The Watering Hole; (Friday) September Eleventh (2015); WAR

One wearies of incessant Voice of War.
Across full breadth of time each nom de guerre
Inflicts upon the Human soul a scar
Which screams in mockery of hallowed prayer.
How many millions must we finally kill
Before is learned this simple quirk of fate:
That murdered dead, in valley or on hill,
Do NOT portend a Greatness in The State?
Upon this Earth of monuments and tombs
Which weep for fallen souls, it’s fair to shout
NO MORE! to darkness that forever looms
In constant threat. And let there be no doubt
Of this–War’s victims hang upon the Cross
Of senseless death as silent, wretched, loss.

Fourteen years ago today was THAT day, September 11, 2001, yet one more “date which shall live in inf . . . ” etc. It was clearly devastating for so many — victims, families of victims, friends, co-workers — each and all now become “Collateral Damage” as they’re often called by politicians, by militarists. I’m not at all sure there is, anywhere, an accurate count of all the ‘collateral damage’ since 9-11, the event which spawned wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and today in Syria and Iraq. The fact remains, however, that in war — ANY war — each and every ‘Senseless death,’ represents a silent, wretched, loss.’

Below are a couple of photos that I received via email in the aftermath. They (sort of) tell at least a small part of the 9-11 story.

mdf51247tragedy-greatpictureThe 9-11 attacks were, indeed, horrible and devastating acts of war. What seems even worse than the actual 9-11 incident, however, is the collective impact of events which followed,  including those two wars — one still underway nearly fourteen years later, the other now formally ended, but stll a tragic mistake from day one — which have collectively led to such disasters as ISIL’s Phoenix-like rise from the ashes (and the resultant refugee “crisis” in Europe), and perhaps also an acceleration of Iran’s nuclear quest.

And what benefit has either side gained from their brutal conflict? The answer is a simple one: Beyond mutual horror and destruction, NOTHING.

But still we must grieve, and rightly so, over the impact on the true victims, the innocent people who are caught in the maelstrom. Rarely, in fact, are the tyrants — those foolish mental fossils who initiate each casus belli — among the victims. More commonly, the victims are those who either volunteer or are conscripted to become fighters, and always in the company of tens or hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children killed by bombs, or gunfire, or inferno: those innocent dead called “collateral damage — or, in the Julian Assange/Wikileaks Iraq war vernacular, Collateral Murder. .

As someone once pointed out, the rules of war are quite simple. Rule Number One is that in war, innocent people die. Rule Number Two is that no one can do anything to change Rule Number One. I imagine if someone could somehow concoct a ‘no more war’ option . . . nah, not possible. War is cool. Lots of money in it. And kingdom! And power! And glory!! Forever and ever!!! . . . etc.

We cannot stop war, nor can we prevent the next one. But we can, at least, remember the innocent victims of each and every war. It is to them and to their families, friends, and loved ones, that I offer the following:

of those who died before their time

One wonders if they ever heard the cry.
The sound, the summons, which to faithful says:
Your God has called, your time is come to die
And travel on – conclusion of your days
On earth, the end of all familiar things –
Your Lives, your Loves, interred now, sans the pain
Inflicted by ungodly bands of kings
Who find their purpose in despotic shame.

So now all living walk upon a cache –
Abysmal graveyards – globally extant,
Concealing flesh and bone returned to ash
From which it came. Tears want to flow, but can’t
As souls of murdered dead now roam – set free –
And living close their eyes: Afraid to see.

May we never forget their sacrifice.



74 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; (Friday) September Eleventh (2015); WAR

  1. Speaking of “mental fossils” —

    43% Of Republicans Say They Could Support A Military Overthrow Of The U.S. Government

    This base is infuriated that the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare, that gay people can get married, and that they have to press 1 for English. They’re upset that white privilege, which is still very much alive, is being challenged by activists – many of them being white. It’s a safe guess that a lot of the 43% of Republicans who could support the military taking over the government also claim to be supporters of democracy and the Constitution, just so long as the two are working in their favor.

  2. The GOP adds one more layer of proof to the thesis that it gives a shit about NOTHING other than its continuous effort to mollify and please the big money/corporate weasels whose interests it has promised to eternally serve.

    In Radical Shift, GOP Leaders Actively Embrace Catastrophic Climate Change

    In fact, for most of the past quarter-century, most of the GOP leadership has at least given lip service to the idea that global warming is a global problem that needs a global solution. Not only have they abandoned that public position, but they now apparently believe the role of the “exceptional” and “indispensable” nation is to actively work to undermine the world’s best chance to save billions of people — including generations of Americans — from needless misery.

      • That would be simple. One question. “Do you believe the crazy crap you say?” If his answer is “yes” then he would be immediately strapped to the floor and pumped full of Thorazine until the voices in his head STFU.

        Hmmm. I think that would apply to just about the entire GOP and would certainly apply to those who think the GOP hasn’t moved far enough to the right.

  3. The ‘apologies’ are so damn lame.

    Petra Laszlo said in a letter to the Magyar Nemzet newspaper (in Hungarian) that “something snapped” in her as migrants broke through a police cordon.
    She said that she reacted out of panic and felt she had to “defend herself”.

    Defend herself? Defend herself from a man holding a child?

  4. Pope Francis to declare Spanish priest a saint, but some Native Americans beg to differ

    For many Native Americans, however, Serra is no saint. The Indians who joined the missions Serra built were forced to shed their own culture, including their religion, dress and food. Thousands of them died prematurely from European diseases.

    “It will be a day of mourning for our people,” says Valentin Lopez, chairman of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band, located along the central coast of Monterey Bay in California.

    Lopez said he will be cutting his own long black hair short as a visible sign of his mourning. He and other Native Americans point to Serra’s leadership over a mission system where many were abused and died. Serra “has to be recognized as the architect of the system,” Lopez said.

    (this is Fray Serra overlooking Freeway 280 on the S.F. Peninsula)

    • That would be Junipero Serra, right? Seems to me he headed to California from the Tubac Presidio located between Tumacacori and San Xavier in what’s now S. Arizona. IIRC, the expedition was led by Juan Bautista de Anza — in 1776 — and missions were thereafter established in San Gabriel, also the Bay area in what’s now Monterrey, San Jose, and San Francisco. Is that close?

      I wouldn’t think any of that justifies sainthood, though. Those Spaniards were about as “Christian” as Republicans are these days.

      • Actually he’s pointing at the San Andreas Fault.
        On the other side of that hill he’s pointing at is Half Moon Bay.
        After that it’s Hawaii.
        The guy was a study in being a religious head case.

      • Yes, frugal. The Catholic church and the Spanish ‘explorers’ made the Native Indians slaves. Breaking them down by not allowing to speak or write Native language. Not allowing them to dress as they were used to.

  5. Perry’s suspending his campaign. Only four at the kiddies’ table with Fiorina making eleven on the bigger stage.

  6. We keep trusting that the el Nino is coming (not soon enough as these 98º and 100º days totally zap energy)

  7. Donald Trump just can’t stop dropping hints that THAT’S how it is in their family:

    Donald Trump really appreciates his daughter Ivanka’s good looks – probably a little too much.

    In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Trump delivered a more-than-vaguely-sexual response when the magazine’s reporter praised Ivanka Trump, a prominent businesswoman in her own right.

    “Yeah, she’s really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father …” he said.

    It’s hardly the first time Trump, the Republican Party’s 2016 frontrunner, has gone a shade too far complimenting his daughter.

    “If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her,” Trump cracked in a now-infamous 2006 interview with “The View.”

    Three years earlier, the billionaire real estate mogul described Ivanka as “6 feet tall” with “the best body” during an appearance on Howard Stern’s shock jock radio show.

    • When TX becomes its own country, all these religious folk from other states, can migrate and pick which bible they’ll abide.

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