The Watering Hole; Thursday September 17 2015; Why I Like Pope Francis

I’m not a Catholic. I’m not even a Christian. But I have become, in the last year, quite fond of Pope Francis. Finally, a religious and spiritual leader who places the common person ABOVE the rich, the powerful, and even above some of the constraining dogma of the Roman Catholic church. All of those “little” things give me a lot of satisfaction. But what’s even more satisfying is this: Pope Francis has made right-wing Christians explode with rage!

Pope FrancisCongressional Republicans invited Pope Benedict XVI to address Congress awhile ago. Boy, do they wish they could rescind that invitation now that the much more progressive Pope Francis is gearing up to come to Washington on September 24.

The people’s pope has been on a tear lately, one week suggesting that women who have had abortions might be forgiven, the next week saying there might be room in the church for divorced people, and fast-tracking the annulment process.

All this forgiveness seems downright un-Christian to the conservative right, both here, and Vatican observers say, within the church hierarchy where a culture war and conservative backlash is brewing. What has conservatives in such a tizzy? The pope had already implied that atheists who live a moral life might find a way into heaven, and declined to pass judgment on gay people (literally, he said, “Who am I to judge?”). This forgiving, inclusive and compassionate church is not the one conservatives signed up for.

Inclusion. Forgiveness. Compassion. Those three words absolutely DEFINE EXACTLY that which every good conservative has been carefully taught to hate, fear, and despise. The linked article carries forth with a detailed discussion of how Francis is responding to the existential needs of common people, and how he accepts and urges forth the practicality of accepting both scientific and economic realities, always with the intent of benefiting the planet and the life it allows/supports. YIKES! He’s a commie! Pope Francis Is Part Of KGB’s Global Communist Agenda!

No wonder conservatives everywhere are pissed! No wonder I’m laughing! A LOT! No WONDER I Like Pope Francis!



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  1. A bunch of the Republican candidates mentioned Israel in their closing remarks at the debate tonight, and boy did Ann Coulter have something to say about that.

    When they were asked about how America would look different under their presidencies, some of the candidates brought up Israel. All the mentions of Israel led to the following tweets. Hey, she ain’t wrong, at least:

  2. So here is some stupid stuff

    Trump gets the endorsement of a cheater – makes sense, Trump cheats at golf. Brady understands too that you’ll never convict a million bucks of anything.

    Chris Matthews doesn’t rate Carly Fiorina’s chances – can anyone tell me why this fake-tough ‘journalist’ is still on TV.

    I was going to link to Mara Liasson’s vapid: “oh let’s see who’s winning, he is, no she is, oh wait…. now he is.” attempt at journalism on NPR today.

  3. Speaking of Pope Francis, Don Brown has a series three posts over at Ethics and Climate building on Francis’ declaration that climate change is a moral issue, presenting detailed responses to various denialist challenges. The lengthy posts discuss (3) What if other countries fail to act? (2) Scientific uncertainty precludes aggressive action, and (1) The national costs of action are too high. (The posts are in reverse order, from top to bottom.) Brown argues from a kind of neo-Kantian, objective morality position.

    • Serf: “The tide’s coming in King Cnut – you need to move your throne”
      KC: “No it’s not, the science is not decided on that and it hasn’t done much in the last 17 minutes”
      Serf: “Really, that 17 minutes ago, there was that big wave, you are just cherry picking the data now. Look it’s time to move”
      KC: “It’s too much effort, besides what if I am the only King to move, all the others will do nothing, won’t make any difference”
      Serf: “Yes but you can be the leader – the one who gets the best spot on the cliff and they will follow if you go. Look it’s covered your feet now
      KC: “That’s because of the sun’s cycle, it’s been here before too – like yesterday – was nothing to do with me”
      Serf: “Well boss you’re an idiot, time for a new system of government. See ya”
      KC: “Glug, aark, slurp – I can’t swim”

  4. Gash Limbaugh’s self-awareness moment:

    “How to get applause from GOP donors: 1) Pledge to start a war 2) Talk about job creators 3) Denounce abortion 4) Cite Reagan 5) Cite Israel.”

  5. Malala Yousafzai — who has been awarded THE NOBEL MOTHER FUCKING PEACE PRIZE!! — wants to go to Stanford U.

    But Stanford won’t permit that unless she first takes the SAT, and scores high enough to meet their “demanding,” albeit standardized, criteria.

    I wonder how many Faculty, to say nothing of students (or administration), at Stanford have been awarded a Nobel?

      • On the other hand, the SAT has proven to be almost, if not simply, meaningless as a predictor of academic success. In addition, while a few Nobel prizes were certainly misendowed, more than a handful of despicable sociopaths have scored in the top centile of the SATs.

      • I think the peace prize to Obama was a joke too – he got it for being black …. that was it.

        • There’s no question in my mind that the Nobel to Obama was a bad idea. No small part of the problem was that the worldwide disgust with Shrub was so high, and the “hope” meme with Obama so intense, that it was awarded on wishful thinking rather than accomplishment. But no amount of wishful thinking will change the realities that one must face upon entering the highest executive office.

          By they bye, this will be true for Bernie Sanders as well, should he succeed in snatching the ring.

    • Not surprising.
      Academia can be a bastion of people that are experts on telling you how something cannot be accomplished.
      So then you go and do it and then they want to be mentioned for the helpful environment they created for your hard earned success and then they want money from you forever because you graduated from their prestigious college.

      I was going to get my Doctorate and they wanted me to take the GRE.
      I told them I already have a graduate degree, performed a thesis and defended it and wrote for several aviation publications.
      I told them I was going to take that money and do something more meaningful with it.
      I’m not sure if they’re smart enough to realize what walked out the door that day.

      Stanford is no exception, they are letting potential genius walk away.

      • In that context, I would add that the white sons (and, occasionally, daughters) of donors and famous grads, are automatically “grandfathered” in to places like Stanford and Harvard.

        The standardized test crap is one of the top 5 things that cause me to come unhinged.

        (FWIW: I had a terminal MA from DePaul when I applied to SIUC for my Ph.D. work. To their credit, the biggest hurdle they ever threw in my way was that they forgot to tell me I was accepted. The chair of the department at the time later told me, after apologizing, that he just thought it was obvious.)

        • Standardized test have become the hallmark mainstay of virtually the entire education system, beginning in the lower grades. They are designed to pigeonhole, not to educate. In fact, education in re actual ‘teaching’ pretty much fell off the wagon when Bush’s No Child Left Behind bullshit came to define “education.” Teaching the test became far more important than education. Best defined as the Mandate for Mediocrity — pull down the top and move the basement stuff up to the ground floor. At that point, of course, everyone shall eventually attain the Bush-Huckabee-Trump-Santorum-Jindal-Christie-Paul-etc. level of accomplishment, and the entire nation will vote Republican — because no one will have learned to think their way out of the fruit cellar.

          The concept of mass mediocrity began under Reagan with his assault on virtually every level of education. Big surprise, right?

          • Actually, it predates St. Ronald the Ray-gun by quite a bit. It has always been in the background (I’ve read material from the1890’s that mentions it), and if you trace the career paths of Federal employees, it turns out that a very large number of MacNamerra’s DoD (victory by body count) people transferred into the dept. of education. Pearson used that situation to advance its profit interests by requiring that its expensive tests (body counts) be the “standard” for college entrance.

            • Yes, I agree. I should have added that while Carter was President, improvements in education were on the front burner, and he made substantial progress in righting the wrongs that were long underway. Reagan quickly put a halt to it, however, as most serious teachers from that era will confirm.

    • One final hurdle for this courageous lady, she’ll have to fellate the rotting corpse of Leland Stanford, cause remember, she’s brown, not white. And, for Xsake, the DOESN”T PLAY FOOTBALL!

    • Gold star for lasting that long!

      I hadn’t realized, until this morning, the circus was held in the cathedral of St. Ronnie.

      • Anyone else catch the Irony of Air Force One as the backdrop for Shrine of the the Actor(failed) , who became Presidunce and busted the air traffic control union?

  6. Here’s a brief but very able summation of last night’s Simi Valley malaise:


    . . . it is something to think about — or stay awake over — when you realize that the nature of the system means that one of these fifteen nits will actually stand as a major party candidate.

    • That was a perfect summation.
      The thought is frightening that one of the senseless ones will stand for election.

    • The only thing that the “librul media” should be telling their audience about Jeb is that he has announced that, if elected, he will surround himself with the exact same people who used his brother’s administration to turn us into a rogue nation and crash the world’s economy worse than any event since the Great Depression.

    • Some eminent and brilliant men in their field have no trouble parlaying that intellect into other areas with ease – Richard Dawkins for example. Ben Carson seems almost like an idiot savant – born to open up human skulls and fiddle with the squishy bit in the middle, he has difficulty putting his underpants on the right way round outside the operating theatre. It’s fascinating, frankly.

  7. Kim Davis inspires NC mayoral candidate to jail gays. “If you elect me, I’ll uphold the law of the state of North Carolina. I would get the D.A. to swear out a warrant on any man who says he’s gay. Sodomy is a crime, a felony.”

    So, your solution to sodomy is prison time? Perhaps you aren’t thinking your cunning plan through, Mr. Douchebag.

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