The Watering Hole; Friday August 21 2015 — The Week’s Wingnut Lunacy Pinnacles

“Conservatives are not necessarily stupid,
but most stupid people are conservatives.”
(John Stuart Mill)

Here are what I can comfortably refer to as the last week’s top ten examples of right wing LUNACY. They’re not arranged in any particular order (any “order” in wingnut spoutings is typically a contradiction in terms anyway), and as usual the relatively brief titles do indeed suffice to tell people with functioning minds all they really care to know. Topics include, of course, the week’s manifestations of hate, fear, persecution, revolution, women, communism, the antichrist(s)(?), and diets. Yeah, I know it sounds weird, but considering the sources, maybe not so much.

1. BarbWire Warns That Obama Is The Antichrist Who Was Put Into Office By Satan

2. Markell: Pope Francis May Be The ‘Second Beast’ Of The End Times

3. Rick Santorum: Liberals ‘Rewriting History’ To ‘Fit Their Ideology’ Like In Communist China, USSR

4. Santorum: Judicial Review Is Okay…If The Court Agrees Me!

5. Michael Savage: ‘Extreme Diets’ Of Liberals Are ‘Creating A Vast Epidemic Of Mental Deficiency’

6. Pat Robertson: Christians Forced To ‘Bow Down’ Before Gays Who Are Bent On Destroying Us

7. Glenn Beck’s Birmingham Rally Is Designed To Allow Participants To ‘Be Seen By God’

8. Larry Klayman: 1776-Style Revolution Coming If Conservatives Don’t Win 2016 Election

9. Tony Perkins: Women Need To Stop Acting Like Men Or Society Will Go Down The Tubes

10. ‘I Was Born That Way’: Bryan Fischer Claims He Was Born Christian, Repulsed By Homosexuality

That is, of course, only the tip of the lunacy iceberg. Still, there should be enough freakishness embedded therein to drive the average progressive liberal a few feet closer to sanity’s edge, to the point beyond which revulsion takes over.

Revulsion. Hmmh. Bryan Fischer (see above) spoke of “revulsion” when he said:

“I think that most of us have an instinctive, I think revulsion is not too strong of a word, to the act of homosexuality, what actually happens when homosexuals come together and engage in sexual congress. We look at that and there is just an inner revulsion to that.”

“God has the same reaction that you and I do,” he continued, “but that instinctive revulsion that we have when we think about homosexuality, I was born that way.”

Curiously, that’s almost precisely how I see things — IF, that is, the words “homosexuality” and “homosexuals” are changed to, say, “conservatism” and “conservatives.” Bingo. Revulsion.  I’m guessing that’s because, as Fischer pointed out, “I was born that way.”


28 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday August 21 2015 — The Week’s Wingnut Lunacy Pinnacles

  1. 1) Pamela Anderson thinks Obama is the Antichrist?
    Pamela Anderson isn’t known for ability to think. She got where she is through other means.

    2) Pope Francis is the second beast?
    Sorry, there’s a whole lot of folks at the front of that line and he’s not one of them.

    3) Rick Santorum rewrites Wikipedia to define himself.
    Frothy the lube man is a slow learner.

    4) Rick, it’s kind of scary when you don’t understand why the powers of government were separated.

    5) Micheal Savage, I recall Dick Cheney was the one with a penchant drinking puppy blood.

    6) Pat Robertson, no gay ever showed up at my house at an odd hour trying to convert me to their lifestyle.

    7) Glenn Beck, I understand Birmingham England is nice this time of year. Is that where you’ll be?

    8) A 1776 style revolution? We already have plenty of LARPing idiots that dress up and reenact this event along with the civil war. Let it rest.

    9) The Tubes were a great band along with the women that performed with them.
    What do YOU want from life Tony?

    10) Lady Gaga was born that way. It’s her wardrobe that repulses me.

  2. Wow, that’s a true shitload of Lunacy for a Friday morning. (BTW, no offense intended for the moon, from whence the term lunacy derives.)
    A few things leap right off the page..
    Bryan Fischer seems to be a tad presumptive to know what Gawd thinks about anything. Isn’t that like a mortal sin of some type?
    Patsy Robertson is having graphic visions of oral sex, and most likely enjoying them.
    Nobody’s told Ben Gleck that Gawd Awlmitey can see everyone everywhere without Ben’s assistance? Again, a tad presumptive.
    The rest is typical moronic trash.
    Enjoy your EndOfWeekDay!

    • What really blows my mind is that each and every one of those freaks has a large and supportive audience of nutcakes. I’m thinking it might all be parcel to a ‘scientific’ formula that measures and describes the current position on the national demise downslope graphic.

    • God seems not to be protecting his ‘chosen’ folk.
      Josh is idiotic to think he couldn’t be tracked on cyberspace.

      I read that his wife plans to stay married to the pedophile, cheater.
      Do hope she gains enough thinking to get out of there before their children
      are abused by their father.

    • I’m guessing that the ‘shroud of god’ will be used by Josh, the Duggars, probably even old friend pHuckabee, to shield the horndog molester/pedophile from ‘judgment.’ Meanwhile, he’ll keep on looking and doing.

    • Bet your boots that there are soon to be at least a million itchy trigger fingers running around loose, ready and anxious to take out alladem five, maybe six killers. I’d like to see a world with a million wolves in which there are maybe five or six idiots with itchy trigger fingers.

  3. Markets Tumble On Fears Of Global Economic Slowdown

    Ahh, the stock market and it’s annoying penchant for self-fulfilling prophecy.

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