The Watering Hole, Monday, September 14th, 2015: ICYMI Grab Bag

While the “Christian” flavor of the right-wing-religious-nut-jobs have been hogging the limelight lately, there’s been more of ‘teh crazy’ happening over in the Mormon corner. According to an article by Peggy Fletcher Stack in last Thursday’s Salt Lake Tribune, many Mormons, in the belief that the signs are about right for doomsday to arrive, are starting preparations (these Mormons are referred to as “preppers.) Here’s a couple of excerpts from the article, titled “Some Mormons stocking up amid fears that doomsday could come this month”:

“Jordan Jensen, a salesman at Emergency Essentials, said his Bountiful store has been “crazy busy, sales up by definitely a large amount.”
Those 72-hour emergency kits are “almost impossible to keep on the shelves,” Jensen says, “and we get a shipment every day.” A lot of customers, he says, believe “this is the month it will all happen — with a ‘blood moon’ and a currency collapse and everything.”

Here’s how the doomsday scenario plays out: History, some preppers believe, is divided into seven-year periods…In 2008, seven years after 9/11, the stock market crashed, a harbinger of a devastating recession. It’s been seven years since then, and Wall Street has fluctuated wildly in recent weeks in the wake of China devaluing its currency. Thus, they believe, starting Sept. 13, the beginning of the Jewish High Holy Days, there will be another, even larger financial crisis, based on the United States’ “wickedness.” That would launch the “days of tribulation” — as described in the Bible. They say Sept. 28 will see a full, red or “blood moon” and a major earthquake in or near Utah. Some anticipate an invasion by U.N. troops, technological disruptions and decline, chaos and hysteria.

Some of these speculations stem from Julie Rowe’s books, “A Greater Tomorrow: My Journey Beyond the Veil” and “The Time Is Now.” Rowe, a Mormon mother of three, published the books in 2014 to detail a “near-death experience” in 2004, when the author says she visited the afterlife and was shown visions of the past and future. Though Rowe rarely gives specific dates for predicted events, she did describe in a Fox News Radio interview “cities of light,” including scores of white tents where people will live in the mountains and sometimes be fed heavenly “manna.” She saw a “bomb from Libya landing in Israel, but Iran will take credit.” And “Gadianton robbers” of Book of Mormon infamy, meaning secret and corrupt leaders, are “already here.”

Okay, that’s the crazy part–now for the scary-crazy part:

Her purpose in speaking out, Rowe told interviewer Kate Dalley, was “to wake more of us up. … We need each other as we unify in righteousness and continue to build a righteous army. When we need to defend the [U.S.] Constitution, we will be ready.”

Oh, great, another right-wing-religious-nut-job cult that doesn’t understand that the Constitution proscribes the very idea of their “righteous” religious rule. Then again, this particular zealot who is trying to build her “righteous army” may not have a whole army of followers:

“For the past year, the popular writer has been sharing her experience and visions at Mormon venues nationwide, drawing crowds of eager — and worried — listeners. Her two books have sold more than 20,000 copies apiece.”

Uh-huh, and probably all 40,000 books are sitting in a Newsmax warehouse or its religious-literature equivalent.

Next, from TheWeatherChannel, cool photos of volcanic ‘blue’ lava, taken by photographer Reuben Wu in East Java, Indonesia.

Last, NASA has some new photos of Pluto to share from New Horizons’ flyby of the “dwarf planet.” Photos of Pluto’s moons will be coming along soon.

This is our daily Open Thread–enjoy!

76 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, September 14th, 2015: ICYMI Grab Bag

    • The logistical ramifications of the Rapture may result in delays. But on the bright side, we’ll be needing immigrants to replace them!

    • Do Mormons believe in the rapture? And if they do, do they believe that all will be taken up, or just a finite number of “Elect”? If the latter, then there may be some of the righteous left behind.

        • Especially since some of those slots are occupied by quite a few of the murderous bastards from the 19th C. (I was only wondering about the finite number. I know others — 7th Day? — believe something like that.)

    • The good rapture news is that once all the believers are sucked up, a whole lot of the Republican base will be gone, along with Sick Rantorum and Ted Cruz, pHuckabee, maybe even Jindal. Unfortunately, Trump will still be among us, but maybe if all the idiots are gone he’ll be but a relic with weird hair. . . . oh wait . . . ummmm . . . well, whatever. 😯

  1. Hyuk!
    Some anticipate an invasion by U.N. troops, technological disruptions and decline, chaos and hysteria.
    Invasion by what UN Troops? The blue helmet guys ‘n gals who can’t protect any portion of Mogadishu?
    technological disruptions like Ashley Madison getting hacked and church elders getting exposed?
    Folks, the chaos and hysteria starts with these goofers, er, preppers…

  2. “And “Gadianton robbers” of Book of Mormon infamy, meaning secret and corrupt leaders, are “already here.”’
    Most people know these as Republicans.

  3. You want to know what I have hoarded for my doomsday prepper end of all times?


    That’s right.
    Just see how far those nut jobs make it in the morning without coffee after being left behind.

  4. End time News —

    Prepare For The End Times To Start Next Week … Possibly … But Maybe Not

    Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries. . . .

    “I think because there are about 25 things converging in September,” she said, “I think the question is: Could all of this be coincidence? Of the 25 — and we can’t go through them all — between the Shemitah, the Jewish high holy days, the Pope’s visit, and so much more, a global government, the discussion of the United Nations at the end of September, the list goes on and on and on and on.”

      • Yah butt it’s every seven years, see. Like in 2008 came the recession, in 2001 came terrists — count ’em, every seven yrs!

        What happened in — lessee — 2001 take away 7 . . . umm . . . 1994?


        See, there’s something to it. We be doomed. 😦

        • This intrigues me:

          Where do the Mormons believe the Garden of Eden is?

          Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as Mormons or Latter-day Saints) believe that after Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden they resided in a place known as Adam-Ondi-Ahman, located in present-day Daviess County, Missouri.

          • Years ago I worked with a Mormon fellow in Phoenix. In the mid-seventies, he and his family decided to leave AZ and go back to Missouri, the vicinity of the place you mention. They all thought some sort of holiness was implicit. Never saw or heard from him again. I assume heaven, of course.

            • I had an opportunity to skim through the Book of Mormon and I must say that it’s the most batscat crazy religion I have studied in any depth. Even the craziest snake handlers in the deepest hollers of West Virginia realize that Jebus never lived in a golden city in North America and that Native Americans aren’t a “lost tribe of Israel”.

              Oddly enough; South Park did a very good job of describing some of the crazier bits and young “Stan” said; “So, you actually know all this and believe Joseph Smith was a prophet anyway? Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb-dumb.”. Sadly, it appears as though the LDS church got an injunction or something so the episode isn’t available for free.

    • Shoebat? Really? Is that a secret code for BatShite?
      “The sodomite, the atheist, the fanatic feminist, the Muslim — all such must be deemed as criminals and enemies to civilization, for they war against the Faith, promote death and hate life.”

      Um, BatShite, the only hate I am seeing, is from your fingers on the friggin keyboard.

      • Weird, ain’t it? The whitey-righties have almost all warned that some kind of civil war is bound to take place, initiated by them no doubt, over gay marriage and abortion but when sane people complain about white cops gunning down unarmed black people the ones complaining are called “cop killers” and worse.

        Have I recently mentioned just how much I hate these freaks? I have never physically attacked another human being and have no intention of ever doing so but I would dance naked in the street (Late at night so no children are frightened.) if every last one of them choked to death on their own bile.

  5. On a happier note:

    Bernie Sanders spoke at Liberty “University” and wasn’t booed off the stage or stoned to death.

    In related news:

    Classes at Liberty U have been suspended because most of the students are so shocked they can’t remember where their classes are and the rest are aimlessly wandering around trying to digest so much truth. The call has gone out to preachers across the land to flock to Liberty U and reprogram the poor things.

    Tonight on FAUX”News”:

    “Atheist/socialist, Bernie Sanders tells good Christian students they are going to Hell! Atheist/socialist Bernie Sanders tells good Christian students he will force all of them to have gay weddings and abortions!! We’re all gonna die!!!”.

  6. And, in today’s bigot report
    “With her voice shaking, the Kentucky county clerk said she would not interfere with deputy clerks who continue to hand out the licenses, but Davis declared that the documents would not be authorized by her, and she questioned their validity.”
    While the rest of the civilized world questions the 3 time adultress’ validity.

  7. Mat Staver: Kim Davis Is A Savior, It’s Justices Sotomayor And Kagan Who Are Breaking The Law

    “People throughout history, through the Scriptures — you know, Moses’ parents, they had to choose whether to obey God or man back then, when Pharaoh says you need to give up your baby boys because he’s going to kill them,” Staver said. “And the Book of Hebrew says they did not fear the king’s edict, and they ultimately hid the baby boy, and of course that baby boy was Moses.”

    While Staver praised Davis as a savior for attempting to stop her entire county office from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, he said that Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan should be impeached for not recusing themselves from the Obergefell decision, since both had officiated at weddings for same-sex couples.

    If they, as judges, officiated at same sex weddings, they did it in states where same sex marriage was legal. Why does the legitimate performance of judicial duties require a recuse? (Staver’s incredibly ‘literate’ runup aside).

    • Hi, Ebb.

      The new crabs and snails are still doing great and providing much entertainment for Banzai Kitty and me. I continue to be amazed at the complex behavior of such simple creatures and Banzai is amazed at how those little “rocks” can move. I also added some new limestone to the system and the results are incredible! The extra calcium in the water has caused a growth spurt in both the invertebrates and the “good algae”. The hermit crabs are ether mating or trying to eat each other and/or just oust the occupants of desirable shells.

      In fact, between the improved water chemistry and the “clean up crew” of algae eaters, I have never had such a beautiful aquarium. I have yet to get a good picture of Banzai watching the “rocks” but I will and I’ve been getting some pretty good pictures of the tank itself. I’ll have to coordinate with the “powers that be” to post some of them.

      In added aquarium news: The local fish store just got in a beautiful example of a “coral beauty dwarf angelfish” and, if it passes quarantine, I might blow my monthly fun money on it. It’s tough to justify @ $40.00 on a single fish but I had one, that died during a power outage while I was in the hospital, and really loved it. He/she would even play hide-n-seek with me and eat from my hand! I’ll keep you posted.


      • Always enjoy the aquarium updates, petelngh!
        How long is quarantine? It is a beautiful fish.
        The aquarium must be like watching live. color television. Surprised BanzaiKitty doesn’t attempt to get in for a ‘play’ session!

        Looking forward to pics!

        • Quarantine varies depending on the store and the cash outlay involved. For this kind of investment I want to visit the fish a couple times a week for at least two weeks. Then I keep the new arrival in a quarantine tank at home for several days to watch for any new symptoms before I add it to the tank. If something crops up in that period I can treat it properly without adding potentially lethal, especially the invertebrates, chemicals to my tank. Most treatments for fish diseases contain copper or other metals that will kill invertebrates. My LFS (Local Fish Store) owner and I have a good relationship so we are agreed that he will take the sale if someone else comes in but he will place it on hold if it lasts a week.

          The “coral beauty” is, indeed, aptly named. But? The best part is their personality.

          I could live indefinitely without a TV but wouldn’t last a week without an aquarium. Even without livestock; watching the bits of algae wafting around in the current is… calming.

          Banzai dipped into the tank a few times when he first moved in but soon decided that he’s not a big fan of saltwater.

    • It’s unconstitutional to state facts when there are Republicans in the room. I forget which Article says it, but it’s definitely one of them. Prolly the one that set up the EPA in the first place. Gohmert would know.

  8. Trump might well make it as a stand-up comedian some day. As far as solutions to any problems facing this country, I’ve yet to hear him offer any. He does boast a lot however while demeaning others.

    • The only “up” side of that is that the probability of Walker ever getting the chance to impose his stupidity on the country is becoming more and more remote with every passing poll. Unfortunately, his support is going to other idiots, so we’re a long way from getting out of the woods. Still, any port in a storm.

    • WAR! War is good. Cheney loves war, so does the Cottonmouth. There’s money in it, and it makes your dick grow. Ummm . . . make that ‘it makes your dick grow, plus there’s money in it.’ First things first.

  9. Speaking of loony toons…

    This guy’s claim would hold a lot more water if he could point to even one BLM activist carrying a weapon or saying “cops lives don’t matter”. The closest that I have heard to a threat is the unfortunate chant that went up at the Minnesota State Fair but even that isn’t really all that damning because I have yet to hear anyone, including those chanting, explain exactly WTF “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” is even supposed to mean.

  10. ‪#‎OnThisDay‬ in 1963, Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson, and Denise McNair were killed in the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Bi…

  11. The Doctor Who marathon starts tomorrow at 6am EDT. BBC America will play continuous episodes until the season premiere at 9pm EDT Saturday night.

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