the middle east walked off the front lines and onto the picket lines. They’re demanding higher pay, a 40 hour week, and safer working conditions.


24 thoughts on “Breaking Gnus: US Army Goes On Strike!

  1. They should have gone on strike just over the MRE’s.
    Those things are nasty and they have the shelf life of plutonium.

    • Her gig as political whore has dried up, so now she takes a shot as a reality TV critic. Also a role she has no concept of, since she’s out of touch with reality, either true, or television scripted, as well as being totally delusional about her actual appeal to the general public.

    • Yes, that terrorist was a moron, but so was the AF officer who revealed how we did that. Now ISIS will tell their members to lay off the selfies, and we’ll lose valuable free intel that wouldn’t cost us any lives to get.

      When AG John Ashcroft revealed that we were tracking Osama bin laden by his satellite phone use, he threw the phone away and never used it again. It only took about 12 more years before we finally got him.

      We’ve got to stop revealing to the terrorist bad guys how we’re finding them.

      • You have just taken all of the fun out of facebook and social media.


    • 30 years ago, today, was also the last time that Ben Stein wasn’t known as a sadistic, racist, cruel, stupid, rightwhiner.

    • Shades of 2008! This is just what was happening to John McCain right before every other candidate dropped out, except for Huckabee!

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