The Watering Hole Friday September 4, 2015 – Music Night

College Football season starts this weekend. Can’t let that go by without putting up the best marching band in the country. Cats and I will be up in Portland on Saturday to watch my alma mater take on Penn State. 12:30PM start time if you want to join us. Bridge City Tap Room. 620 SE 122nd Ave, Portland, OR 97233



78 thoughts on “The Watering Hole Friday September 4, 2015 – Music Night

  1. There aren’t any records of what my high school marching band did, from ’74 — 75. We might not have been this good, but we were fucking unbelievable.

  2. Many of these people I know, some fewer I know by name. At the end of every day at Bristol Ren Faire, there is a drum jam (6:00 PM.) This one is from 2011.

    • People like to dismiss this version because it is too “modern,” even “disco.”

      I played trumpet for 9 years, from age 9 to 18 (when I enlisted in the Army.) I was never very good, but I learned to hear what good sounded like. And this is fucking amazing. Alpert is a trumpeter on the same scale as Maurice Andre, but his working class background meant he could never record anything but pop.

      Compare the depth of sound in the trumpet between the above (and Alpert is looping all three lines) and this classic piece from Maurice Andre, the greatest classical trumpeter of the past 70 years:

  3. Nonewhere, a 12:30 pm starting time? That’s a 2:30 pm start here. My prime game at that time will be the CBS SEC game between Louisville and Auburn, but I’ll check in, hoping Temple can pull off the mild upset, they’re only 6.5 point underdogs.

    My game starts on ABC at 8pm EDT. with Alabama vs Wisconsin in Arlington. I turned in my old Comcast DVR tuner for a new one today, so I wouldn’t risk a malfunction during the game.

  4. This one goes to Kim Davis ….. what a fookin loser…..

    “Been a whole lot happier, since her face left town….”

  5. After being stung over fifteen times this morning going into my hives, I’m going to play some Herb Alpert “A Taste of Honey”
    It was my fault, it was hot, they were pissy and I was in shorts.

  6. Spin Doctors – 1 album I think…. but it was a fun one….. liked this love song of theirs

  7. Back on theme…. the band now known as ‘Who’s Left?’ – I am missing what is probably their last run to Seattle end of the month…. I will be in London.

    • I saw the the Who on the last tour they would ever do….back in the ’80’s! I was physically too far away and mentally too far away to really ‘listen’ to them. LOL

  8. A pleasure to see this drum band that is also a social movement in Brazil…… seen Oludum a few times, here in Seattle and there, in Salvador…. the cobbled streets and bright coloured houses of the central old town of Salvador are the backdrop for this one.

  9. This goes out to everyone who fought and lost, and fought and died, and fought and won for the rights of working people everywhere….. this struggle is never over….it’s us versus them… always.

    This one is about the Tolpuddle Martyrs – the world’s first labour union.

  10. All of the members of the University of Idaho tuba section wear skirts. I don’t know how it came about, but it’s pretty awesome!

  11. Another one for Labour Day….. Billy Bragg at Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop in Austin….

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