The Watering Hole, Monday, September 7th, 2015: Buzzwords

I ran across the following comment by “Lando Thig” on a recent ThinkProgress thread about Donald Trump. I thought it was a wonderful snarky compilation of Republican/conservative/TeaParty/racist talking points, lies, and general idiocy.

Lando Thig

I am a Black Republican because:

There is Legitimate Rape, California is a state sponsor of terror, Corporations are People, Ban gay marriage, Obama brought Ebola to kill whites, Jews control the liberal media, Evolution is a myth, End birth right citizenship, Obama will run for a 3rd term, The earth is only 6,000 years old, People are only poor because they are lazy, Illegals will self-deport, Hitler was a good man, School teachers need guns, Global Warming is a myth, Abstinence Only Education works, Blacks are the real racists, Harry Potter teaches Satanism, Al Qaeda has camps on Mexican border, Lower the minimum wage, Voter ID laws allow double voting, I can see Russia from my back porch, Benghazi was Hillary’s crime, Liberals declared war against Christianity, I listen to Rush Limbaugh, Reagan is God, Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, Homosexuality can be cured, Repeal and Replace ObamaCare, Mission Accomplished, Oops!, Birth Control coverage hurt religious freedom, Tax cuts pay for themselves, I’m against Affirmative Action, Welfare equals Communism, We love the NRA, Deport blacks back to Africa, I only watch Fox News, Obummer is a Muslim, Pro-Choice is Pro-Death, NSA spying started under NoBummer, No Pathway to Citizenship, God told me to run for president, US Army plans to invade Texas, Tea Party are patriots, Open Carry by Gun by God, Obama created ISIS, Food Stamps is Fascism, Michelle Obama is a man, ObamaCare will create Death Panels, We need prayer in school, Dems hate the military, Jesus is a Republican, Obummer wants to give Texas to Mexico, Eliminate the EPA, I demand more military spending, NObama was born in Kenya, Democrats are socialists, Obama didn’t kill Osama Bin Laden, We must privatize Public Education, Putin’s a better president than Obama, Stop pensions now, More tax subsidies for the job creators, 47% of Americans are takers, Money is free Speech, Saddam attacked us on 9/11, Reagan proved deficits don’t matter,  Ban citizenship for anchor-babies, Unions kill jobs, Bill Clinton caused 9/11, Companies cross-breed humans and animals, God will close the IRS, Shutdown the government, We need a flat tax, Government’s plotting to take your guns, The Confederate Flag is not racist, Build a border fence, Impeach Obama, Joe the Plummer’s one of us, Bailing out GM was wrong, I support Iraq’s invasion, Libturds hate Freedom, The South Shall Rise Again.

I’ll bet that we could add a few more lines/lies to that list!

This is our daily Open Thread–talk about anything you want.


41 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, September 7th, 2015: Buzzwords

  1. I think you hit all the bases.
    What’s left to cover?
    I would say: “Mission Accomplished”

    • I liked the cigarette warning labels when I was in Germany at the duty free store.
      “Smoking clogs the arteries, causes heart attacks and strokes”
      “Smoking kills”

      • When I was stationed at Ramstein AB in West Germany (pre-unification), a carton of cigarettes at the base exchange cost $4.50. That’s a carton, ten packs, not one pack. It made quitting harder because they were so cheap.

        • When I was in college, a carton was two bucks. Big savings, given a pack was a quarter (same price as a pound of chicken or a pound of ground beef). Times have changed.

          • I recall buying cigarettes from a machine for a quarter with 2 pennies inside each pack. Of course I remember buying penny candy that did only cost 1 cent too!

            • And bubble gum! And five sticks of chewing gum for a nickle. A dime for a comic book. Popsicle for a nickle. Ice cream cone (1 scoop) for a nickle. And in my dad’s bakery, a dozen choc. chip cookies for 20 cents, a dozen sweet rolls for 45 cents, 1.5 lb bread for 20 cents.

              Good ol’ days, gone. 😥

        • When I was in the Navy (62-65), when we left port, the storekeeper sold cigarettes for $1.00 a carton. In one port in Italy, a shipmate spent a night in a hotel with meals, drinks and a woman for 2 cartons!

  2. Palin told CNN’s Jake Tapper Sunday that she had one niece named “Denali” and another niece named “McKinley,” which is indicative of how there is a “bit of a split” on how Alaskans feel on the topic. I’d like to source that info.

    So it isn’t just her immediate family that give their kids stupid names. I’ll bet someone in her extended family is named Inuit and Iditarod.

  3. R.I.P., Martin Miler and Judy Carne.

    As we get farther and farther away from our youth….

  4. Virginia Tech’s helmets are stunning! Looks almost like a candy apple red metallic, with the VT on the side a white outline with the base color inside the letters.

    • Urban Meyer went with last year’s hero Cardale Jones at QB. I understand both Braxton Miller and J.T. Barrett were ready to play.

    • The headline mentioned the boy and his dog were rescued.
      No where in the article was the dog mentioned. (do you suppose it was Lassie)

      • That was an updated headline.

        I have to wonder how anyone knew the boy was in the well, if it wasn’t Lassie…

  5. Here is a link to the Twitter feed of a comedian raising money for Planned Parenthood “in the name of Ted Cruz.” It appears PP will send you a computer-generated Thank You repeating the reason for your donation, such as “in honor of the really messy wet dream Ted Cruz had about Justin Bieber last night.”

    It is hilarious.

    • Thanks for that link!

      “planned parenthood literally puts babies on a tiny cross made of gay marriage certificates and rips off their arms”

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