The Watering Hole; Thursday July 16 2015; Ham and Dregs


Creationist Ken Ham: Richard Dawkins isn’t an atheist because the Bible says so

Ham, the founder of Answers in Genesis, said the Bible taught that everyone was endowed with an innate knowledge of God, even if they choose to deny it. In his blog post he promoted Monday on Facebook, he wrote that Dawkins had “made an interesting admission” during a 2013 appearance on The Daily Show.

“I don’t know what happens to us” when we die, Dawkins told host Jon Stewart, “but I know that our consciousness is wrapped up in our brains. I know that our brains rot.”

Ham, whose group operates the Creation Museum in Kentucky and is building a Noah’s Ark-inspired theme park, concluded that Dawkins couldn’t “prove his atheism.”

“So Richard Dawkins, a man who is so certain there is no God, is not totally certain about what’s going to happen to him when he dies. And yet he speaks with certainty as he tries to indoctrinate people to believe in his religion of atheism!”

Ham added that the “Bible clearly teaches there are no atheists,” citing Romans 1:18–21.

“God’s Word clearly states that He has put the knowledge of God within each of us. We all know there is a God. There are no atheists!”

Of course. Silly me for questioning him. It’s in the Bible which God wrote (I’d like to see some evidence of that as well). There is further support of Ham’s thesis, however, from Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty who told the Christian Post that he doesn’t “believe there’s such a thing as an atheist. Because there’s too much documentation. Our calendars are based on Jesus Christ,” adding that “Whether you believe in him or not, every time you write down the day’s date you’re saying he’s here.”

So that’s it then. I mean, who could ever doubt the theses of the founder of a Noah’s Ark Theme Park and one of the Duck Dynasty characters? Clearly we’re witnessing deeply embedded and inspired knowledge here, are we not? Proof that God is EVERYWHERE, right?

Well, no, not really. There are other alternatives, after all, and sometimes even the most simplistic make much more sense than the biblical.

I have, e.g. and thanks my untold numbers of days and weeks spent wandering around “out there,” occasionally run across what some might see as profound “evidence” that their biblical theses also do — certainly and clearly — apply to ALL of life. I mean hey, what are we to think when all of a sudden one stumbles upon something like this?

Cholla skeleton feb 1978 001Or this?

July 12 cruciform yucca flowers 1752If there be cruciform shapes embedded in the natural world — and since atheists clearly do not exist — what other conclusion could there be? Are they ‘proof’ of the biblical admonition that God is everywhere? Are they THE sign?

Nah. The top photo is of a cholla cactus skeleton on the Arizona desert, the second a cluster of yucca flowers in the Colorado foothills. And even though the cholla photo dates to February 1978 (A.D.) and the yucca to July 2015 (A.D.), there remains for consideration — in spite of Ham and Si — the far more logical option of total randomness where no God is required and where no “antique volume written by faded men” (Emily Dickinson) is needed to support anything other than various religious mythologies.

Seems to me that somehow Emily Dickinson also precisely defined both Ham and Robertson (and many many more like them) when she asked,

Can the Dumb — define the Divine?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and answer her question: No, they clearly and obviously can NOT, no matter how hard they try. As to why they endlessly KEEP ON trying? Well, that remains more baffling than anything I can imagine — save for this one simple and obvious non-baffling reality:

Tumacacori - Rear WallAtop the dome a cross of life
Points toward what man aspires;
But on each grave, the cross of death
Reveals what he acquires.



64 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Thursday July 16 2015; Ham and Dregs

    • Right on, I have some skirting board I need to hammer back into the wall….. I am sure I will be blessed for that somehow.

    • I wonder how many people know about this toaster. Perhaps we could buy one and auction miracle toast on ebay.

  1. That’s right, signs of Jesus are everywhere…. we just need to let God open our hearts and we will see the Lord…

    • fuckwits…. surprised if they can get their pants on the right way in the morning…. they should piss off to Texas where they’ll be right at home on the front-lines of Jade Helms. Buying shares in Alcoa this morning in expectation of the run at the store.

  2. This is not real, but why the hell not? I’d LOVE to have one of these cuz I’m so domesticated. With all of the movie marketing tie-ins, how is this not a real thing?

  3. Where has this been all my life? 😀

    Is Arguing With Idiots Online Wearing You Down? You Need Fallacy Ref!

    Glen Welch is a theater and film critic for Houston, TX culture mag Red Publication, and he’s hit upon something so brilliant and necessary, its astonishing that it’s taken so long for someone to do it: he’s created a series of image macros featuring an NFL referee calling fouls on invalid argument tactics and sneaky rhetoric. I can see plenty of use for these in internet discourse, not least of all because of their admirable succinctness in explaining the various logical fallacies, and the humor in the frisson of philosophy and full-contact sports. And of course they’d serve as great shortcuts for legions of Facebookers weary of explaining to their politically outlying uncles for the millionth time what a slippery slope actually is and why they need to cut it the hell out already. Though Welch only just stared this project this past Friday, he’s already made over 50 of the things, and he takes requests.

      • Yep. The second they found out the guy has an Arabic sounding name they had their big “terrorist story”. FAUX”News”, of course, will say it’s because “Obama is soft on Islamic terrorism”.

        • Since Shia Iran is fighting Sunni ISIS/AlQaeda, if this turns out to be an ISIS sympathizer, it’s plausible this attack was inspired by the nuke deal. See, we can’t take sides in the Middle East anymore without being on the ‘wrong’ side of somebody. Really though, we never could, going all the way back to WW2.

  4. Senate Republicans Block A Bill That Would Create 1 Million New Jobs For Young People

    Senate Republicans voted down a bill from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) that would have provided funds to state and local governments to create 1 million new jobs for nation’s struggling young workforce.

    The Senate voted down the legislation that was an amendment to the education bill by a 43-55 margin. The legislation would have provided $5.5 billion to state and local governments for jobs and training programs. Republicans objected to the bill because it would have been paid for by closing a tax loophole for billionaires.

    He’ll be able to use this to beat Republicans over the head from now until the election.

  5. Another domino falls in civil rights for LGBT:

    Sexual Orientation Discrimination Is Barred By Existing Law, Federal Commission Rules

    Allegations of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation necessarily state a claim of discrimination on the basis of sex” barred by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled in a groundbreaking decision this week.

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has ruled that existing civil rights law bars sexual orientation-based employment discrimination — a groundbreaking decision to advance legal protections for gay, lesbian, and bisexual workers.


    The independent commission addressed the question of whether the ban on sex discrimination in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 bars anti-LGB discrimination in a complaint brought by a Florida-based air traffic control specialist against Transportation Sec. Anthony Foxx.

    The ruling — issued without objection from any members of the five-person commission — applies to federal employees’ claims directly, but it also applies to the entire EEOC, which includes its offices across the nation that take and investigate claims of discrimination in private employment.

    Well, I guess we will be waiting next June for the SCOTUS ruling of yet another right wing lawsuit seeking the right to discriminate on religious grounds.

  6. New Horizons also took a low-resolution image of Hydra, one of Pluto’s small moons, which must be where all the porn is done.

    • Black tarps hiding dumpsters sounds like a city ordinance requiring the dumpsters to be screened from view, like auto dismantlers (junkyards) have had to do here. They’ve probably been there for years, but this guy just now notices them.

      • He’s not frightened enough to be taking any of this seriously.
        What’s his thing with chainlink?
        FEMA trailers, oh yes…

    • I would hope that the U.S. armed forces can do a better job of camouflage than hanging holed, translucent, fabric from chain link fences and parking cargo containers in plain view. And I would be willing to bet that the manager of the Sam’s Club would be royally pissed if his container of cheap crap from China had ended up in Massachusetts. Seriously. I challenge this poor guy to scour the state and try to find a single cargo container that doesn’t have “TEX” or “TX” on it somewhere.

  7. ‘Hi, Dad’: NBC’s Lester Holt Previews ‘Nightly News’ With His Son

    NBC’s Lester Holt says it was the “best part of my day.” And for viewers of NBC-owned WMAQ in Chicago, it was pretty adorable. WMAQ morning anchor Stefan Holt was filling in on the 5 p.m. newscast Monday, and that meant he got to do the traditional toss to New York for a check on “NBC Nightly News.”

    It’s routine stuff done in major markets across the country, but this one was much more memorable, as Holt tossed to Holt. “NBC’s Lester Holt is here with a preview of the newscast. Hi, Dad.”

    Holt–the Dad–joked about checking his watch to make sure it wasn’t 5 a.m., and then said “it’s good to see you, Stefan.”

    I wish I’d gotten to see that. I don’t follow ‘Big 3’ news anymore.

      • There is a lot of concern in the Ukrainian blogs and news services that Obama gave something big to Putin on Ukraine to get the Iran deal. They also note that Obama thanked Putin for helping define the security guarantees that Iran wanted – the supreme irony that two of the signatories of the Budapest Memorandum in 1994 which Russia, US and UK guaranteed the security and the *borders* of Ukraine in return for Ukraine giving up their nuclear weapons.

        I will follow the news story ‘framing’ of MH17 1yr anniversary today. This footage of the scum of the Russian mercenaries and local drunks and wannabes of the DPR looting the bodies on the ground is really stinking things up.

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