Friday Music Night: Blue Moon


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About Wayne A. Schneider

I'm a Liberal, Libertarian, Atheist Humanist. I believe that though the world is a dangerous place, it can be made better if we stop dividing ourselves by how we're different from each other, and reach out to each other through what we have in common. And that is that we are all human beings on this planet. Please remember that.

58 thoughts on “Friday Music Night: Blue Moon

  1. So beautiful last evening. Full moon rising over 60 acres soccer fields….

    Nice moon music I can listen not post. On my phone now… later on my laptop. 🙂

    • Shit this is a whole album of covers ….. Space Oddity, Blinded me with Science, Iron Man…. I need more beer 🙂

  2. How about some lutes and men in tights….. anyone got the Weird Sisters phone numbers (the gingers backing the vocals)?

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