The Watering Hole, Wednesday, 7/15/15: Scientists discover strange features on Pluto

Pluto, first discovered in 1930, looked nothing like it looks today:

Pluto, 1930

Pluto, 1930

Oh. You were expecting this?

Pluto, 2015

Pluto, 2015

And, amazingly, we now have our first historic glimpse of what are believed to be carbon-based biological life-forms on Pluto, photographed by the New Horizons mission:

So, which clowns still have (humorously large) cold feet?

No one knows yet if these specimens, dubbed “Plutonicons“, are sentient beings, as we only have photographs to go by.  While they do look a little like smiling humanoid heads, the project’s scientists’ initial cautious analysis says, in part, “…it could be just a trick of the light and shadows.”



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  1. Could they actually be Plutocrats?
    noun: plutocracy
    government by the wealthy.

    •a country or society governed by the wealthy.
    plural noun: plutocracies
    •an elite or ruling class of people whose power derives from their wealth.

    • Was this lobbying, or did they just leap onto the top of Abbott’s couch?

  2. Been following this story developing for several weeks now as the 1 year anniversary approaches…. the Dutch investigation is pointing the blame squarely at a Russian-made BUK for MH17. Stupidly, CNN still says ‘pro-Russian rebels’. Sorry, these clowns can shoot an AK47 and drive a tank around, but manning and firing a sophisticated SAM, at a target doing 600mph at 30,000 ft – that is the job of a trained experienced crew – the regular Russian army. When will the media cut the crap. The blood of the MH17 passengers is on Vladimir Putin’s hands

    Out here in the #mh17 twitterverse the Putinista Trolls are all over the place, desperately trying to blame anyone but their Dear Leader. Current official Russian position is still the so-called ‘magic Ukrainian Su25’ (a fighter than can’t fly at 30,000 ft)…..though the Russians have also dabbled in blaming a Ukrainian BUK (though never explaining why, if the DPR terrorists don’t fly planes, the Ukranians would need to have their SAMs at the front anyway.

    Anyhow, watch the framing of this story carefully, I seriously think the western media has been instructed by their governments to frame this carefully in order to give Putin room to extricate himself from his war and ‘save some face’.

  3. John Bolton: Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran!

    Right there is the number one reason that I HOPE the sixth mass extinction is really underway, and that it hurries itself along (with due thanks to Hominids’ invaluable assistance). The pasture bull gene(s) that remain embedded in far too large a percentage of human males is the best extinction MANDATE I can think of. The universe needs to rid itself of stupidity such as exemplified by John Bolton, McCain, et al. et al. — of the mentally deficient dipshits that demand WAR as the only answer to stupidity such as their own. We’ve tried war, it doesn’t work. The dumb are still with us. Leaves only that one option.

    And may Bolton lead the charge.

    • That dick head used to work for Fox…..

      Major Garrett – sounds like the name someone would give to their prick in hopes of it growing a little more.

    • oh dear, I seem to be failing copy and paste…

        • I use Chrome, so I can right-click on a photo, even in one of those twitter pics, and then get a URL that ends in jpg or png, or whatever. Then it’ll show. The other option is to go to the original tweet and click on ‘details’ like Wayne taught us, and then the URL should display the whole Tweet.

      • Are you having to click on the url?

        I’m attempting to figure out why the photos from Twitter aren’t showing up.

        Did a software update last night. It supposedly was to ‘correct’ safety issues.

        • Yes, I right-click, and open in new tab. I had a Windows update last night too. Might have been related to this Flash problem the internet’s been upset about recently.

          • That could be it.
            I use Chrome. Used to be able to copy and paste Twitter photos and have them show up here as photos.

        • The point I was making, even when the pictures don’t display, it’s still easy to get to them. Don’t sweat the small stuff. 😉

  4. If these people don’t stop advertising ‘all-you-can-eat’ buffets, I’m going to cancel my cable. We’re all overweight, and Type 2 diabetic, and we’re not going there on purpose!

      • At Golden Corral in VA, gluttony goes for about $12.95, $8.95 for lunch.

    • Pretty fuckin’ sinister if you ask me….. it’s not ‘all you *want* to eat’ but ‘all you *can* eat’ – the bastards hold you down and force feed you until you gag….

      …. who wants that?

      • Last night I was asleep by nine, so I stay up late tonight, and they start a fussfight at LNMC. I almost interjected to tell them to skip to the makeup sex so the place could quiet down.

        • it was quite unexpected! Thank the stars it did quiet down.
          Hope it isn’t a lasting tiff.

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    The former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin would bring much-needed dignity to the 2016 Republican field, a new poll shows.

    According to the poll, conducted by the University of Minnesota’s Opinion Research Institute, Palin’s ability to articulate her positions on issues with precision and restraint is sorely lacking among other entrants in the G.O.P. race.

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    In the words of one voter who was surveyed, “When I hear some of these candidates talk, I sure do miss Sarah Palin.”

    • Parody post right House? Must be…. dignity, articulate, breadth of knowledge..?

      And then I guess it – Andy Borowitz….. F..T..W!

      • Heh. At least you didn’t roll the cursor over the link, before you got it.

        • nope I was typing out my comment and then….. that’s Andy Borowitz! Then I rolled the link. Heh

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