Music Night: Men in Kilts

Albannach, baby.  🙂

Just to clarify:  I maintain a reputation for music posts with Truly Crappy Music ™, but I’m branching out tonight.

Fun fact:  All music played while wearing a kilt is high quality stuff.  Don’t argue with me!

Music Night post — Knock yourselves out!

18 thoughts on “Music Night: Men in Kilts

  1. This kind of fits with men in kilts. Steve Perry does the solo, but it doesn’t really sound like the old Journey version of him.

    • Imagine 20,000 people in an arena at a Bernie Sanders speech. The motto is We Stand Together, and this is the campaign theme song.

  2. VJ day +70 today…. some interesting comments by PM Abe on Japan’s role in the war….

    If the Japanese actually reflect what is seen here in the text books they teach their kids (which are like Texan schoolbooks on history)…. then …. meh….

    Longer term, the Japanese do need to decide how to be responsible global citizens, which means standing up for the peaceful constitution they have adopted, but with the resolve to defend it.

    Anyway…. here’s Midnight Oil and their take on August 1945…

  3. Sspeaking of Jocks and Jockish being totally unintelligible….here’s Jock back the Skids and someone has helpfully added the lyrics to this punk classic….. I am happy that I now know what yer man was trying to say back in 1979…. that’s cleared all that confusion up and now I can sing along…

  4. from the ashes of Scots band the Skids… came Big Country….. and I leave you with this one…. just an uplifting song and a compelling video…. a nice legacy of the band…

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