The Watering Hole, Saturday, June 13th, 2015: Birthday Breakfast

birthday pancakes 2

For Wayne’s 55th birthday, we’re having breakfast. Breakfast is a meal that I could eat any time of day, but today we’re actually having breakfast at normal people’s breakfast time. Wayne’s going to get it to go at Karen’s Diner, a local breakfast-and-lunch-only eatery that’s been in Pawling for as long as I can remember (and we’ve now lived in Pawling for 27+ years) They cook your meal fresh to order – nothing too frilly, just good old breakfast.


After that I think we’ll both need a nap. In the afternoon we’ll watch the Mets game, then the birthday cake will probably precipitate another nap. A nice, lazy Saturday for Wayne’s birthday.


This is our daily Open Thread – have a fun day!

49 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Saturday, June 13th, 2015: Birthday Breakfast

  1. I think Lindsey could improve his chances if he went from suggesting he’d have rotating First Ladies to committing to having Caitlyn Jenner fill that void, or any other void Lindsey likes filled!

      • She’s not too intelligent to support Republicans, so why not?

        I still think Marcus Bachmann is practicing his pirouette move.

    • Man shoots himself in foot to see what it feels like.
      I see in this mans future an enormous medical bill and lots of laughter among the nursing staff.
      Hey, I like nature but I don’t wander into a pack of hyenas with pockets full of pork chops either.
      Not hard to figure out the outcome on that one.

    • I had to look this up. Baby ducks are called ducklings, so are baby swans called swanlings?
      No, they’re actually called ‘cygnets’, a word derived from the Latin word for swan. It just never crossed my mind to wonder what they were called until I saw the picture.

      • As a kid, studying the sky, I’d wondered why a constellation was named Cygnus, until learning the meaning!

        Baby animals are so darn cute.

        Geese have goslings!
        Some worlds have wobbly and lengthy beginnings:

        From Late Middle English gosling, goselyng (“gosling”), alteration (due to Middle English goos, gose (“goose”)) of earlier gesling (“gosling”), of North Germanic origin, from Old Norse gæsling, géslingr (“gosling”), from gás (“goose”) + -lingr (“-ling”), equivalent to goose +‎ -ling. Cognate with Danish gæsling (“gosling”), Swedish gässling (“gosling”). Compare also Low German gossel, gössel (“gosling”), German Gänslein (“gosling”).

        • I still have the two baby bunnies in my backyard. I haven’t mowed back there for a couple weeks. Whatever grows back there that they like to nibble on, there’s still plenty of it. I left them some carrot pieces on the concrete pad and two of them are gone, the third has been nibbled on. The grass is tall enough they can hide pretty good now. I’ve only seen the mother one time since the babies appeared. I think she comes out only after it gets really dark.

          • Wilderness in your backyard, it’s great you’re getting to watch the bunnies grow up. (a young rabbit is a kitten or kit. I never knew that fact until I just looked it up)

            Do you still have two cats?

            • Yep. Lili is getting along better with Gisela now. I still have to break up about one fight a day, but they will both stay in the same room peacefully. Since the fight is over before I can get there, I’m never sure if Gisela asks for it or Lili attacks on her own.
              Lili likes the window, and Gisela will sleep on top of the computer tower. I think she likes the warmth and the soft hum of the fan and chatter of the drive.

  2. Wayne, you share a birthday with many distinguished persons:

    1539 – Jost/Jobst/Jodocus Amman, Swiss cartoonist/graphic artist/illustrator

    1649 – Adrien Baillet, French scholar and critic (d. 1706)

    1731 – Martha Washington, Kent County, Virginia, 1st US First Lady (1789-97)

    1865 – William Butler Yeats, Ireland, poet (Wild Swans at Coole-Nobel 1923)

    1892 – Basil Rathbone, Johannesburg South Africa, actor (Sherlock Holmes)

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