Sunday Roast: Buh bye!

Hey kids, let’s join the Young Turks guys and take the argument to end birthright citizenship to its logical conclusion…oops.  Start packing, y’all.

This is our daily open thread — Rested and tan?  Wha…?

31 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Buh bye!

  1. On the McLaughlin Group Pat Buchanan said sending ‘anchor babies’ away will not be retroactive, thus the evil ones get to stay.

    • It’s particularly poignant to me today. A local Boy Scout troop was selling brats and hotdogs at a local supermarket and there they were. Two old fat guys in their Boy Scout uniforms and carrying guns. Ya know, if I ever felt so afraid that I thought I needed to pack heat I hope that i would just shoot myself rather than go on living in terror but I didn’t feel brave enough to walk over and ask them; “are you born cowards or did you learn to be afraid when you got old and fat?”.

  2. I’m here. Kinda. Seven AM is going to be real early tomorrow. Maybe things will go back to some level of normal for a while

      • That’s what I get for being out of pocket several days. You might need to give me a link for the ‘mods going fascist’.

        • That’s just it…no comments remain that even mention what went on.

          I missed it both times, so made this comment:

          NeapTide a day ago Removed

          Gracious me! Difficult to ‘follow’ exactly what transpired as many posts seem to have been poofed/disappeared.

          There was no reason for the mod to remove that.

          (I’m figuring now that NewMax is paying to advertise, the mods may have been told to go fascist. Really no way to tell. A few commenters asked the mods what was going on and there was never any answere)

          • I think Amato takes that Newsmax money and laughs all the way to the bank.

            C&L is a monarchy. If you like the king, it’s all good. The site has supported Nicole Sanders (at Radioornot), which suits me, but Amato doesn’t go on her show anymore. Lately, it’s been Driftglass and Bluegal doing a stint on her show. Susie Madrack is on sporadically, and I really miss Nicole Belle. Driftglass has the best radio voice since Peter B. Collins.

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