The Watering Hole, Tuesday September 1, 2015

Away from food politics and environment for a moment, here is an essay on the presence of guns in the US with respect to other countries and the comparative murder and suicide rates. Surprised to actually find this at a CNN site.

Amerikans love their guns to death.

Papa bear, momma bear, and baby bear.

43 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday September 1, 2015

  1. Republican politicians from Ohio are upset that President Obama has returned the name Denali to the mountain formerly known by white a$$holes as Mt Mckinley.
    My suggestion: Find the tallest freeway overpass in Cleveland and name it “The Mckinley overpass”

    I’m sure Sarah “I blurt out stupid nonsense” Palin will have something deeply enlightening to say that will make no sense whatsoever.

    • Reminds me of the time back in the early days of W’s Iraq war. One of the very first Americans killed over there in 2003 was a native Arizonan — Army Spc. Lori Piestewa, a Hopi woman, the first native American woman to die in combat in the US military. AZ’s governor at the time was Janet Napolitano, a progressive who was well aware of the fact that a Phoenix landmark, one of the city’s desert mountains named Squaw Peak, was considered by all of AZ’s aboriginal people to be a demeaning and insulting name. So Napolitano leaped at the chance, and by declaration renamed the landmark in honor of the fallen Hopi woman — Piestewa Peak. As soon as news of the name change was made public, the Republican shit hit the fan in the form of screams, wailings, and even lawsuits.

      It took five years, but finally the name change became permanent and official. I’ve not been in Phoenix since ’08, but am willing to bet the mutterings and the bitching still goes on, and will continue to do so until the self-induced mass extinction of humans becomes finalized. Amurkkka’s a WHITE country, after all, an’ we don’t needs t’ celebrate them damn Injuns.

      • I do not acknowledge the existence of Phoenix or its surrounding area.
        I like Tuscon and areas south of that and I love Northern Arizona but, I draw the line at Bumblebee.
        All roads south of Bumblebee that lead into the traffic packed smog bowl known collectively as Phoenix were off limits to me.
        I’m sure it hasn’t improved.

        • In ’62 when I first moved to Tempe from MN, “The Valley” was a great place. Lots of open land — farms, desert — and open spaces between Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, etc. When I left in 2008 the area was so contaminated with humans — 4-5 million of the bums — that I was happy to GTF out. Haven’t been back since, but I do miss the deserts, mountains, canyons, forests (the few that remain un-burnt) — everything but the crowds of people. Them I don’t miss at all.

    • I’m not sure when they did it (and don’t feel like Googling it), but Alaska has officially been calling it Denali for decades. In fact, I understand they’ve been printing their state maps this way for about as long. I also heard that in one of her last speeches as Governor, she referred to it as Denali, and not “the White Man’s Name.”

      But if she does complain, then it’s more proof that she’s a total lame-ass hypocrite.

      • In 1975, a dispute over the name of an Alaska mountain arose when the Alaska Legislature asked the U.S. federal government to officially change the mountain’s name from Mount McKinley back to Denali.
        …Alaska requested that the mountain be officially recognized as Denali, as it was still the common name used in the state.

  2. Diane Ravitch, a thoughtful and long-time opponent of the corporatization of education and the substitution of standardized tests for teaching, has posted a link to a petition calling itself “A Manifesto for a Revolution.” I would encourage folks to follow the link below, check out the petition, and if it is in line with your own thoughts, to sign on. (In addition, if you are interested in education issues, you might consider following Diane’s blog.)

      • If Dr. Suess were to write a rhyme about Walmart.

        I will not shop there Sam I am.
        I will not stop there in a jam.
        I will not push your plastic carts,
        Or shop with creeps that smell like farts.
        Your Chinese crap I do not need.
        Your GMO foods, they do not feed.
        Your sprawling stores ruin habitat.
        The shoppers drive over animals and make them flat.
        Your agenda, that of greed, control of thought, your family breeds.
        I will not shop there Sam I am.
        Your crap’s not worthy of a garbage can.

  3. Trumpy has actually performed one service. He has made it abundantly clear that the rightwhiners are petulant toddlers who love blustering bullies. His latest “attack ad” also speaks volumes. How does he attack Jeb? Not my pointing out that he will, if elected, surround himself with the exact same people who lied us into war and crashed the world’s economy. Not by pointing out any of the failed policies he enacted as Governor of Florida. Nope. The big attack, the worst thing he can think of saying about Jeb, is that he once said something nice about a Clinton.

    • “but I also am requesting what our Founders envisioned”

      Oh really?

      I don’t suppose that would be:

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