The Watering Hole; Friday September 25 2015; Pope v. Wingnuts

So. Pope Francis is in the US, and he spoke to Congress. In case anyone missed it, here’s a transcript of his interesting and compelling speech:

Pope Francis’ address to Congress

From the Washington Post, this first reaction:

Pope Francis implores Congress to accept immigrants as their own

And here’s what is probably just a preview of the tone (and the intellectual desolation) the Wingnut reaction will ultimately embrace:

And then there’s this: the more-than-elegant-and-appropriate reaction to the Wingnut reaction(s) by critters who (mostly) reside “out there.” Curiously, I couldn’t agree more, nor could I have said (or portrayed) it better. Fascinating that geese and bugs both understand the problem AND are perfectly willing to toss the proper salute to each and all of the intellectually challenged hominids (aka Wingnuts).

Reminds me of an old song. Lessee: How’d go? Something like

Birds do it . . .

Sep 19 goose dive 1893Sep 19 geese dive 1888Bees do it . . .Bee in cactus bloom 2aEven educated – ummm – bugs(?) do it . . .

Bug on Sunflower 352aLet’s do it, let’s fall . . . Something like that

Glenn Beck definitely earned that standard ‘salute’ when, following Pope Francis’ speech, he tweeted:

The Popes speech was a “Mr Gorbachev tear down this wall” moment. Unfortunately, the “wall” is capitalism.

Do we dare hope? I mean, if “capitalism” is to ultimately be defined by the radical right wing in this country, then I, for one (E Pluribus Unum?), could most assuredly agree with Beck’s nonsensical ‘conclusion.’ Meanwhile, to Beck and all the others of his mental ilk,  I do hereby toss to each and all of them the ‘intelligent’ species’ version of the “signals” portrayed above — as demonstrated via George Bush’s “eloquent” (sotospeak) ass-ignation (sotospeak):

Der FingerMany of us may not agree with every one of the premises advanced by Pope Francis in his speech before Congress, but hopefully disagreement with the crapola advanced by the Wingnuttistanians will be manifest to the point where their influence on the nation’s politic will be permanently dismissed by the electorate — ASAP. Because, should those nutcases EVER gain full power of the state, the operative words will soon become those that traditionally signal the termination of a given tale: The End.

Or, stated another way,

Sep 6 Shadow in the flowers cr 1814GRRRRR!! (sort of)



40 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday September 25 2015; Pope v. Wingnuts

  1. While no one is going to weep for Boehner’s departure (other than Boehner) I suspect that this means the House will become even more unhinged, as the tea-baggers take complete control.

    • Boner’s SOLE virtue: he wasn’t a teabagger. I think maybe he understood that if they were in complete control, ‘House of Representatives’ might as well be re-named ‘Reichstag.’

      In any case, if the electorate doesn’t wake up and rid itself of the radical right, this country’s goose will soon be cooked.

    • “Carly is a cancer survivor and doesn’t need to be lectured on women’s health by anyone

      Fairly evident she does need to be called out on her made-up video to fit the lies.
      Being a cancer survivor I don’t agree with Carly AT ALL on her attempt to take away women’s healthcare choice by defunding PP.
      I wouldn’t vote for Carly if she were the only one running for POTUS!

    • In other words, vote for us, and things won’t change a bit! (Except for ending that tax increase in Obamacare, oh, and endless war in Iran.)

  2. I just discovered that the Peter Capaldi “Christmas Doctor” (or is it “Doctor Christmas”?) episode was up on Netflix.

    “You know what I hate about the obvious?”
    (and I guessed the line exactly)
    “Missing it!”

  3. So. Will Gomer and lil’ Stevie King endorse each other as speaker or turn on their intellectual equals and endorse themselves for Speaker? I expect a contest something like this.

  4. I hope MSNBC is docking Tweety for all the shows he hasn’t had to do between Trump’s speeches and the Pope taking up his entire time slot so much recently.

  5. If John Boehner were cast in the Nicholas Cage part in Leaving Las Vegas, who would be most appropriate to play the Elisabeth Shue part?

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