The Watering Hole, Tuesday September 8, 2015 – Environmental News and Food Politics

Climate Change will Cost Trillions

You heard it here first.

The country’s economy needs to start a national environmental IRA.



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  1. Wierd that my phone is still logged in five days later. This would be a short week but they will expect me to work Friday since it won’t be overtime.

  2. Which brings about a good question.
    Being the union hating bully that he is, I wonder what Scott Walker did yesterday?
    He probably had the day off thanks to unions.

  3. We don’t need to start saving up for the future costs of battling climate change, we just have to start raising prices and recognize that we’ve been doing things the cheap way fro far too long.

    And I don’t want to hear the Right Wing complain for a second, since the only reasons it’s going to cost trillions is that THEY blocked everything we tried to do to solve the problem over the past forty years. It would only cost a tenth of what it will if we had dome something back then. The climate change deniers are the reason for the high cost of fixing it now. So they should just STFU now.

    • Global climate change deniers along with (global) corporate/capitalist profit-mongers are the equivalent of the giant meteor that smacked down some 65 million years ago and caused the fifth mass extinction. Who would ever have thought that greedy idiots would one day prove to be the approximate equivalent of a brainless and random meteor?

    • Not only is climate change going to change the way we live, but primarily the way we grow food.
      As water resources diminish, hydration scarcity will become the number one issue.
      Except, of course for TrumpDuck. He’ll want to deport the migrant labor force that harvests the fresh food, so in order to attract Amurkin laber, we’ll have to pay a decent wage (imagine that!).
      Welcome to $10.00 lb strawberries.

  4. Obama is reported to have 41 Senators who back the Iran deal, which should sustain a filibuster so there won’t be a vote.

    • Even if a few of them defect — all he technically needs is 34. (My understanding has been that the structure of the treaty was such that it required a “super-fillibuster”, a full 2/3’s, as opposed to just 60%.)

    • Defiant weasel isn’t she?
      She want her name off the same-sex certificates…easy enough Kim, quit your position as clerk!

    • Now it’s time for the jail clerk to refuse to issue her release papers, due to their deeply held religious belief that people in jail are bad people and should rot there, even if they are supposed to be allowed out by law.

      And released before Huckabible could use it to grandstand with the whackadoodles. HA!

      • That would be simply hilarious.

        And I still want to see someone in charge of issuing gun permits refuse to issue same because they are religious pacifists. The rightwhiners supporting her would turn 180 degrees on what a county official is allowed to do so effing fast their heads would fall off.

    • She’s on shaky ground defying the order herself, but instructing her staff not to do it may be a separate crime in and of itself. She doesn’t have the authority to order her staff to join her in her defiance of the law. They have to make that choice themselves, and they can be fired (unlike her.)

    • Shouldn’t she be stoned to death like the Bible says, seeing how she’s an adultress multiple times over?

  5. Isn’t this the same terms she refused on Thursday? She should have to sign an agreement before she’s released.

    • Speaking of coral reefs…

      My new snails and hermit crabs are thriving! The tank is definitely cleaner and the “nuisance algae” is shrinking in volume while the “good algae” is growing in leaps and bounds. I also had a friend who works in a rock quarry pick me up some choice bits of limestone composed of very, very, old fossils and it has already added a bunch of calcium to the tank so I am hopeful that the invertebrates will last longer than i am accustomed to.

      Now I just need to talk my friend into a joint business venture. We could just sell the bare rock for $1.50 a pound, plus shipping, and undercut the competition or we could set up some culturing tanks in his basement, actually turn it into cultured “live rock” with algae growing on it, and sell it for much more.

  6. Huckabee: ‘If Somebody Needs To Go To Jail, I’m Willing To Go In Her Place’

    Quote from Contact:

    “Back home that’s what we call an overcooked ham.”

    • Can you think of a better example of just how crazy the GOP has become? The Huckster is actually running on a platform based on defying the law of the land and engaging in criminal behavior. And he has yet to be laughed off the stage!

        • Parody is usually funny or at least amusing on some level.
          These people are psycho’s.
          Funny in a scary clown kind of way.

    • Surprise (not).

      Brady’s Trumphilia still seems deep. “It’s pretty amazing what he’s been able to accomplish,” he told WEEI, though did not specify the accomplishment.

    • Cheaters looooove other cheaters. Unless they are in the same profession. If Trumpy played football Brady would call him all sorts of nasty, and probably true, names.

    • I have to give the guy credit.
      Morse code is not exactly mainstream anymore.
      I had to learn it but that doesn’t mean I remember it.

    • And in his brilliance, Joe had this to say:

      “Just because five Supreme Court judges make a ruling, it’s not a law.”

  7. They say Kim Davis is being treated like a Rock Star.
    Does that mean she’s going to be ripped off by Huckster and overdose on drugs?
    Yeah, I know I’m a dreamer.

    • This is believable…

      Patrick Korten, a spokeswoman for Day, said the complaints were baseless. He said the Hitler picture was part of a display to honor the service of veterans in World War Two and not to glorify the Nazi dictator.

      “We went to war against Hitler,” Korten said. “His picture was there. It was not admiringly. It was him as the epitome of the enemy that we went to fight against.”

      Hmm, my maternal Gran never displayed a portrait of Hitler. Her only two sons died in the war.

      • Totally legit. Why there’s plenty if judges who have photos of Osama bin Laden in their offices.

  8. “This woman is no hero … If she had denied marriage certificates to an interracial couple, would people cheer her? Would presidential candidates flock to her side?” George Takei posted on Facebook.

    Umm, yes George, they would.

    • If she did that — deny marriage certs to same sex, interracial, and even to Christer/non-Christer couples — she’d be running for fuhrer PRESIDENT! and would enjoy massive support from ignorant bigots in every state.

      • She did. She denied marriage licenses to everybody because she didn’t want to be seen as discriminating against gay people (against whom she says she has no ill feelings). So, essentially, she refused to do her job, and not for any acceptable reason. And she ordered her deputy clerks to defy the judge’s orders, too, which I think might be a felony in and of itself. It ought to be. She could certainly tell them, “If any of you refuse to do this for the same reasons as I, I will stand with you.” But, no, she ordered them not to issue marriage licenses in defiance of the court order to do so. That’s something different.

  9. With Huck stealing the spotlight with Kim Davis, I bet right about now, Jeb! is really pissed he can’t literally and figuratively resurrect Terri Schiavo.

    • … Await ‘Nuclear Holocaust’ If Iran Deal Passes

      That sounds like a TwilightZone episode.
      Too bad the conservatives never follow through on their threats.
      Rush is still in the U.S. after threatening he’d leave in Obama was elected POTUS…

  10. Positive thoughts it will pass this time!

    Right-to-die measure clears California Assembly

    The controversial “right to die” bill now goes to the state Senate, which had endorsed an earlier version of the legislation in June. That vote could happen as early as Thursday.

    • I think the bastards are going to pull it off. The charges against ACORN were equally ridiculous and came from an allied source. Planned Parenthood might survive but they will have to do it without a penny in federal funds.

    • How can we feed hungry children if we fund war?

      “How can they be the mothers of the children when children are aborted through Planned Parenthood?” he asked.

      If Sensenbrenner had any sense he’d know that Federal funds can not be used for abortions!

    • That’s my fault. Not knowing he was going to post something, I was going to set up my driving post for today. Then, after seeing he had one scheduled, I didn’t bother to take mine out of drafts so I could post it this weekend. In the mean time, I guess he thought I was posting it today, so he rescheduled his for next Wednesday.

  11. I found our old friend Mr Evil on RawStory, and invited him to stop by.

    Everyone be on your best behavior for at least 5 minutes.

    • Charlie Sheen Winning

      Charlie Sheen Winning (also known as CSW for short) Is a disorder in which one feels that no matter what they do, they are always “winning” at life. CSW is quite similar to insanity except with CSW, you KNOW you’re being crazy. You just don’t give a fuck.

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