39 thoughts on “Friday September 18, 2015 – Music Night

  1. critics panned the WIlburys when they were going, but I liked the buddy rock sound…. good Jeff Lynne writing…. catchy stuff…. underrated IMO.

    Based on the Red Dwarf theme on the day thread – here’s some Boys from the Dwarf

      • I loved the story of Patrick Stewart while in his Captain Picard days….came to London and was in a hotel channel surfing and came across Red Dwarf…. and flipped out as he thought it was a rip off … and then he watched… and sniggered and then totally lost it.

  2. OK , so not music…. but I have the total luck to be in Brighton tomorrow when this comedian takes the stage….. he is sort of Andrew Dice Clay in his persona…. but his pseudo-jingo explanation of the world catches the ‘little Englander’ world view and lays it so low with humour … it is worth the time and the second one gives you an idea of how smart the man is in actual fact even as he twists the facts….. 🙂

  3. Fair warning! Never. Play. The. Sharknado. Drinking. Game. I’m dead serious. That’s tougher on your liver than most types of Hepatitis.

  4. 45 years ago, today, Jimmi Hendrix moved to a more psychedelic plane of existence. I just don’t quite have the heart or the time, I’m making 15 pounds of enchiladas, to find a particular favorite so i will leave that as an exercise for the crew.


  5. So, true story:
    Two singer songwriters walk in to Columbia Records in the early 70’s. These young men are unbelievably talented, but they do not know that only ONE of them will be promoted.

    The guy who “lost” was J.P. Jones. I’ll say below, who the winner was:

    JP Jones, Prophet in His Prime:

  6. Much of JP’s music is now online, free for the download. I’d ask y’all to consider purchasing an album or two of his music, because there are few in the world as talented and tormented as he is.

    Oh, the guy he lost to? Some fellow by the name of “Bruce Springsteen.”

    This is a true story.

  7. Did an upgrade and still figuring new things out, like why YouTube doesn’t give the url for a song, on Safari…

    let me try this

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