Music Night: Whatever

Good god, it’s not even the worst I could find…

Do your best, Zoosters.


23 thoughts on “Music Night: Whatever

    • 1982 – Playing volleyball at Delivery Stable Pizza on Sunday afternoons. When the time changed we rigged up lights so we could keep playing after dark. The jukebox could be heard outside with the side door open, and this song played quite a lot.

      • 1982 — Living a in a shotgun house in southern Louisiana, during a blazing hot summer, pregnant with my first son, and no AC.

      • 1982 — disintegrating as a person while finishing my undergraduate degree in philosophy an keeping the telemetry systems running for the Voyager I and II encounters at Saturn. I’d get off work at midnight, drive for 7 hours because I couldn’t face the night, have breakfast in the same restaurant I’d had dinner in the night before, and go to class at Occidental by 8:30 AM. Not a time I have any happy thoughts about.

  1. 1982 ….. somewhere in the void…. between the Age of Heaven and Hell and the Age of Holy Diver…

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