The Watering Hole, Saturday, August 1st, 2015: WTF is Wrong With These Pictures?


So what DOES it take for someone seen “toting an AR-15 assault rifle, a handgun and an ax” on more than one occasion, sometimes wearing a mask, to even be questioned by law enforcement? Apparently it wasn’t until said someone posted a threat on Facebook, which alert citizens reported to law enforcement, that the local LEOs sat up and really took notice.  From RawStory:

“While police could not respond to residents’ complaints about McCrory’s past activities, they took note of him on Wednesday for online posts regarding the murder trial of Kyler Carriker, who was charged in the 2013 death Ronald Betts during a drug deal. Carriker was found not guilty on Thursday.

“Is it out of line to storm the courthouse if he’s found guilty?” the suspect wrote. He later added, “If we get a get a decent number of people to charge through the front doors and security, the police there will attack us. Often times [sic], the only way to defend yourself from a cop is to kill the cop which means using a rifle to penetrate the body armor.”

Well, it looks like more than one thing is “out of line” – KAKE-TV reported that:

“…McCrory was ineligible to own a firearm at all, since he has a felony conviction.  He was charged with aggravated criminal threat and three counts of criminal possession of a firearm.”

According to
The following raw charge information was entered by law enforcement authorities during detainment of Samuel Mccrory on 2015-07-30. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty: [emphasis mine – I think they mean all WHITE suspects.]


The KS Crime article also mentions: “At the time of the arrest, Mr. McCrory was described as a white man, 6′ 5″ tall, 280 lbs, and 22 years old.”
Samuel A. McCrory

BINGO! Strapping young white guys with guns are apparently off-limits.


This is our daily Open Thread–you know what to do.

49 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Saturday, August 1st, 2015: WTF is Wrong With These Pictures?

  1. They got him before he could do harm.
    That was clearly his intent.
    No one dresses that way to go food shopping or even a KKK rally.
    He is not a “good guy with a gun”
    He is a nut.
    How did he get the weapon?
    Was there a hole in the criminal background check?

  2. If the police can run the license number of any person or car they see they can sure as Hell check on the eligibility of anyone seen carrying a gun in public.

    • That brings up a notion not very popular with the NRA — LICENSE all guns the same way cars are licensed. Make them easy to trace, make it simple for law enforcement to confiscate the damn things, esp when the owner turns out to be an idiot. Either that or make gun ownership strictly contingent upon a “well regulated militia.”

      • A federal license seems like such a logical first step; to us sane folk. I got into a prolonged debate with a gun nut on just that subject and his unflappable opinion is that “the government can’t require a license to exercise a right”.

        • Then the second amendment needs to be re-written and make owning/carrying guns of all persuasions a privilege, thus the big government can license who can own the fire power.

          • If the ‘well regulated militia’ clause in the 2A was taken into account, I would think the “right to bear arms” would suddenly have an added burden. Unfortunately the courts have never dared to suggest that those two premises are intrinsically related.

        • And if “the government” tried to do to gun rights what the GOP/TP is doing to abortion rights, i.e., ‘yes you have the right to bear arms, but you cannot access ammo for those arms unless you jump through ten hoops:
          – get a report from a licensed psychiatrist stating that you are mentally stable and that you know right from wrong;
          – pick out the one gun you want from the 3 offered legal choices;
          – go, in person, to the one ammo shop licensed in your state and apply for the appropriate ammo;
          – get shown photos of dead children “accidentally” blown away with an adult’s gun by said adult, themselves, or a sibling;
          – go through a waiting period of, say, at least 5 business days, for a final background check;
          – make an appointment with your licensed gun dealer and pick up your weapon;
          – go directly to a licensed shooting range to register for one month of gun use and safety classes (range to provide blanks or rubber bullets for practice sessions);
          – upon satisfactory completion of course, you will be granted your gun license;
          – make an appointment with the ammo shop to pick up your prescribed one-month supply of ammo (30 ct);
          – drive to the ammo shop – which, by law, must be located at least 300 miles from the nearest gun shop – pick up your ammo, and enjoy your gun!

        • I think the first step should be to just track the damned things. Keep records of every buyer and seller the way we do with cars. We’d have some idea where crime guns came from. We’d learn to plug the holes that make it easier for those who should not have them acquire them. Even if gun ownership is a right, the right to own them in secret is not. If your only argument against this is that “But then the government will come take our gun!”, you are an idiot. Besides, if a person is keeping weapons in case he has to fight off his own duly elected government, than that person can use his guns when the government comes to get them.

    • But they always counter that with “You have a constitutional right to carry a gun, but you don’t have one to drive a car, so they can check on your state-issued driver’s license whenever they want.” I personally think it’s a weak argument, but it’s the one they always make.

      • In view of some our latest current events, I think an equal amount of caution should be shown to the thought that “Law Enforcement” isn’t going to kill you for no reason either.

  3. The cruelty of man.

    The news today is just hard to believe … The brother of Cecil is now also dead: “Cecil’s brother Jericho has been shot dead in Zimbabwe by illegal hunters, officials said Saturday. Jericho has been killed at 4pm today,” the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force said in a statement. “We are absolutely heartbroken.”

    The last known photograph of Cecil (lying down), with Jericho. The image was taken a month ago by Brent Stapelkamp

    • “Amid the multiple reports of Jericho’s death, non-profit Bhejane Trust writes that the information may be false and, “According to Brent Staplekamp at Hwange Lion Research, Jericho was alive and well at 8:30 tonight … This false information probably stems from a current Parks investigation into another lion shot on a nearby farm.”

  4. Remember Transvaginal Bob, convicted felon former Governor of Virginia? He could lose his pension immediately because of his conviction even though he’s still appealing. Who signed the law that made this possible? Good ol’ Bob.

    David Yarrow calls this photograph THE PUZZLE, writing: “Zebras are not photographers’ friends. In some parts of Sub-Saharan Africa it is very difficult to get close and after a while. The Grevy’s of East Africa offers the best chance of proximity and also – by good fortune – the best facial aesthetics.”

    • That is a beautiful dream.
      The US does not learn from its past and will hang on to nuclear weapons.
      How else can we hold others to what we want them to do?

    • Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!
      He did tell County Clerks they could disobey Federal law and not marry same sex couples.

  6. Bearded Vulture

    These beautiful birds inhabit the Everest, the Himalayas and other mountainous regions of Europe and Asia. Bearded vultures were almost eradicated in the last century due to fears of attacks to lambs and children, and now, the WWF estimates that there are only 10,000.

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