The Watering Hole, Saturday, August 29th, 2015: Let’s Get Away From It All

This ought to take your minds off of the insanity of the Republican “presidential hopefuls”, if only for a little while.

The Weather Channel has posted the finalists for its 2015 “It’s Amazing Out There” photo contest. So enjoy some cool photos and forget about Teh Stupid.

Here’s one of last year’s photo finalists, a cool shot taken by Dwayne Kear:
2014 Its Amazing Out There photo submitted by Dwayne Kear

So go ahead, refresh your sense of wonder at something other than jaw-dropping idiocy.

This is our daily Open Thread – enjoy!

33 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Saturday, August 29th, 2015: Let’s Get Away From It All

  1. Seeing the Weather Channel only reminds me of the local conditions, which today are maximum humidity. It’s supposed to rain after noon sometime, but right now it’s really sweaty trying to just do light work. At least I got the mowing done yesterday.

  2. After watching clips of T Ronald Dump speaking here and there over the last few days, a question pops up: If he gets the nomination, does that guarantee the permanent destruction of the Republican Party as it exists today, or does it herald the final victory of insanity over rational thought and rational government?

    • Because she’s in a no-lose situation. She either keeps her job, and they work around her, or she gets fired, in which case a GoFundMe page is created, and she’s an overnight millionaire.

    • Davis refuses to issue marriage licenses because of her religious beliefs, has divorced twice because the gay marriage ruling was so powerful it sent ripples back in time to destroy two of her marriages! The poor woman has suffered enough.

      Btw, seen this woman? She looks like the recruiting poster-woman for the Christianist Evangelicals.

  3. (hmm, who else stamped people with numbers?)

    From The Hill

    (he’s discussing those who came legally with a Visa)

    “We need to have a system that tracks you from the moment you come in, and then when your time is up … however long your visa is, then we go get you. We tap you on the shoulder and say, ‘Thanks for coming. Time to go.’ ”

  4. Southern migration is in full swing and birders are thrilled..
    In Jamaica, Birding can be a bit risky this time of year!

    Although this will be in the middle of the bird shooting season, no shooting is allowed in that area so there should be no unpleasant encounters with hunters.

  5. (did we see this the other day?)

    Baptist College President’s affair caught on tape, by son.

    Those christians…never follow their own bible.

  6. If you’re watching the Doctor Who Vincent Van Gogh episode, some of the art work (I’ve no idea exactly what, I missed some of what was being discussed) was done by an artist whose very early work convinced me to drop my art classes in high school.

    In one of the ‘behind the scenes extras’ during the show, they mention the name John Whalley – I looked him up, and it’s definitely the same John Whalley I used to know. My mum was friends with his mother, Charlotte, who was also our grammar school art teacher, so our families got together now and again when I was growing up. The Whalleys were the ones who introduced us to Maine–my parents and I went several times along with them. Long story short, I have one of John’s signed prints that he ‘presented’ to my mum hanging on our living room wall. I have another large watercolor (of Monhegan Island off the Maine coast), painted by John’s older sister, in the ‘guest’ room. Google ‘artist John Whalley’, you can find some of his work, but I’ve been unable to find the one that I have or some of his amazing early paintings.

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