Sunday Roast: Happy bins

And now for something completely different.  To me, anyway!

I wouldn’t mind having him paint my bins, but I think I’d rather have him paint my car.  Prolly not classy, but it would be neato.

This is our daily open thread — What do all y’all think?

52 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Happy bins

  1. Having to log in with Internet Explorer every morning to ‘Like’ the post is annoying. So is having the ‘replies to me’ lit up all day without being able to see what they are. Is anyone else using Chrome and having the same problem, or is it just me?

  2. I just went outside. There’s this strange sensation on my skin. The air chills me. It’s 48 degrees outside. Footballs…

  3. On FtN, they just announced Bernie Sanders is leading Hillary 43-33 in Iowa, and leading 52-30 in New Hampshire. This is apparently a YouGov poll with a MOE of 7.4 points, so not a large sampling, but it’s what FtN is using.

    • House, I’ve seen it. However, except for Al Gore no non-incumbent candidate in living memory or since primaries are held has won all primaries. Hillary is still good. Moreover, Bernie has ticked off the African American constituency by bringing in Cornel West, twitter is abuzz with it. They do not like it at all. He is starting to face more criticism and scrutiny now that he is frontrunner in Iowa.

      • I am not familiar with Cornell West being a problem for Bernie. What is it that the African American constituency have against West?

          • Hard to gauge support/detraction from a Twitter stream. Most of the AA community who dislike West, do so because he has called Obama out for his corporate-friendly decisions, particularly in appointments. I haven’t yet been able to determine if West approached Bernie’s campaign or if Bernie’s campaign solicited help from West.

            • house, what I think, and that is speculation based on what I’ve read and seen in years, so this is far from scientific call it a gut feeling. To African Americans Bernie Sanders is still a privileged old white male, who decided to go socialist, but still belongs to the tribe. Hillary Clinton, however, as a woman, belongs to those still fighting for their civil rights, women are not by default as privileged as white males.

              Hillary has more support from the AA community that Bernie Sanders ever will have. And Democrats can’t forego those votes. And then I believe, it is an error to think AAs are by default socialists or at least close to socialism. The Obama brand of conservatism, focus on healthy families, learning, education, discipline, responsibility rings true with many AA citizens, because they can identify with the need for just that. He and his family are a role model for many. Wall Street and Corporations, Washington appointments, is a concept of old white men or elites. It is a world which most AAs cannot really influence anyway.

              I don’t know whether I am coherent here, but, again: One could try and evaluate this empirically, but when it comes to elections reasons matter less than facts and HRC leads Bernie Sanders among AAs.

    • You should hang out at Democratic Underground a while. They don’t need agent provocateurs over there to stir up the anti-Hillary crowd.

    • I personally don’t care which Democrat grabs the nomination, he or she has my vote. The reason is obvious: IF a Republican prevails along with control of Congress and SCOTUS, this country’s days become severely numbered.

      Curiously enough, I said the same thing when Bush ran against Gore and “won.” Remember the next eight years, and what the end result was? A terrorist attack, two stupid wars, massive debt, a screwed up economy, tax rewards handed to the corps and the wealthy, apparently a purposeful diminishment of the middle class and the poor by any means possible, and a crashed economy, damn near another depression. The Republican reaction? It was OBAMA that screwed everything up.

      The GOP is the current manifestation of a fascist movement, and if they should regain control, I fear the American goose is finally cooked for good.

      I will, therefore, happily support whichever Democrat runs. It may well be our very last chance. Meanwhile, I will NOT badmouth any Democrat in the running. Period.

    • Oh gosh, that’s sweet! Thanks Ebb. I plan to spend my birthday as I spent today, feeding a slightly injured 10 day old pig in my kitchen. A larger litter mate must have stepped on it’s foot. It’s been in for only 24 hours and already knows not to pee unless we take it outside. These creatures, like all critters, are amazing.

  4. On Fareed Zakaria, John Sawers, former head of MI-6 in the UK, “I know President Rouhani from my time as the chief British negotiator on the Iran deal in between 2003 and 2007. We started it that long ago.”

    If getting such a better deal was so easy, why didn’t Bush/Cheney do it?

      • A constant state of war is necessary for fascism to exist. It’s one reason why the whitey-righties keep creating fake wars where none exist. “War on cops”, “war on Christians”, “war on Christmas”, “war on conservatives”, “war on whites”, etc. There are a lot of similarities between the rightwhiners bogus wars and, at the risk of going Godwin, the way that the Nazis convinced so many Germans that all their problems were caused by Jews.

        • “The revulsion against war . . . will be an almost insuperable obstacle for us to overcome. For that reason, I am convinced that we must begin now to set the machinery in motion for a permanent wartime economy.”
          ~Charles E. Wilson, president of General Electric (1940-42, 1945-50), head of the Office of Defense Mobilization (1951), and US Secretary of Defense (1953-57); in an internal memo, 1944.

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