Sunday Roast: Confederate Flag Removed in SC

That’s what I call an excellent start.

I’m sure some you out there in the Land of the Interwebs are wondering to yourselves and others, “Why all the pomp and circumstance around removing the heinous Confederate flag?”

I’ll tell you why:  Because we were brought up with manners, and it’s best to remember that — always.

Wait…what?  Yeah, you heard me — manners.

Had the horrible, shameful Confederate flag been removed from the grounds of the South Carolina statehouse by the on-duty maintenance man, who promptly tucked it under his arm, walked to the nearest garbage bin, deposited said horrible flag, and then kicked over the bin — the way we all wish it had been done (or worse) — the ENTIRE story in the media would be the weeping and wailing over the lack of respect given to an important part of our history.  Which would give rise to us missing the damn point.  AGAIN.  STILL.

The Confederate flag is a part of U.S. history — like it or not.  History that is not kind or good, nothing to be proud of, nor is it remotely humane — like much of our history.  But like so much of our history, a story was built up around the Confederate flag and the Civil War, and it became romanticized through novels, movies, television series, and even our history books.  We found a way to live with ourselves — to generously forgive ourselves — for perpetrating the unforgivable crime of enslaving our fellow human beings to lay the foundation of our promising new nation, and enrich ourselves in the process.

The flag became a fanciful imaginary symbol of “Southern Pride,” whatever that is, and Southern “heritage,” which is claimed to be in no way racist or hateful.  But here’s the problem with such notions:  They. Are. Not. Reality.  The Confederate flag was created and acknowledged as a symbol of the Confederate States of America, whose purpose was to continue slavery and enforce white supremacy, along with other treasonous ideas.  More info in this article on Vox.

So the shameful Confederate flag has had more than its fair share of exposure and misplaced pride/nostalgia, and it’s time to put it in the Smithsonian museum with all the other relics, where we’ll teach and learn (re-learn, if necessary) the facts about one of the most terrible times in our history and the fall-out that continues to this very day.

If it takes remembering our manners and a bit of pomp and circumstance to achieve that with a minimum of fuss (or what counts as a lack of fuss these days), I can live with it — because it’s an excellent start.

This is our daily open thread — Let’s brace ourselves for the backlash…

48 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Confederate Flag Removed in SC

    • Germany doesn’t guarantee free speech as in the US. They can, and did, ban speech denying the Holocaust.

      • A flag is speech? Hmmm. Well, ok, we all know that money is speech, so why not flags. Burning crosses?

        Frankly, I much prefer Germany’s idea. There is no margin in using “free speech” to promote hate or to mask the consequences thereof. No margin at all.

  1. As one who has driven through Cullman, Alabama and Cedartown, Georgia and seen the KKK, in their white robes, standing out on street corners next to traffic lights, collecting donations or promoting their rallies, let me tell you, it is a chilling sight for this white boy. Anywhere those robes have appeared, I’ve always seen the Confederate battle flag displayed along with them.

    • Can only imagine, House. At the corner, they collect donations? hmm, that’s not really earning a living. Are they nasty when one doesn’t place money in the can/jar/box?
      I’m shivering just reading about white-robed dolts hanging about.

      • They didn’t approach the car unless you rolled down the window or motioned to them to come over. Donations were usually for some local family in need or a charity.

  2. Bernie is on Face the Nation this morning. That’s an hour from now at my house. Check your local listings…

  3. Breaking News! On Fox News Sunday, Mitch McConnell announces the Republican-controlled Senate will do everything in its power to undermine President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran,,,oh wait. Nevermind.

  4. Bobby Jindal: Because Bill Clinton said ‘the era of big government is over’, electing Hillary will continue all of Obama’s failed economic policies.

    • Stock market record highs, corp profits record highs, gas < $3.20, unemployment 5.5%, deficit 1/3 what it was when Chimpy left town ….. those failed policies?

  5. Republicans need to have some wimmen running against Hillary. I suggest Sarah Palin; Michelle Baughman and Ann Coulter. Any others? (Tina Fey doesn’t count.)

  6. “Bill Cosby’s wife knows her husband is a serial philanderer, but believes his scores of accusers consented to drugs and sex.”

    Stand by your man, eh? These two are pathetic and deserve each other.

  7. Happy 72nd birthday to Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie, who sang vocals on the band’s first single to chart in the US, “Over My Head.”

    • When I used to work at a local motel on weekends (midnight to 8am shift), a band called “Southern Cross” used to stay there when they played the infamous Fore’n’Aft bar. It was infamous because it was about a mile away from the NY/CT border, and back in those days NYers could drink at age 18, while CT’s drinking age was 21, so it was always packed with Nutmegers(?) from nearby Danbury and other CT towns.

      Anyhoo…the band did a lot of Skynyrd covers, along with Eagles and the like. They were very good, and very popular. Naturally I got to be friendly with some of the guys when they came in after their gigs, so it was always fun when they were in town. Good music, somewhat good times (I was going to secretarial school during the week, on weekends I never got enough sleep.)

  8. Aw, some of the cats are drowsing in the heat out on the deck. Troi and Fitzgerald are lying back to back, looking all cute. Troi had ‘adopted’ Fitz back when his real mother, Pip, weaned him and his litter-mates, and the two are still companions. If I had a working camera I’d take a picture. And no, I still don’t have a cell phone, with or without a camera.

  9. The Marine Cloud Brightening Project, run by top Silicon Valley engineers, is building a device they hope is never needed — a ‘cloud whitener,’ designed to cool a warming planet. Their proposed field test in Moss Landing represents the first step in an effort to boost the brightness of clouds, which reflect hot sunlight back into space.
    How to change a cloud

  10. Sen. Butters says Donald Trump is a “wrecking ball” for the future of the GOP with Hispanic voters.

    Didn’t you just know Butters was a Miley Cyrus fan?

  11. Rick Perry On Trump: We Need To Reel Back These Highly Disrespectful Terms That Get Used
    Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry wants us to believe the GOP has something to offer minority voters other than their racist rhetoric.

    • They have a lot more than just racist rhetoric, they’ve got racist policy, platform planks, and just plain old hatred of browns, blacks and non-whites in general. That’s not gonna get lost on the Hispanic electorate.

    • “It’s just about heritage. I’m upset they want to remove a piece of history,” said Jessica McRee, 29, an Ocala native and employee of a law enforcement agency who participated in Sunday’s ride.

      Either homeschooled or revisionist history taught in her local public schools.

    • After the family beach trip, just as I reached my little town, a young man in a pick-up pulled out from a side road with an enormous confederate flag flying from the bed. I was shocked. Usually the morans just use them to cover the windows they can’t afford to buy curtains for.

      • I was watching a pair of young men painting a house in the neighborhood yesterday. Looked like they were doing a great job of masking and spraying.
        Thought about asking them for a quote on my house.
        Until I saw the mini confederate flag on their dashboard.
        I wonder if they give a shit about the potential customer that display cost them.??

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