Sunday Roast: The arrogance of being thick as a brick

I’m smart enough to know just how little I know, hence my ability to live with uncertainty.  How boring life must be for those with all of the “answers.”

This is our daily open thread — What do you want from me?  I’m an idiot.


34 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: The arrogance of being thick as a brick

    • (all of the photos, especially the birds were great view)

      This, however, is also Mel’s way:

    • …until someone loses a ribeye…then there’s running and screaming…

  1. This one caught my eye:

    Lindsey Graham: The GOP Tent Is Big Enough For Caitlyn Jenner

    Here’s what I’m thinking in re Sen Butters comment in re the Bruce – Caitlyn Jenner transition: as everyone knows, all wingnuts violently disagree with the Jenner transition, Butters being the first GOoPer I’ve heard so far who’s not vicious on the matter. So with gender transition being such a really nasty “mental” figment in wingnuttistan, I think I have figured out a cure for that. Here’s what needs to be done: Repeal the second amendment, and when the tens of millions of ammosexuals out there find out they can no longer rely on guns to demonstrate their virility, their already tee-tiny dicks will shrivel shrivel shrivel, and gender transition will become a GOP mainstay!!

    It could happen!

  2. Emptiness is fullness and fullness is emptiness.

    The space in between quarks.

    • No matter how many times viewed, it fascinates me! (although the robotic voice is sometimes distrubing)

    • Relative to what?

      I also saw this morning that zxbe’s tool page is back! Thanks, zxbe. 🙂

    • Grand!

      Sun-any ball, diameter 8.00 inches
      Mercury-a pinhead, diameter 0.03 inch
      Venus-a peppercorn, diameter 0.08 inch
      Earth-a second peppercorn
      Mars-a second pinhead
      Jupiter-a chestnut or a pecan, diameter 0.90 inch
      Saturn-a hazelnut or an acorn, diameter 0.70 inch
      Uranus-a peanut or coffeebean, diameter 0.30 inch
      Neptune-a second peanut or coffeebean
      Pluto- a third pinhead (or smaller, since Pluto is the smallest planet)

      (poor Pluto would no longer matter in today’s world)

  3. via C&L:

    Ted Cruz Requires Background Check Before Letting Supporters Shoot With Him

    After the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012, a bill expanding background checks nationwide which was championed by President Obama, was defeated. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) helped to lead the effort to defeat the bill in 2013.

    • Thank you, ChesterNez for assisting a country that treated you so shabbily!
      Without the Code Talkers the War probably would have continued its destruction much longer!

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