The Watering Hole, Friday June 12, 2015 Music Night

OK, time to liven up this party with some xylophone swing.


30 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Friday June 12, 2015 Music Night

  1. I had to find out when John Wayne ever danced in a movie like that. It was in The Fighting Seabees.

  2. Just the one from Halestorm….. went to see them Tuesday night. The song they did *not* sing much to my surprise

  3. (in the video nonewhere posted – this band was shown -not heard, though. Vibraphone is a bit different than a xylophone)

  4. I wanted to participate more, but I’m still just beat to doll-rags from my week on the road, conference attendance and all. (See my blog for details.) But since TtT ran off to see Halestorm, I feel guilt free reposting some Lzzy

  5. I ran into my neighbor, Right-wing Fundy Guy, and this song has been running through my mind since. It’s definitely NSFW!

  6. We’ve had the xylophones …. now there’s some damn accordions…

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