The Watering Hole, June 15, 2015: Where Do They Get These Dicks?

Courtesy of the good people at Right Wing Watch (A project of People For the American Way dedicated to monitoring and exposing the activities of the right-wing movement), we learned this weekend of several dicks for which Society, frankly, has no good use. These are people who, despite any position of prominence they may have previously held, hold viewpoints your normal person with an IQ in the three-digit range (such as you, Dear Readers) would call “dickish.” Let me elaborate a little.

Rick “Dick” Perry
The former Governor of Texas, best known for being an idiot of the highest magnitude despite the brainiac birth control glasses he’s taken to wearing lately, is claiming that President Obama lacks executive experience to properly deal with ISIS/ISIL/IS/Assholes. And Rick Perry does? These aren’t children fleeing oppressive regimes in Central America, Dick. These are well-armed maniacs willing to die for a myth not that far removed from the one you believe. You both claim to worship the same God, although by different names. You just show that love differently, especially in whom you choose to execute and how. Absent from your cogent analysis, besides analysis, is the fact that the problem of ISIS was created by people who think just like you. It takes a big Dick to complain that Obama doesn’t have a solution to a problem your predecessor and think-alike created. If President Bush/Cheney couldn’t prevent it from happening, what makes you think President Obama should be able to?

Richard “Dick” Land
You might remember this Dick from his days as head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s political arm, until he claimed the Obama Administration had no interest in Justice for Trayvon Martin but just wanted to “gin up the black vote.” They have since found themselves someone else to perform his duties, so it’s a wonder to people like me who can think critically why anyone would consider his viewpoint worth hearing. Uncritical Thinker Sandy Rios In The Morning wanted to know, so she invited Dick on her program. Dick is really afraid of Teh Gays.

Land blamed such trends on “a broad cultural assault on biblical values through the media, through entertainment [and] through MTV,” specifically calling out the “gay and lesbian, bisexual community” for its “sustained campaign” to “propagandize” Americans.

Evangelizing is also propagandizing, but that’s beside the point right now. If you’re going to bash the LGBT community because the Bible tells you so, then why are you not also calling out all adulterers and fornicators that the same Chapter of the Bible tells you to equally bash? Why is it only the LGBT folks you fear? And it is fear. Why them and not the others? You never mention businesses being allowed to not do business with adulterers, or young people having sex out of wedlock. These things don’t seem to instill the fear in you that gay people do. I have a personal theory about people like you, who worry so much about what gay people are allowed to do. Although there is ample anecdotal evidence that people such as yourself are secretly gay, my theory is different. I think that you’re worried not about being anally penetrated by a man, but that you won’t find the experience as unpleasant as you’d expect. And this would force you to rethink your worldview. And you’re afraid of what the results might be, so you don’t ever want that to be a possibility. And you think that can’t happen if gay people were just made to go away and never show themselves to you. Well, that ain’t gonna happen, Dick. And neither are you going to be anally penetrated by a man. Unless you want one to. We won’t stop you.

Rick “Dick” Wiles
People like this Dick scare me a little. It’s not just that they seem to earnestly believe the nonsense they spew about the End of the Word coming, but that they’re not the only ones, and they have followers who believe the same insane nonsense. That the Bible predicts how the world will end, and that we are approaching those End Times. What fascinates me about this silliness, is that there is a sharp disagreement over the Logistics of how this Rapture thing will unfold, to the point where Dick got his Program chopped off by the station owners who went with the Competing Theory.

On Wednesday, fanatical End Times radio host Rick Wiles kicked off his radio program with a long attack on what he claims is the false doctrine of a pre-tribulation rapture, which is the idea that Christians will be taken up to Heaven before the world descends into war, famine, and chaos prior to the return of Christ.

Wiles was outraged that this view is widely held among conservative Christians today, but the real target of his wrath was the board of directors of Christian radio station KATB in Alaska, which voted to stop broadcasting Wiles’ radio show just three days after it began airing on the station because he preached against this doctrine.

But it is Wiles who will have the last laugh, he declared, when Russia invades Alaska as God’s judgment upon America for homosexuality.

“All I can say to the KATB board of directors is you guys will be the first people to see the Russian soldiers moving across the Bering Strait to invade the continental U.S.A. and bring judgment to this country for becoming a land of sodomites,” Wiles said. “Don’t worry. You will be raptured before World War III begins, right?”

A couple of things, Dick. As I told the other Dick, there are other things that have been going on since the country’s founding that violate the same Chapter of the Bible you cite as justification for your views, but God’s never done anything about that. Also, invading Alaska would be stupid, as Canada would immediately get involved to defend its borders, and the land invasion would do nothing but get troops killed. And Putin may be crazy but he’s not stupid. I also don’t think he cares enough about marriage equality to invade us to stop it. I’m pretty sure the United Nations isn’t going to let him get away with that. Nor would the people of Alaska. You think these people who openly talk about secession don’t believe they can take care of themselves? You’d be better off skipping Alaska, keeping a blockade above the Pacific Northwest, and invading the State of Washington, where they’re all happily stoned. Lastly, I honestly don’t know how Conservatives can claim to be followers of an obvious Liberal like the character Jesus Christ of Nazareth, as portrayed by the very white American actor, Jeffrey Hunter, who came back (as foretold in Revelations) to command the USS Enterprise.

Michael “Savage” Weiner
In case you didn’t know, professional misanthrope Michael Savage’s real last name is Weiner. I do not know, nor do I care, if he has legally changed his last name to Savage, but that is certainly his DBA name. Michael Savage. Sounds so masculine, so macho, so not-at-all compensation for being beaten up continuously in school for having the last name Weiner. I’m guessing it was immigrants who administered most of the beatings, as The Weiner has a serious grudge against them. He wants them deported, every single one. After expressing his love for Sen Joseph McCarthy, The Weiner said we should work out a deal with Russia to build Siberian internment camps where we could send all these deported people. Except it wouldn’t work, Weiner. Because Russia would just train them all, put them in uniform, and send them in to invade Alaska where, quite frankly, they wouldn’t care what happened to them, because they’d become the problem of the Independent Country of Alaska.

This is our daily open thread. Feel free to discuss Dicks or anything else you wish to discuss.

51 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, June 15, 2015: Where Do They Get These Dicks?

  1. In re the ‘biblical prophecy’ crapola, one question: is there yet or has there ever been one single example of a biblical prophecy of any sort on any topic that’s ever come to pass or that if so, can be attributed to anything other than random chance, to the randomness of human (post-monkey) development?

    Another Q in re the words of the “Dicks” noted above (plus all other ‘dicks’ of different name but with same goal — Beck, Alex Jones, et al.): I don’t recall a single one of their predictions having EVER come to pass, which brings up THE question — just exactly how fucking stupid do their followers have to be to believe their NEXT ‘prediction’?

    All of which makes me wonder just how much longer evolution will stand back and allow the human species to perpetuate itself.

    More frequently than ever these days I’m reminded of old college buddy of fifty-plus years ago, the guy everyone referred to as “A.J.” (short for ‘animal Jack’ — he spent his summers working for the game and fish department in any one of several states). AJ was probably the first of my generation’s genuine non-theists I’d ever met. In addition to his belief that all god-based religions were nonsensical, he wanted to find the way to get rid of them once and for all and for good. He thought that education might be the ticket, save for one single obstacle. As he put it, “If ONLY we could find the means to rid humans of FAITH,” based on the obvious fact that the ONLY basis for any god-based religion is “faith.” There is nary a single shred of verifiable evidence, only the blind faith that one day it’ll all prove itself true.

    AJ was right, of course. And it’s pretty disgusting to recall the steepness of the downhill slope this country’s been on over the last fifty years, and how so much of it has been the result of bogus religious faith taught and imposed on generation after generation? I guess when one considers that Glenn Beck was born in 1964, at least a full year after AJ had announced his thesis . . . yah, never mind. 😯

    • Colt lost a military contract to make M4s to FN. They now have too much excess capacity to pay for without the revenue coming in. This started last year when 800 were laid off in Connecticut. We heard about it then because of the Remington plant opening here. Had Remington got the contract, I’d be working today, just because of the additional personnel they would have hired locally.

      It was inevitable that the gun market’s bubble would burst, despite the NRA. in the next depression, the bottom will drop out of gun prices, just from the people selling them to try to keep their bills paid.

      • It’s also a business tactic used to divest a company of lawsuits and liabilities.
        Many companies operate in perpetual bankruptcy.

        • Makes you wonder how they ever get credit, doesn’t it?

          In the days when companies could get dissolved in bankruptcy, they always had to keep a surplus of cash to tide them over in slow times. Now, it’s good business practice to run on the ragged edge of insolvency, in case you ever lose a lawsuit, there’s nothing to take.

          I know a guy who owns his building and equipment under one corporate name, and leases the facilities to two separate corporate names, so if he’s sued, that entity goes belly up, and can reopen the next day under a new name.

          • In a fair world, he (and all like him) would be in jail for a long enough time to guarantee he’d need food stamps on his release just to survive. And by then the Republicans would already have done away with food stamps for ‘worthless bums’ anyway. Proof that life can be a bitch.

        • Well, how many guns can we buy? The folk that want them already have way too many because Obama and shit. The rest of us, even those like myself who see them as useful tools, only need so many.

  2. CVS to Pay $1.9 Billion for Pharmacies Inside Target Stores

    CVS Health Corp. will pay $1.9 billion to buy Target Corp.’s pharmacies and clinics, expanding its reach by adding stores bearing its name inside the U.S. retail chain.

    CVS, which already has 7,800 drugstores, will acquire Target’s more than 1,660 pharmacies across 47 states, renaming them as CVS/pharmacy, the companies said today in a statement. All new Target stores with pharmacy services will include a CVS/pharmacy.

    CVS Chief Executive Officer Larry Merlo is spearheading a deeper push into health care, striking the Target deal less than a month after agreeing to acquire nursing-home pharmacy operator Omnicare Inc. in a transaction valued at $12.7 billion. The Target pharmacies bring the company to new markets including Seattle, Denver and Portland, Oregon, and will help it reach a goal of operating 1,500 medical clinics by 2017.

    As the baby boomers age, healthcare is a growth industry. This merger reduces the competition in the sector further. Bigger pieces of a bigger pie.

    • That leaves other Circuits open to hear new cases when some other Republican run state tries to enact similar legislation rather than settling the matter now!

  3. A truly bizarre ad by Rick Perry slamming Hillary. The best part is Perry’s presumption that he’ll be the one going up against Hillary.

    • Every week is pollinator week for me.
      I got five gallons of honey this year so far from pollinators.
      What has been interesting is the people who I thought would complain are the ones that are cheering me on.
      The people I have got flak from are the yard care people.
      That’s too bad for them. No honey for you.
      I keep my hives neat and tidy and visually appealing.
      The bees aren’t pissy and they are doing a great job locally.

  4. In case you missed the latest out of Dallas…

    The father of the RWNJ who assaulted a police station blames “lbrul policies” for pushing his paranoid, schizophrenic, violent, son over the edge. I expect he will soon be appearing all over FAUX”News” and hate radio so that the adoring hosts can blame it all on President Obama.

    • They also failed to mention their outrage that Saudi Arabia just beheaded their 100th person THIS YEAR including more than a few who broke religious laws.

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