Sunday Roast: Perseid Meteor Shower

Okay, I know this video is from 2013, but it was taken in the high desert around Joshua Tree — which is the land of my birth — so I had to use it.

My eldest son was born 33 years ago, yesterday.  When he was little, I told him that the annual Perseid meteor shower was a light show just for his birthday.  Of course, it was a total lie, but it was a lot of fun and pretty damned convenient, so don’t judge me.

Now I just have to stop hyperventilating over the fact that I have a child who is 33 years old.  Breathe…

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39 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Perseid Meteor Shower

  1. My eldest turns 33 in about two weeks. Being pregnant in Virginia in August really sucked. Happy Birthday to Z’s eldest.

    • I can only assume that the presidency is a terrible danger to your health – starting with this – eating other people’s junk food all over the country…. maybe there has to be a vomitarium in the back of the campaign bus, else it’s like Morgan Sperlock’s 30 days of McDonalds… for 16 months though.

  2. Its ok Zooey. I have just reached the point where the eldest drives.

    And my three got each other up on Weds night to lie on the trampoline in the back and watch the Persieds… 🙂 I thought that was completely cool 🙂

      • When I was of driving age my father made me an offer.
        I could drive and pay for everything myself
        I could learn flying and he would cover all expenses*

        * I had an older brother with a penchant for stealing motorcycles, bicycles and cars along with anything else that wasn’t bolted down in our house and other peoples houses.
        He figured this was the easiest way to keep me out of his footsteps.
        It worked.
        Now I hang around airports and waste all of my money on airplanes.

    • Not news: My 33-year old son and some of his friends went to a bachelor party this weekend. News: A four-day bachelor party. WTF?: In Montreal, Canada.

    • Soon* my longest will be driving.

      * as soon as he retakes drivers’ ed without the a**hole gym teacher who refused to make any allowances for his disability and stated to his case manager “these children should not drive”. My son has been driving our tractor from the age of 8.

  3. I am working here today 😦 …. got a good old fashioned college style ‘essay crisis’ going on …. but I have treated myself to sushi and a Bridgeport IPA and am listening to a little Unplugged on the Youtubes.

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