54 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday July 28, 2015

  1. Too bad the salmon can’t hear the Global Climate deniers screeching their denials.
    The salmon are already slammed.

  2. NPR story today – expectations are that 300,000 salmon will die on the way to spawning grounds in the Columbia river basin in excess of usual totals …… the Great Anthropogenic Extinction gathers steam…

    • You know, I wish that Mother Nature could just get rid of the cause of the problem, i.e., humans, and leave the other flora and fauna alone. Once we’re gone, the other inhabitants of Terra will be much better off. I’d be happy to sacrifice us all on their behalf.

  3. I play soccer with a statistician/model scientist – I wonder what his perspective is and also someone who was part of the Great Salmon Hitchhike where the salmon in the north of California were trucked to the SF Bay as the Sacramento had dried up due to loss of snowpack and farming draw.

  4. Well worth a read:

    James Hansen Spells Out Climate Danger Of The ‘Hyper-Anthropocene’ Age

    James Hansen and 16 leading climate experts have written a must-read discussion paper on what humanity risks if it can’t keep total global warming below 2°C (3.6°F). The greatest risk they identify is “that multi-meter sea level rise would become practically unavoidable.”

    This is warning everyone should heed — not just because Hansen’s co-authors include some of the world’s top sea-level rise experts, such as Eric Rignot and Isabella Velicogna, but also given Hansen’s prescience on climate change dating back more than three decades.

    In 1981, Hansen led a team of NASA scientists in a seminal article in Science, “Climate Impact of Increasing Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide.”

    They warned: “Potential effects on climate in the 21st century include the creation of drought-prone regions in North America and central Asia as part of a shifting of climatic zones, erosion of the West Antarctic ice sheet with a consequent worldwide rise in sea level, and opening of the fabled Northwest Passage.”

    Wow. A 35-year-old peer-reviewed climate warning that is 100 percent dead on. Is there anyone else on the planet who can has been right for so long about climate change?

    Hansen and co-authors deftly dismiss those ill-informed Pollyannas who use Orwellian terms like “good Anthropocene.” They explain that we are far past “the era in which humans have contributed to global climate change,” which probably began a thousand years ago, and are now in “a fundamentally different phase, a Hyper-Anthropocene … initiated by explosive 20th century growth of fossil fuel use.”

    The “Hyper-Anthropocene” is a very good term to describe the unprecedented acceleration in global warming that humanity has set in motion with the explosive growth of fossil fuels and carbon pollution . . .

  5. Note: this was NOT written by Andy Borowitz!

    Donald Trump Would Consider Tapping Sarah Palin For Future Trump Administration

    Yesterday, Donald Trump appeared on “The Palin Update,” a show dedicated to all things Palin. After Trump hailed Palin as a “tough and smart” leader who bravely stood up to “disgusting lies,” host Kevin Scholla asked the GOP presidential candidate, “If there is a Trump administration, could you see picking up the phone, giving the governor a call and picking her brain on some things, or perhaps having her along in some official capacity.”

    “I’d love that,” Trump replied. “Because she really is somebody who knows what’s happening and she’s a special person, she’s really a special person and I think people know that.”

    “Everybody loves her,” he added. Trump went on to say that unlike the former half-term Alaska governor, his current Republican rivals are “weak” and “ineffective” leaders “to a degree that’s actually almost hard to believe.”

    Voters, Trump explained, “like the Sarah Palin kind of strength, you just don’t see very much of it anymore.”

    • Please don’t post any pictures of Cecil. Anybody. There’s one of him on Raw Story that I don’t want Jane or anyone else to see. If I see any pictures of Cecil posted here, I will use my administrator powers to remove it. I’ve never done that to anyone’s comments but my own, but I won’t hesitate to do it in this situation. Nobody needs to see him now. Thank you.

      BTW, the people he hired must have known what he was doing was illegal. They belong in prison with him. Maybe we can hire Dog the Bounty Hunter to bring the dentist to Zimbabwe to face charges.

        • Right you are Terry,
          I say we give him a lasting nightmare memory.
          Anesthetize him, remove his teeth, strip him naked, load him up with ketamine and turn him loose outside an elementary school.

    • That’s one excellent reason why it is that I DETEST the concept of hunting. I would support hunters, however, who wear the same “clothes” as wild animals (nothing, iow), and who hunt with their bare hands. Any other hunting setup is deplorable and demonstrates nothing other than human inferiority.

    • It is rather amusing watching the various occupants of the Clown Car do anything at all to attract either (1) some of the Koch $1billion (2) the wankers and dingbat barbies in the media in a desperate attempt to get a front seat in the car….

      What is sad though is that this vulgar show is what passes for American politics and has done for many years. How can anyone watching this from afar, be anything other than horrified that this country that can fook up anyone on the planet at a moment’s notice for no rational reason decides who is fit to lead in this ridiculous process.

      I am ordering more popcorn and rethinking my interest in citizenship

    • I wonder how many of these GooPers calling the Iran deal the equivalent of Neville Chamberlain-style appeasement, can even explain what the terms of the Munich Agreement were?

  6. The Last Tucker Assembled From Original Parts Makes Its Public Debut

    When Preston Tucker’s automobile factory closed, it left behind the makings of more than a dozen additional vehicles, some of them rather easy to assemble, some a little more difficult. Now, more than 65 years later, one of the latter will soon make has made its public debut and become quite possibly the last Tucker to ever be built.

    For the last quarter century, the total number of Tucker 48s built (not including the Tin Goose prototype) has stood at 51: 37 built and sold from the factory in Chicago, 13 completed after Tucker shut its doors, and one built from parts decades later. Yet Tucker enthusiasts have long known of a collection of parts floating around the collector car community that could, feasibly, come together to build one more Tucker. Those parts just needed somebody intrepid enough to put them all together.


    With the entire assembly/restoration completed earlier this month and the Tucker now running and driving and painted maroon like the Tin Goose, Schuler said he believes #1052 will be the last Tucker built using mostly original parts. “Jay, who’s been around the Tucker hobby long enough to know, said he doesn’t think there’s enough parts out there to make another car,” Schuler said.

    No telling how valuable this car is, because they’re so rare and so well documented.

    • What a great sense of accomplishment it has to be, finishing the last, mostly ‘original’ parts car!
      And it runs !

      • We do the same thing with rare airplanes.
        We make the parts when we have to.

        The Tucker was way ahead of its time.

  7. There was an earthquake in the Boy Scouts of America movement yesterday, made almost inevitable by Robert Gates becoming the president … predictably, reactionaries and religious bigots leap in the opposite direction …. namely the Mor(m)on Cult …. I am left wondering if it will take the federal government to threaten to revoke their tax-exempt status before they have another ‘revelation from Moroni’? These people make me puke.


    If the Mor(m)on Cult pulls out, the BSA in the US will take a serious blow in funding and may be crippled.

    • Funny. I have not heard a pack of rightwhiners howling about how they want to operate under “special rules”. Dang! I keep forgetting. The rightwhiners are too busy trying to make the case that the 1st Amendment grants them the right, nay duty, to discriminate against anyone they don’t like or can’t understand.

      • Well there are a handful of teabaggers in the groups my two sons are in …. two of whom I know were opposed to step one, the allowing of LGTB membership under 18 ….

        In other news, the charter org (Lutheran Church) for my little son has come out already and said they don’t care as they have a policy of ‘inclusion in Christ’. They already absorbed a group of kids who were thrown out of their “Christian” private school when the first happened 2 years ago. As for the other son, the charter org is affiliated with the Catholic Church, who since they have been happy to fondle little boys for decades, will surely be OK with this step, right?

    • “And by about 5pm today, remember to turn up your AC or expect to spontaneously combust – back to you Chad and Bambi”

  8. So climate change IS a myth! Must be. Trump, y’know.

    Donald Trump Denies Existence Of Climate Change: ‘Bad Weather’

    “The real climate change is going to be nuclear climate change if we’re not smart and tough and very, very careful because that’s a big danger and that’s a real danger,” Trump said. “I think Obama just said that the biggest threat that we have on the planet today is climate change, and a lot of people are saying, did he really say that? We have people chopping off heads and he’s talking about climate change. I call it weather. I call it weather. You know, the weather changes.”

    • “Not in the criminal sense?”

      So he just used his size and strength to hold you down, told you that you didn’t have any choice in the matter, forced himself on you (which is rape, stupid woman), and no matter how much you begged him, he just wouldn’t stop — but thinking back on it, you knew he probably wouldn’t beat you too badly or kill you, and you suddenly had access to a lot more money, so it’s all good?

      • Remember that in those days, Society let a husband take any sexual advantage of his wife he wished. These days we consider much of that behavior to be sexual assault, with the word “rape” being applied when it’s non-consensual and penetration is involved. (Sorry.) But now, what we think of as marital rape, date rape, drugging and sexually molesting is recognized as the brutal assault by men on women that it is. Back then? A Man’s home was his Castle, and what happened in the bedroom stayed in the bedroom. She said it wasn’t “rape in the criminal sense” because back when this happened, what he did to her wasn’t equated with rape by a guy in an alley with a knife. But it wasn’t any different, in reality.

        • I was thinking she’d made the “not in the criminal sense” comment in the present time, but I can see her using that qualification if her comment was made back then.

          • You see what I mean? When we were kids, husbands were considered kings in their castles and could do what they wanted with their wives and children. Just remember that the fact that there are now laws against treating one’s wife and children the way horrible husbands do today, it’s an improvement over ancient Roman times when a Father had the legal right to kill any of his children, for any reason whatsoever. They were regarded as property, nothing more. I believe a famous general of the time killed one of his sons for not following his orders in battle. As his father, not as his commander.

          • Zooey, I read that in the present tense, as well.
            Sounds/reads as if an attorney may have tutored her in how to word her response.

    • Police Chief: “The video is not good

      Until police officers are held accountable for their actions/behavior the videos and riots will continue.
      Actions should have consequences and the cops are 99.9% found to be ‘within’ the scope of their job description. (spit)

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