The Watering Hole, Wednesday, July 29th, 2015: Must-Squeee!

When you need a break from the lunatic asylum from which the Republican – gulp – Presidential hopefuls have escaped, here’s some peace and love amongst various species to ease your minds and soothe your souls.

From “Adorable Animal Friendships: Unlikely Pairings Will Melt Your Heart”, by Michele Berger and Edecio Martinez, courtesy of TheWeatherChannel, a gallery of 81 awwws, eeks, and squeees.  Just one to start:

tiger cub and piglets~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I’ll just bow out quietly and let you enjoy the calm…

Open Thread – take a deep breath and, um, let go?

56 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Wednesday, July 29th, 2015: Must-Squeee!

    • They should make him the prison dentist in a maximum security prison as part of his sentence. But he still sleeps in a cell at night, and eats the same food as everyone else. It;s just instead of working in the laundromat, he’s a dentist. No patients for the day? Fine, you go back to your cell.

  1. Thank you for your understanding, bmm. To avoid orphans, I’m leaving the original here with this edit.

    WARNING: If you don’t want to see disturbing pictures about Cecil, don’t go to Raw Story. They have bad pics at the top of the page and they appear at the top even when you go to a story. They will likely stay up there until this dentist faces punishment for his crimes.

    Again, I thank you for understanding, badmoodman.

    • I wish you hadn’t gone into that much horrifying detail. Things like this really do bother some people.

      And the dentist is lying through his goddamn pearly white teeth. He paid some $50,000 in bribes to have them set this up for him. He knew perfectly well it was entirely illegal.

  2. Bernie 2016 Organizing Kickoff Live Stream (currently a countdown clock) I’m parking this here so we can find it later.

    • Poor kid, his career ended when Star Trek, TNG ended.

      Top celebrity birthdays for July 29th:

      Comedian “Professor” Irwin Corey is 101.

      Actor Robert Horton is 91.

      Actor Robert Fuller is 82.

      Actor David Warner is 74.

      Actress Roz Kelly is 73.

      Rock musician Neal Doughty of REO Speedwagon is 69.

      Documentary maker Ken Burns is 62.

      Singer Geddy Lee of Rush is 62.

      Style guru Tim Gunn (“Project Runway”) is 62.

      Rock singer Patti Scialfa with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band is 62.

      Country singer Martina McBride is 49.

      Rock musician Chris Gorman is 48.

      Actor Wil Wheaton is 43.

      R&B singer Wanya Morris (Boyz II Men) is 42.

      Country singer-songwriter James Otto is 42.

      Actor Stephen Dorff is 42.

      Actor Josh Radnor is 41. Hip-hop DJ/music producer Danger Mouse is 38.

      Actress Allison Mack is 33.

      Other popular or historical birthdays for July 29th:

      Benito Mussolini, Italian dictator

      Clara Bow, silent film actress

      Lou Albano, pro wrestling manager

      Peter Jennings, news anchor

      • HoR – you are mistaken if you think Wil’s career ended after SNG – he is a regular guest on Big Bang and is a big name in the gaming/comicon/cosplay culture world. He’s pretty interesting to follow on the tweeter.

    • Would love to see Frank as Jebutz reincarnated, reprising the whuppiing of the money lenders in the temple, complete with Koch Bros cast as said money grubbers…

      • I would like to see people like Bill0, inSeanitty, and that fat bastard Bill Donohue start their own “Konservative Katholic Kchurh” of America or just chuck the whole works and join up with the snake handlers.

        Even better. I would love to see Pope Frank get pissed at the hate-filled asses and excommunicate the lot of them. I would greatly enjoy watching Bill0’s face turn colors that aren’t even in “the gay rainbows” when he realizes the Pope has revoked his get out of Hell free card!

    • Wait, they already identified Obama as the Antichrist. I’m not up on my end-of-days info, but can there be two of them? And would they cancel each other out like these guys:

    • That moment could be in a confrontation with Trump, though Gingrich cautioned about the risks of adopting that approach. “He’s very aggressive by nature and prepared to say virtually anything,” Gingrich said. “It’s like dealing with nitroglycerin.”

      Carrying nitro on a cantankerous pack mule is far more safe than engaging Trump in a debate.

  3. From C&L:

    Yet Another Republican Climbs Into The Clown Car

    Welcome former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore to the 2016 clown car.

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