The Watering Hole, Tuesday August 18, 2015 – Environmental News and Food Politics

Study: Temperature influences bird diversity loss in Mexico

“A wide-ranging study of gains and losses of populations of bird species across Mexico in the 20th century shows shifts in temperature due to global climate change are the primary environmental influence on the distributions of bird species.”

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71 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday August 18, 2015 – Environmental News and Food Politics

    • Sunday was the day to take “Mel”, the cat, for his rabies vaccine, even though he is an indoor cat all the time.
      Wrangled the 20# into the carrier. We step outside to 100 effen degrees!
      I was certain he began plotting and then would carry out my demise.
      Mellow was a very good cat. He just wants treats all the time because “I owe him”!

  1. shifts in temperature due to global climate change

    What? Has this been ratified by TrumpDuck?
    He’s got a plan to put up a vast wall around the sky that will make it all much cooler for us.

  2. This HAS to be one of the funniest stories of the day.
    Seems as though the Catholic governor of Texas wanted to shine a little light on Mary, you know the virgin who gave birth to a certain boygod.
    And out of the woodwork come the religiosity cockroaches to have a holier than thou-a-thon.

    Comments ran to over 900 as people of various faiths battled over whose religion was the most righteous, argued over Scripture, and even questioned the accuracy of the Bible and whether Jesus wrote it.

    h/t Raw Story

  3. KY Rowan county clerk Kim Davis, who refuses to issue marriage licenses because of her religious beliefs, has divorced twice, because of course she has.

  4. The desperate, disgraced Duggar clan pitched TLC on a new reality series: One where they find and counsel victims of sexual abuse. YES, really. No this not an “Onion” article.

    “The family can’t afford to not have the show – it is their main source of income, and with a family of that size, without it they’re in enormous trouble,” said the family friend.

    If only there was some form of family planning available in our country. Some type of planned parenthood.

    • Have they heard of ‘adoption agencies’ ?
      In their particular situation, the children would be immensely benefitted by removal from the grifter community that they call a ‘family’…

    • Gee! Maybe it would have been a good idea to actually send the kids to school where they would have learned social skills and practical skills?

      Seriously though. I almost wish I subscribed to cable just so I could cancel it and tell the entire world it’s because TLC is running with this horrible idea.

      • I think the Duggars are prolly the MAIN reason that god made birth control so available, also instructed the SCOTUS on how to rule in Roe v. Wade. Too bad Michelle and Jim Bob aren’t religious.

    • The sheriff said after visiting the range Monday and Tuesday that it did not appear the group’s members were knowledgeable about firearms safety because of the way they were holding and storing the weapons.

  5. If Wednesday’s page was ready, I’d post about the Republican consultant, who sometimes appears on CNN as an analyst, sent a tweet to Ann Coulter asking, “Does Trump pay you more for anal?”

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