Music Night: Summer tunes

All y’all know what to do…so do it!


34 thoughts on “Music Night: Summer tunes

  1. Written Woody Guthrie. He wrote the lyrics in 1940 to one of his previous melodies as a negative response to God Bless America because he was tired of hearing it.

  2. “The truth is those strings are just pulled by a room full of chancers.
    There’s nothing original, not even original sin … ”

  3. People (not just me) absolutely freak out over the question of a Doctor Who connection in this song; if that connection exists, it remains implicit. But there are more than just the one obvious lyric that makes this a question:

    “You’re all still here … ”

  4. back in the day …. there was always one or two songs each year defined the summer on the radio….

    this was one from the 80s of course

  5. The Summer of 1985 was all about Live Aid…… Bowie and Jagger hit the spot

  6. I saw Katy and the Waves in 1987 in the Summer…. they were a great hard driving blues band but their audience that evening at a college ball didn’t seem to appreciate that. It seems the only song anyone knew was this one….

  7. (eff word among they lyrics)


    …racists, sexists, homophobes
    and all you other assholes
    around the globe
    we’re here to let you know
    that your time is gone!…

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