The Watering Hole, Tuesday, August 11, 2015 – Environmental News and Food Politics

Stem Cell Research Identifies Effects of Pollution on Human Health

From the article:

“The researchers used a combination of biochemical and cell-based assays to examine the gene expression profile during the differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells upon treatment with BPA, a compound known to cause heart disease, diabetes, and developmental abnormalities in humans. They were able to detect and measure, BPA toxicity toward the proper specification of primary germ layers, such as endoderm and ectoderm, and the establishment of neural progenitor cells. These results indicate that BPA may alter embryonic development in vivo.”

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48 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday, August 11, 2015 – Environmental News and Food Politics

  1. Hard to imagine how it is that the critter created by God, the creator of everything, in “His own image” can be so stupid as to have never realized how much the impact of his screwing with the natural world has on virtually every living thing on the planet, including his own well-being.

    Speaking of that “His own image” baloney, the fact that there are Republicans out there doesn’t say anything good about the essence of said creator. Prolly explains why I’m a non-theist, actually.

  2. Bad news for the Schneiders:

    Geno Smith out 6-10 weeks with broken jaw after ‘sucker punch’

    New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith will be sidelined at least six to 10 weeks with two fractures in his jaw, the result of a locker room altercation Tuesday morning with reserve linebacker IK Enemkpali.

    “It was nothing to do with football. … It was very childish,” coach Todd Bowles said. “He got cold-cocked … sucker punched, whatever you want to call it, in the jaw. He’s got a broken jaw, a fractured jaw.”

    Enemkpali, a sixth-round pick in 2014, was released immediately by the team.


    Smith, who was the presumptive opening-day starter, will have surgery, according to Bowles.

    • That’s okay. We probably didn’t want him to start anyway. As long as Michael Vick is no longer a Jet, that’s good news enough.

      Going back to the story to which you linked, I think it’s bullshit that you get charged with assaulting a police officer when the cop is off duty and getting paid by another employer. At that point, he’s not a cop and you should not be charged as if you punched one in uniform. Suppose you had no idea he was a cop? Why should you be treated as if you knowingly hit a police officer? I’m not saying he shouldn’t have been charged with anything,. He just should have been charged as if he hit a regular civilian because that’s what the cop was doing at the time – being a regular civilian. If the police force want to let cops moonlight, then they have to do so as civilians, not as cops. It;s not fair to the public that they get the protection of being in uniform when they’re being paid to be someone else. And, to be somewhat consistent, they shouldn’t get the protection of their job if they’re not on-duty and not acting in their capacity as a cop.

      • You bring about another interesting facet of how law enforcement thinks.
        The new way around body cameras?
        Plain clothes policemen.
        Yep, that’s their new tactic.
        Plain clothes cops don’t have to wear body cams so, they’re upping the amount of plan clothes cops and reducing uniformed officers.

        I’ve had to deal with a lot of cops in my line of work.
        I don’t know why but for some reason a lot of them gravitate towards aviation.
        I took vicarious joy shitting all over this guys turd bird when it hit my floor.
        He was bright red and trembling when I was done and there wasn’t squat he could do.

        They seem to have one outlook on everything.
        Good guys vs bad guys.
        Well, I have news for the world.
        There are good people that do bad things and there are bad people that do good things.
        The world is not black and white.
        It is the big wide world and it depends upon the situation you’re in.
        Sadly, that doesn’t change the fact that most cops are dicks that feel entitled to the privilege of power.

        • As a former school teacher, it seems to me that, of the, ‘bad cops’ we hear about – they seem a whole lot like the playground bully, only they’re given a gun and nearly complete immunity for their actions.

          • …they seem a whole lot like the playground bully, only they’re given a gun and nearly complete immunity for their actions.

            Frightening as it is – that is the truth!

            • yup.

              Take a school-yard bully. Give him a gun, a badge, and immunity for his actions. What could possibly go wrong?

    • Disgusting.
      Trump has absolutely no redeeming value.
      Ailes is a piece of used chewing gum on the bottom a shoe.

      • “Why is Ailes begging forgiveness from the devil?”

        Ailes can do the math, both in TV ratings and poll numbers. Kelly can be a big girl and not let her lower lip quiver.

        This arrangement will be de facto — until such time as Trump’s numbers go south like a duck in winter. All bets are off after that.

    • “GOP Smackdown Weekend! Loudmouthed Mysogynist Bastardo faces off against Barbiedoll Kelly – who will emerge from the ring the victor?

      Pay-per-view packages starts at $25.99 from your cable or satellite provider – don’t miss GOP Smackdown, this Saturday night only on Fox Sports World!”

      – Ailes can see the $ signs rolling now.

  3. Oh!

    I can’t stop laughing. Some televangelists wear their crazy on the inside. This one has nine layers of crazy meticulously applied by overworked makeup “artists” each day.

    • yet, if we had universal healthcare, like EVERY OTHER INDUSTRIAL NATION, the entire country would be colored at the 0% rate for those without health insurance.

      Let’s face it, ObamaCare is still InsuranceCare.

  4. NW – that was a fascinating article. Science is f*cking amazing. I know that the biggest problem with BPH is when it is heated. The water bottles that we use do not have BPH.

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