The Watering Hole, Monday, August 17th, 2015: Grab Bag

Just a few odds and ends to get your Monday started.

(R) Presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson has already proven that he “don’t know much about biology” when it comes to homosexuality, women’s reproductive and overall health, and where the fetal brain tissue came from on which he used to experiment. He’s also shown that he “don’t know much about” #BlackLivesMatter, or about prisons. Now Carson shows that he “don’t know much about history” when it comes to foreign policy, the Middle East, or the meaning of “anti-semitism.” In particular, he shows in an op-ed piece in The Jerusalem Post that he “don’t know much about” the Iran Nuclear Deal either.

A few items from Daily Kos: one oldie that makes a nice palate-cleanser; and a recent one that ends with an eloquent message [some of the comments afterwards are excellent as well.]

And for the funny, ICYMI (as I did), John Oliver and friends teach Sex Education.

This is our daily Open Thread–pick a topic, any topic.

53 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, August 17th, 2015: Grab Bag

  1. Medical doctors are not, as a rule, especially well educated people. Other than a great deal of (often very narrowly specialized) knowledge of physiology, we’re generally talking about people with just a high-school education. Surgeon, meanwhile, is among the professions most attractive to sociopaths.

    And a personal screed: MD’s often like to describe themselves as scientists, but that is bullshit. MD’s are *technicians*:
    1. A scientist is someone who engages in forms of inquiry that aim to discover new, fundamental facts.

    2. An engineer is someone who engages in forms of inquiry that aim to discover new applications for previously discovered facts.

    3. A technician is someone who engages in forms of inquiry that aim to maintain existing applications.

    There are MD’s who are ALSO scientists (oncologists, who do scientific research on cancers, for example) and even MD’s who are engineers (MD’s who develop new medical and diagnostic tools.) But as a general rule, they are neither. /rant

  2. In other words, Dr. Ben Carson is a perfect GOP candidate to represent the KnowNothing GOPers, the vast majority of whom are FauxNooze addicts.

    • What really puzzles me is this: What is the source, the mother lode, of STUPID? I note one common thread amongst the obviously afflicted: the opinion that the bible is something beyond what Emily Dickinson called “an antique volume written by faded men,” that it is literally somehow valid in today’s world. People who believe that nonsense also, afaik at least, watch Fox News and invariably vote in favor of hate, fear, money, and control (mostly Republican), the end point of which is STUPID. What am I missing? Anything, or is that a reasonable summary? Is it pretty much a closed loop, one that is not genetic, not inbred, but has been carefully taught?

    • “Who would Jesus shoot?”

      If he had a hair on his butt, my guess is that Phillip Guin would be first in line. LOTS of choices for number two and beyond. (If he nailed all the clown car passengers, I suspect even his dad would be OK with it).

    • Article XIV. Section 1.

      All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

      Yep, amendment required.

      Q: Why didn’t the Abenaki (et al.) deport the pilgrims when they came here illegally?? Might have saved the world a lot of hassle.

    • Except that Clause V of that Amendment reads:
      5. The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.
      So it sounds to me like the Congress can say, “Don’t interpret this literally. It only means citizenship is granted to the following groups of people…:
      But as I’ve pointed out many times before (and been proven right), I’m not a lawyer.

      • Well, I don’t think Congress can change the meaning of the words, but they can choose to ignore how, or even if, it is enforced. There was a similar clause attached to the 15th, but it was only in the 1960’s and the VRA that that Amendment was genuinely brought into practice.

      • “enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article”

        Sounds to me as though that phrase allows Congress to write laws which make the amendment work, but not to write laws that dismiss any of its premises, to make them not work or to ignore them. Nowhere is the “power to twist meanings” granted anywhere, far as I know.

  3. Sick Rantorum never lets up, even when when his chances of getting on the 2016 ballot are an order of magnitued less than my own.

    ‘Poisonous, Wretched, Cancerous’ Abortion Rights Creating Another Holocaust

    “. . . Planned Parenthood, the abortion industry, Roe v. Wade, all of it is based on a lie about when a child becomes a human being.”

    There is no movement to demand or prescribe that others must have abortions, it’s a personal choice. Disagree OK, then don’t do it yourself.

    Why can’t he get that? Why doesn’t he understand that ‘Religious Freedom’ does NOT allow the imposition of his or anyone else’s religious belief on the rest of society — never has, never will.

  4. Mike Huckabee Will Outlaw Abortion With Executive Fiat

    “As president, I would say, ‘We will protect every person,’” Huckabee said in Waukee, Iowa. “And I know that would just send shockwaves. There would be lawsuits immediately. Fine. Let there be. Let’s let this now work its way, but from the position, instead of being where we defend the killing of 60 million babies since 1973…let us now operate on the principle that it is not okay and let them fight for the right to take those baby’s lives, let them tell us when that person becomes a person, let us argue their point of the unrestricted right to deny life and liberty to that person.”

    The former Arkansas governor added that he would feel compelled to make such a move — which would criminalize abortion in all cases and could threaten common forms of birth control — because otherwise he couldn’t continue to ask God to bless America.

    When will it end? How can we get rid of — PERMANENTLY — this conservative Republican bullshit once and for all?

  5. Double damn:

    Breaking: Final permit approved for Shell’s Arctic Ocean drilling.
    “There are five globally significant Important Bird Areas in the Chukchi Sea alone, and the impacts of an oil spill will be devastating for birds such as the threatened Spectacled Eider,” stated Audubon Alaska’s Policy Director Jim Adams in response to today’s news.

    • Nice!
      I just spent last night gluing and nailing together 100 frames.
      I use foundationless and let the bees make their own comb.
      For me it’s easier, the bees do their own thing and I steal some of their honey.
      The commercials use foundation and medications on their bees which is unnatural for the bees.
      I have been stung beyond count and I think I’m safe on not getting arthritis anytime soon.
      The medical profession won’t recognize it but bee stings help reduce arthritic pain. There are lots of folks that will say so but there’s no money in it for the medical profession so they will not acknowledge it.
      I almost completely eliminated refined sugar from my diet.
      I was walking my dog this morning and walked past a huge bottle brush plant.
      It was mobbed with bees.
      I thought to myself, those are probably my girls.

    • …asking people to leave his family out of it

      1,900-word-long religious excuse

      1.900 words! Face up to your philandering ways and move on.
      As for his family, hmm, who brought this all about? Immature idiot.

    • The Repubs never think anything all the way through. It comes around to bite them in the backside! Show your papers!
      Ted’s mother is an American which would make him American (just like Obama).

      Let’s see if DumpTruck was actually born – where’s his paperwork?!

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