Sunday Roast: Happy Zooniversary!!

Freddie just owns that whole stadium, doesn’t he?  Absolutely fantastic.  🙂

Anyhoo, I guess TheZoo has been a thing for a little over eight years — which is kinda nuts, actually — but in a good way!

Our Critters and Zoosters “met” about ten years ago on the ThinkProgress blog, when it was just a wee little thing with barely any comments.  Awwww, it was so cute.  Damn, look at it now!!  As good things tend to go on the interwebs, it eventually became overwhelmed with smelly ol’ trolls and several of us decided to just bug out — hence TheZoo!

We used to be a more serious blog, with lots of political posts, cartoons, and massive snark, which was linked on occasion by Crooks & Liars and ThinkProgress itself.  Srsly, cool, right?

These days we’re a comfy little online neighborhood pub, with daily open threads by the Critters containing wisdom, poetry, essays on politics/religion, photos, videos, the occasional bizarre rant (usually by that Zooey nutter), live-blogging political debatey-type things, and a multitude of insightful/snarky/sarcastic/snide/thoughtful/naughty comments by our loyal and well-loved Zoosters.

Thank you so much for hanging out, all y’all, and Happy Eight Years, everyone!

This is our daily open thread — Party on!

66 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Happy Zooniversary!!

  1. Faiz Shakir left his curse on Think Progress. The Facebook commenting system pretty much finished off my interest in hanging around there.

    What we have here is a lot like the Latest Threads page at Democratic Underground. Everybody brings in whatever stories they find from other sources that they think the community will find of interest, and comment on. We’re in a lull now, with the next Presidential election more than a year away, but things will pick up soon.

    I’m really happy calling this place my ‘home’ on the internet. I wish some of the early contributors here would drop in a little more often.

  2. I’m so glad I can come her when I need to discuss events with like-minded people. I don’t get much of that where I live.

  3. Cokie Roberts on Jorge Ramos (This Week): ‘He is an absolute icon in the Hispanic community. He is a very very big deal.’

    Trump may have cost the Rs the Presidency unless the eventual nominee really courts Ramos closer to the election. Candidates like Jeb Bush and Rubio realize this, but they don’t seem to have any traction with the Republican base.

  4. Happy Anniversary, fellow Zoosters. I remember having to get a facebook page so we could communicate away from TP when we first talked about creating a ‘troll-free’ corner of the web. And – well – we did it. We get the occasional post from a troll fly-by (often in response to one of my satires!) but they don’t stick around and leave their droppings all over the place.

    And thanks for covering for my Hump Day posts while I work through an overload at work. I’ll be back, soon: I haven’t abandoned my presidential bid!


  5. I’m new here, only five years give or take. Best way to sum it all up, curiously, was written by Wm. Wordsworth a couple of centuries ago. First he describes the Zoo with words ‘Rainbow, Rose, Moon, Waters on a starry night,’ and ‘sunshine.’ Then in his last line, he describes the rest of the world.

    The Rainbow comes and goes,
    And lovely is the Rose,
    The Moon doth with delight
    Look round her when the heavens are bare;
    Waters on a starry night
    Are beautiful and fair;
    The sunshine is a glorious birth;
    But yet I know, where’er I go,
    That there hath past away a glory from the earth.

    How’d an old poet know about the Zoo? Hard to figure. 🙂

  6. Bernie Sanders had two appearances on today’s Sunday shows. He was on This Week and CNN’s State Of The Union, both of which aired at 9:00 am EDT. He led off both shows. Pinch hitter Martha Raddatz did the interview on This Week, and Jake Tapper, the regular host, did on SOTU. Both interviews gave him good opportunities to contrast his positions to Hillary Clinton’s. Tapper gave him a little more leeway to expand on his answers, so he got a lot of policy covered in about ten minutes.

  7. Crap. I had to upgrade my system to 7 and lost all my old links. Had serious panic attack when I couldn’t find my way back to the Zoo and now I have to figure out how to sign in again. I’ve been gone awhile though I have still been reading in the weeds. Serendipity that I found my way back for the anniversary. For those who don’t remember this one, I’m still the cranky ole badger.

    • No mention of whether they could take their eReader, or other electronic devices and media in with them. What is the stock of movies and music? If I could bring my own stuff, I’d be a long ways toward surviving w/o killing more than half of the other people in the dome.

      I wonder what sort of work tasks they’ll be assigned? Much boredom can be sidestepped if there are meaningful activities one can engage in (beyond whether you can just sit there for a year staring at the other people staring at you.)

      The “no medical access” is a bit of BS — if anyone is in a serious way, they’ll crack the seal and take them out. The “no dental access,” well, welcome to my life.

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