Sunday Roast: Summer Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice, all y’all?  Heh, all I know is that it’s supposed to be the day of the year with the longest daylight hours.  I won’t say it’s the longest day of the year, because, as we all know, that is a rather subjective concept.

Anyhoo, enjoy this lovely video of Alaska during summer solstice.

This is our daily open thread — Brace yourselves for summer…

23 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Summer Solstice

  1. Something has happened to the video.

    Something is weird in the magical forest.
    We’ll be back in a jiffy.

    • Every time I run across this sort of ‘tyranny’ imposition one question pops into my head, a question that no one has ever really answered directly: what is the original source of god-based religion? A second Q would be how does it manage to persist?

      I remember reading Michener’s The Source some fifty-plus years ago, and he did a fairly good job of fictionalizing the whole tale, but is there any “source” other than fiction (and ignorance) to explain such things as ‘Sharia Law Michigan style’?

      • I’m no religious scholar, but I guess the origin might have come when someone asked (in whatever passed for a language back then), “Why am I here? Why are any of us here? And is there anyone else here?”

        These were simple people by today’s standards, in that their entire universe consisted of the ground beneath them and the people they met everyday. They knew noting of anything remotely resembling The Scientific Method. They were satisfied if the proposed theory sounded like it could explain things, and they couldn’t immediately see anything that contradicted it by their everyday experience. So the idea gained acceptance to people who wanted to be comforted in the delusion that there was a purpose for they’re being here, and that it mattered what you did.

        Then the comforting idea got perverted by evil people who wanted to scare you into obedience and Humanity went downhill from there.

        • I think you’ve just hit the jackpot on a new teevee reality show.
          ‘Sharia Law Michigan style’.

          Not to be confused with the other teevee series such as:
          “Love, American Style” or “The Love Boat”

        • Humans are, afaik, the only critters that don’t simply accept the reality in which they live. Unlike the ‘higher’ animals who each and all simply carry on without wondering ‘why’.

          When I was a teenager I remember asking my best friend — Buttons, my dog — about god and associated stuff. She gave me one of those “what’s up with you?” looks, then yawned and headed for the other room. My thought was that I wish I had that option on Sunday mornings instead of the one my mother insisted upon.

      • I enjoyed Michener’s take on the rise of religion along with the rise of farming. Farming is so dependent on things we can’t control, the need to do something like placate a god in order to influence the outcome is strong.

        • The concept of god — the concept’s origin — is interesting. AFAIK, H. sapiens is the sole species that has ever ventured into that realm, so I assume the mental ability to ponder beyond the immediate, to wonder about ‘stuff’, origins, destiny, etc. has something to do with some sort of mental acuity Are humans, therefore the only life form with that level of mental prowess?

          I know my cat is far more brilliant than any of the human critters in the GOP Clown Car, for example, but those folks are the ones that do god stuff, not Shadow the cat. But then cats have never cultivated their own food, they’re gatherers. But I’d think that a period of no luck at gathering might suggest asking the critter in charge of providing stuff to gather . . .

          It’s an interesting concept, the god thing, although tricky to comprehend (as opposed to belief in hopes that belief will render results). Something like that.

  2. “Do u know what Obama Coffee is? Black and weak,” Judy Shalom Nir-Mozes wrote to her 74,400 followers.

    Online shock, condemnation and accusations of racism later led her to delete the incriminating tweet.

    said Israel Interior Minister’s wife

  3. Maybe everyone flying the Confederate Flag should be considered an unlawful alien enemy combatant & shipped to Gitmo. At the very least, conservatives would then be clamoring to close that off-shore prison.

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